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Ole Miss Gam e Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by hoodlum10, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. hoodlum10

    hoodlum10 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Ole Miss Gam e Summaries

    Rebel summaries here..
  2. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    Week 3:
    Ole Miss runs by Central Michigan. With the score of 44 to 14. The Rebels pounded the ball most of the game, and for the second straight game had two backs go over a 100 yards. The only Central Michigan points came on fumbles that were returned to the house.

    Ole Miss key players
    Brandon Bolden 23 car, 143 yds, 2 td
    Enrique Davis 13 car, 126 yds
  3. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    week 4:
    The Rebels of Ole Miss opened up their conference schedule at the South Carolina Gamecocks. This game was one sided the entire way as the Rebels and their number one defense dominated from start to finish. With the final being 43 -13

    While both Ole Miss running backs were held under a hundred yards for the first time this year. Jevan Sneed went off and had his coming out party for this years season. He scored 4 of the rebels touchdowns 3 through the air and 1 via the ground. He also went 15 of 19 for 242 yards

    Players of the game:
    Ole miss:
    Jevan Sneed 15 of 19 242 yards 3 td 1 rush td
    Brandon bolden 24 car 99yards 1 td
    Enrique Davis 14 car 73 yards

    South Carolina
    Eric Norwood 13tkls 5 tfl
    Steven Garcia 16 of 33 173 yards
  4. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    Week 5: The massacre in Nashville
    Ole miss looked to continue their winning streak against long time rival the Vanderbilt Commodores. Like most games this season for the Rebels this one was over before it started as they laid the wood to vandy with the final score of 45 - 0.

    Both running backs for the rebels went over a hundered yards for the third time time this season, and the defense continued to play lights out.

    Ole miss looks for their first test next week against number 12 Tennessee.

    Key players:
    Ole miss:
    Brandon Bolden
    Enrique Davis
  5. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    Week 6:
    Ole Miss passes it's first test of the season with flying colors. The first half of this game was dominated by the rebels especially the second quarter where they were able to put up 21 points. Jevan Snead helped out with 3 first half touchdowns 2 on the ground and 1 via the air. This made the half time score 28 -0

    The second half of this game was a different story as the Volunteer defense was able to step up big. As they only allowed 6 points the whole second half. The offense however could not over come the early deficit as they were only able to put up 13 points. This left the final being 34 - 13

    This game has made the Rebels one game away from bowl eligibility. They look to become bowl eligible next week when they go back out of conference to face UAB.

    Key players
    Ole miss:
    Jevan Sneed 12 0f 16 137yards 1 td. 3 cars 23 yards 2 tds
    Brandon Bolden 25 cars 106 yards 1 td
    Enrique Davis 15 cars 97 yards
    Jonathan Cornell 17tkls 1 tfl

    Jonathan Crompton 21 of 31 244yards 2td 2ints
    Hardesty 21cars 81yards
    Vereen 11tkls
  6. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    week 7: BCS bound?
    The Ole Miss Rebels stepped out of conference for there week 7 match up against UAB. This game was important because with a win the rebels would reach that magic number of wins 6 and be officially bowl eligible.

    Like most games for the rebels this season this one was over before it started. The only scare of the game is when star QB Jevan Sneed went down early in the 3rd quarter with an injury, but thankfully he only missed the rest of the game

    With this win it pushed the Rebels to 6-0 and also gave them the number 2 ranking. Looking at the schedule this season is going to come down to 2 games Alabama and Lsu both of them at home. If the Rebels can navigate these last two challenges they could have their eyes on a Bcs game maybe more
  7. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    Week 8:
    The Rebels took on their rivals Arkansas in their week eight match up. The Razorbacks limped into this game at 1-5(1-3 in sec). Needless to say the number two ranked rebels were huge favorites, and they didn't disappoint as went on to win 45-21

    The Rebel offense started off hot putting up 14 first quarter points. The first touchdown coming on eight yard Jevan Snead run. Than on the very next drive hooked up on a 5 yard slant route with McCluster for another touchdown. This ended the first quarter with the Ole Miss up 14-0

    In the second quarter the Arkansas offense was able to put up their first points of the game with a one yard td pass from Ryan Mallet. The Razorbacks defense was able to keep the rebles from scoring all second quarter, but a costly fumble that the rebels returned for a touchdown with 41 secs left in the half proved to be a back breaker. As this made the half time score 21-7 rather than 14-7.

    With the momentum fully in the Ole Miss corner they came out and jumped on the razorbacks in the second half out scoring them 24-14. This gave the ole miss rebels a well earned victory. Also kept the Rebels bcs hopes alive.

