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Ole Miss wins a pair of user games to keep chuggin'

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Hellisan, May 26, 2012.

  1. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Gravity sorry this comes late... No excuse.

    Ole Miss Survives Turnovers to Hang on Against Georgia

    Ole Miss QB Demetri Hollis proved he is nowhere near as good as the greats of the past at Ole Miss by throwing 5 interceptions against the Georgia Bulldogs. Nevertheless, the defense was able to do enough good things in between the bad plays to keep the Bulldogs at bay as the Rebels won 34-30

    Georgia started the scoring with a 1-yard TD plunge by Daniel Dukes. They looked good in the early going and Ole Miss appeared to be slightly lethargic on D which was not the case the rest of the game.

    Ole Miss took the lead with a pair of field goals late in the 1st and early in the 2nd and a 26-yard TD to Frank Pearson as Pearson got one on one and the CB took himself out of the play. Georgia kicked a field goal to make it 13-10 at the half, Ole Miss.

    Early in the second half is when the INT problems started to get bad. Hollis threw consecutive picks which led to field goals of 51 and 46 yards by Dustin Ryan as Georgia took the lead, 16-13.

    Ole Miss HB/WR John Broussard then made the play of the game for the Rebels. After consecutive picks and field goals by the other team, momemtum didn't look good. Broussard returned the next kick 102 yards, shaking off a defender and outrunning the defense with his incredible speed. That gave the team some valuable momentum and indeed on the next play Ole Miss QB Jonathan Green made an ill-advised pass into the area of ROLB Spencer Rodgers (beast) who picked it off and returned it 53 yards for a score. Suddenly, Ole MIss was on top 27-16.

    Georgia was by no means finished as they had plenty of fight in this affair. Green bounced back to burn the Ole Miss D with an 80-yard pass over the top to Jacob Monroe, who isnt' the fastest but is an excellent athlete capable of surprising you. He gained easy separation on the play. Monroe continued to show why he is one of the top WR's in the game with a 26-yard reception for a TD after that. The back to back touchdowns by the Green/Monroe combination in the 3Q made it 30-27 Georgia, and the momentum was clearly theirs again.

    Hollis continued to try to give the game away, throwing two more interceptions in the fourth quarter. It didn't matter as the Rebel defense cinched up their chinstraps and started delivering blows to Green and his henchmen. Green was sacked 3 times in the fourth quarter and threw two interceptions. The Rebels, meanwhile, were able to put together one good drive which culminated in a 2-yard touchdown run by freshman halfback Dave Lowe. This gave the Rebels the final score of 34-30 and they held off Georgia's final attempt at a win with 3:00 remaining.

    Incidentally, Lowe has gained the starting job with the Rebels after senior Dan Bailey has proven he just can't do the job on a down to down basis. Bailey is capable of breaking the big one at any time, however we needed a back with some between the tackles juice and wiggle, and Lowe is able to do that for us. Lowe ended up playing a big part in the next big user win against Oregon State.


    Rebels Benefit From Surprising Mistakes to Beat Oregon State

    When we saw the way coach mboda and the Beavers manhandled the Utes of coach MaxATX34 we were a little nervous. Knowing that boda is one tough bastard didn't help. The early going of this game didn't assuage those fears as they looked very clean in taking an early lead. However, our defense once again keyed us as they made some big plays to slow the Oregon State attack and gave the offense second chances to get going. The offense then took their key and had one of their better games of the season as we won by the final score of 34-14.

    The key to this game was that any offense needs to be able to run a little, and it just came down to which offense could do enough on the ground to give the other parts of the offense a chance. Oregon State finished with 16 carries for -16 yards due to sacks, but clearly the ground game wasn't there. Meanwhile, freshman HB Dave Lowe made the most of his new starting role, running for 174 yards on 22 carries. One long gainer came in garbage time. The majority of the time he was squirting between the tackles for tough yards against a very game Oregon State front 7. Those are the kind of yards Bailey just couldn't get.

    Oregon State jumped out of the starting blocks with a nice drive after stopping us short to start the game. Or. State QB Harrison Brothers faced a critical 3rd and goal from the 3 yard line and didn't blink, finding his TE wide open for a quick score.

    Ole Miss responded with a drive down the field, but Demetri Hollis threw the drive away with an ill-advised pass that was picked off near the end of the 1Q.

    Like they have for the past three years, the defense stepped up when it mattered. Back to back interceptions by SS Santonio Lee allowed our offense some time on the field to get acclimated. We didn't run well in the early going but kept plugging away occasionally while opening up the passing game with 3 and 4 wides. Hollis found Lowe out of the backfield for a 4-yard strike to get us tied up. After the second Lee interception, we drove down the field again and this time Hollis found Horne for a 28-yard TD on a quick out and run where the CB just sort of lost his bearings. That gave us the 14-0 advantage.

    Brothers made his third mistake in the quarter and we got another INT with time winding down, and kicked a field goal to go into halftime leading 17-7, and with a bucket load of momentum.

    The 3Q is where our running game really got untracked. Lowe took a stretch play 29 yards for a touchdown weaving between tacklers, and ran well throughout the frame. Our front 7 kept pressuring the QB which resulted in a big sack and strip by OLB Rondell Lane, which CB Kyle Campbell returned for a score and a 31-7 advantage.

    We continued to run the ball well enough, and play good enough defense, to keep things comfortable in the fourth quarter. To their credit this is a team that just never gives up and they were able to get a late score.
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  2. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    Boda owned me so bad last game. Nothing I did was working and my playcalling just went to hell as everything fell apart. He forced a lot of punts and turnovers, even the dreaded ff on a kick return. It was all I could do to keep him from hitting 50! I really got away from the run game and that is usually the difference in user games for me. Gg mboda
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