Offseason advance bug

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Offseason advance bug

    We all saw me nearly blow my top when I got screwed out of the 1st week of offseason recruiting. First I'd like to apologize. I thought that Maggie advanced too quickly, but I see now that it's a fuggin' bug in the game. I know this because the same fuggin' thing just happened to me in another OD. This now makes me 0 for 2 with ODs when it comes to hitting this bug.

    One of my other ODs just played their NC game tonight. We went and advanced through transfers. I was stuck on incoming transfers while others were doing their recruiting. The only reason why I knew that they were doing recruiting was because they were talking about it on the forums.

    I tried reloading several times and it always said it was doing transfer requests. It said the same thing for 1 other guy in the OD.
    I ended up deleting my OD file that I saved to my HD and then downloading the new one and it finally took me to recruiting. If I didn't see them talking about recruiting, my Michigan team would've been screwed just like my UNC team (where it was stuck on transfers for a couple of days for me). My advice from this learning lesson (this is my first year doing ODs so this might be common sense for the rest of you):

    1. Delete your OD save files during the offseason (and probably don't save it again until the regular season). Since I'm such a newb, is this something I should be doing all the time? Should I never save the files at all? (it's a lot faster if I can save them)

    2. It would be really helpful if posts were made on the forum every time we advance a step. Like I said, the only reason my Michigan team didn't get screwed was because I saw others talking about recruiting while I was staring at transfer requests.

    So far, in 2 ODs, I've seen this happen to 4 people (myself and JHeb in OFFL E-League and myself and LBFitted in this OD) so it seems to happen fairly often. For whatever reason, we've all seen it heading into the 1st week of recruiting and I think that's the only place.
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    Jul 10, 2009
    I never save for that reason...Also sometimes when user vs. User games dont work I think its cause of the save file being stupid...

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