    Key players:
    ole miss:
    Jevan Snead 11-24 220 yards 4 tds, 10 car 33 yards 1td
    Brandon Bolden 22 car 96 yards, 2 rec 76 yards 1td

    Ryan Mallet 23-39 264 yards 2 tds
    E Ford 11 takls 1tfl
  8. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    Week 9:
    Ole Miss survives their first scare of the year by downing the Auburn tigers 31-17. The Tigers came into this match with a poor record at 2-7(0-6) in the sec. This let people think that the rebels would just blow them away, but that was not the case especially through out the first half.

    The first quarter was all Auburn as their defense was able to suffocate every offensive possession the Rebels had. They were also able to jump out to a 10-0 lead. This was a spot the Rebels hadn't been in all year. Not only were they trailing they were beeing dominated early on.

    The second quarter however was a different story as the rebel offense finally got going and was able to put up 14 unanswered points. This pushed the score to 14-10 with about two minutes left in the half. The rebels regain possession and were driving. Than the Auburn defense stepped up huge and and forced a fumble and returned it to the house. This made the half time score 17-14 in favor of Auburn. For the first time all year the Rebels were losing at half time.

    The third quarter was a defense of battle and no team was able to muster a touchdown. The only points came when Ole miss was able to sting together a couple of first downs and made a fg to tie the game at 17 all.

    This left everthing to play for in the fourth and final quarter. The Rebels D stepped up huge and would deny every auburn attack, but the rebel offense was finally starting to make things happen on the ground. Enrique davis was able to find the end zone twice in the fourth quarter. This sealed the deal on a very tough and hard fought game.

    Players of the game
    ole miss
    enrique davis 19 car 101 yards 2td
    brandon bolden 19 car 88 yards

    A Coleman 11 tlks 3tfl 3 sacks
    M McNeil 13 tlks
  9. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    Week 11: The first of two huge SEC games
    It was a crisp fall night in Oxford Mississippi, and there was a buzz around Vaught-Hemingway stadium unlike any other so far this year. This is because tonight was the biggest game of the year so far for the Ole Miss Rebels. With a win their national championship hopes would still be alive with a loss they would have to fight just to win the conference.

    First Quarter:
    As the game got underway Alabama won the toss and elected to kick the ball to the Rebels. Once the Rebels had possession of the ball they got their first drive underway. In most games this year Ole Miss tried to employ a ground it out type of offense, but tonight the Bama defense was fired up and had no intentions of letting the Rebels get anything on the ground. However Jevan Snead was able to have some early success in the air as he managed to get the Rebels to bamas 30 yard line. This is where bamas big play D would come up huge as Snead was droping back for a pass he was hit from his blind side and the ball popped into the air, and landed right in the arms of Bama cb Scott who took it all the way back to the house. This was a huge change in mo, and everybody wondered how would the Rebels respond.

    Once the Rebels regained possesion of the ball Snead went right back to work through the air. Leading the Rebels all the way down to the 7 yard line. After a few failed rums Snead was able to hook up with Wide out dextar McCluster on a 7 yard strike to tie the game at 7.

    Second Quarter
    The Rebels dominated the Second quarter as they were able to out score bama 10-0 this gave them 17 unanswered points. The first score of the second quarter came off of a 33 yard fg by Shene. The second score was a huge one right before half on another great drive by Snead. He was able to hook up with Breaux on a six yard pass with 37 seconds left in the half. This put the halftime score at 17-7 and the Rebel faithful were able to breathe a little easier now.

    Third Quarter
    The third quarter was a defense of battle the whole way as the only offense the whole quarter was a 50 yard fg by Shene. Which now gave the rebels 20 unanswered points. The third quarter would end with bama driving and reaching the rebels 15 yard line. Their first visit to the red zone all day.

    Fourth Quarter
    Now we had finally reached the 4th and final quarter with Ole Miss winning 20-7. People wondered if bama could rally to pull of the miracle come from behind victory, or if the rebels would be able to slam the door. Bama would stirke 5 seconds into the fourth quarter with a 15 yard pass from McElroy to Maze. This pushing the score to 20-14. Suddenly this was a ball game again, and with the rebels not being able to run the ball they would have a tough time running out the clock. Luckly for the Rebels Snead was on fire and was able to lead them down the field through the air again. Once the rebels got to bamas 7 their drive stalled, and it came down to a huge 3rd down. Ole miss ran a play action, but bama was all over it. Thankfully Snead broke the would be tackler and scampered into the endzone for a huge Rebel touch down pushing the score t0 26-14. The rebels would try for two and fail.

