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Announcement Oklahoma names new head coach.....

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by BennettForce, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. BennettForce

    BennettForce Walk On

    Jun 18, 2012
    Norman, Oklahoma AP--

    In shocking news today Bob Stoopes has stepped down from head coach of the Oklahoma Sooner Football team. Media and Fans are shocked, outraged, and in a state of total chaos. In even stranger news, a total unknown to Tradition Sports, Eric Bennett has been announced as the new head coach. It has been rumored that Bennett is an old school coach with a solid pedigree. His roots are in the first ever online leagues dating back to NFL2k on the Sega Dreamcast, this translated to the commissioner role of "COFX" and "The League" he also has a history as a title holder at a league XBCC on a website to not be named here. He will now address the media.

    "Thank you all for coming out today, let me introduce myself. My name is Eric Bennett, before taking the job here at Oklahoma and as a member of Legendary Veterans, I was content at home in Russell Springs, KY with my wife Heather and two kids Noah (4) and Briley (9months) I was teaching special education and coaching high school tennis. I'm 34 years of age and love nothing more than competing at NCAA Football at its highest level which I believe Legendary Veterans is. I will try my best to bring a championship to Oklahoma as soon as possible, the goal is to do that within the next 3 years but believe me we will be gunning for that even this year! I'm only familiar with one coach here Hokie Effect, I know him to be a great coach and look forward to matching wits with him again, also IrishBearcat looks to be a great commish, I've not had time to get to know the other members but I'm greatly looking forward to that as well, thanks for your time and have a great day!"

    Well there you have it Coach Bennett is the new coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, stay tuned for more info here at Legendary Veterans News or better known as LVN
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