    Now it was bamas turn to have the ball and they needed points and need them fast. This may have forced them to rush a little bit as they threw a pick and it looked like the game was over. As ole miss went to the ground game they were finally having some success and managed to get the ball down to the 13 yard line. This is where disaster would strike and Bamas big play D would come up huge for the second time today. As they forced sure handed running back Brandon Bolden to cough up the ball and star cb arenas for bama scooped it up and took it all the way back. This would push the score to 26-21. With 2:48 left in the fourth the rebels need a long sustained drive in order to come away with a win. They were able to drive the ball into bama territory but the drive stalled and they settled for a 41 yard fg to go up 29-21. Bama got the ball back with 1:11 to go in the game with no time outs. The rebels played prevent d the whole way and were able to stop bama on a 4th down to secure a huge win.

    Key stats
    Bama 5 Ole miss 2
    total yards bama 161 ole miss 307
    t.o.p bama 8:443 ole miss 15:25

    Key players
    Ole miss
    Jevan Snead 20 of 25 194 yards 2td 1int 11 car 31 yards 1 td
    Brandon Bolden 24 cars for 75 yards
    Brown 10tkls 1 int

    t Cody 6tkls 1tfl 1ff
    washington 11tkls
    McClain 11 tkls
  10. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey I'd take her out for some casadias

    Jul 14, 2009
    No highlight vid's?
  11. shadowofanubis66

    shadowofanubis66 Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
  12. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    yeah good game. you have a tough d
  13. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    i dont know how to do that sorry
  14. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey I'd take her out for some casadias

    Jul 14, 2009
    We have a thread on how to post them under cream of the crop.
  15. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    Week 12:Ole Miss Vs LSU
    After last weeks huge win against Alabama Ole Miss faced another tough opponent as they hosted rival Lsu. This game was huge because with a win the Rebels could secure a spot in the Sec championship game. Also it would get them one step closer to the BCS title game.

    As the game got underway Ole Miss won the toss and elected to kick the ball to the tigers. The game started with a defensive battle as LSU went three and out and were forced to punt. On Ole Miss first possession the tiger defense forced Snead to make a bad pass and they picked him off, and were in great field position to get something going. The ole miss defense however had other ideas as on the third play of the drive MgGee picked off the option pitch from Jefferson and was able to take it back for a Rebel touchdown giving them a 7-0 lead. The first quarter ended with lsu driving and the score at 7-0

    The second quarter Lsu continued their drive down the field.(this was seriously the most frustrating drive in video game history as it took like 4:30 min.) It ended with a short run to tie the game back up. Ole miss got the ball back and wanted to get some momentum going heading into half. They had a nice drive down the field which were helped by a couple of key third down conversions. Ole Miss was finally able to punch it in from 4 yards out with rb Brandon bolden. Lsu go the ball back with about 3:30 left in the half, they continued there steady march down the field. However the rebel defense would stand stong on the 5 yard line as the tigers had to settle for a fg making the halftime score 14-10

    The second half began with Jevan Snead getting hurt on the first play. Nothing serious, but he would need to sit out for this drive. Back up qb tapp came in and the offense didn't miss a beat, as he was able to lead the rebels down the field and cap off the drive with a 13 yard pass to hb enrique davis. The ole miss D would stand strong for the whole third quarter as they managed to blank the tigers. However the Rebel offense wasn't done as they were able to get the ground game going some on their next drive. The drive was finally capped off with a 8 yard pass from Snead to McCluster. This pushing the score to 28-10 and the Ole Miss fans could start to relax.

    With the start of the fourth quarter the Lsu offense took the field and need to score fast as they employed a spread passing attack. The were able to get the ball in the endzone rather quickly taking the score to 28-16. They would try for 2 and fail. Ole miss was in complete run out the clock mode and after a 3 and out had to punt the ball back. Once Lsu regained posseison of the ball they went back to the spread passing game. This time it wasn't as successful as Ole miss was able to stop them on 4th down and run out the clock.

    Key stats
    Total off lsu 288 Ole miss 224
    To lsu 3 ole miss 1
    3rd conversions lsu 1 for 7 ole miss 4-9

    Players of the game
    Ole Miss
    Bradon bolden 23 car 86yards 1 td
    McCluster 6 rec 93 yards 1 td
    J cornell 10tak 2tfl 1 int
    Jefferson 14 of 21 213 1 td 1 int
    K Sheppard 4 tkls 1 int
    R Alem 4 tack 2 tfl 2 sacks
  16. shadowofanubis66

    shadowofanubis66 Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    It was a fun game... i've been practicing the new running game offense which contributed to that super long drive you mentioned. With a few tweaks i think it'll work wonders next year, the play of the game imo was the intercepted pitch and the 3rd down conversions by you. Good luck against Florida (i'm assuming...) tebow is jesus.
  17. hawkeyes73

    hawkeyes73 Guest

    Yeah it was really fun. That running offense is really sweet i think once you perfect it, it is going to be really hard to stop.. I know i am not looking forward to playing against tebow. Good luck the rest of the year and cant wait till we play again
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