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OMFL Stat of the Week - Week 9

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BadaBing319, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    OMFL Stat of the Week - Week 9


    Week 9
    With week 9 about to kick off, thought I'd take a look at where the OMFL stands in terms of simulating the NFL. The goal of the league (and any sim league for that matter) is to see what we see on Sunday. That being said, here is a statistical comparison between the OMFL (through 8 weeks) and the NFL (through 3 weeks)...


    Copy Cat League?
    OMFL/NFL Per Team Statistical Averages

    Points/Game 20.23 28.75
    Rush Att/Gm 26.92 22.87
    Rush Yds/Gm 108.49 106.98
    Pass Att/Gm 33.67 27.22
    Pass Yds/Gm 224.18 246.41
    Tot Yds/Gm 332.67 353.38
    Rush TD/Gm 0.68 1.27
    Pass TD/Gm 1.42 1.88
    Interceptions/Gm 1.05 1.85
    Sacks/Gm 1.99 1.71


    Quick Analysis

    Scoring - This is a bit high. Teams are averaging 8 1/2 more points per game in the OMFL than the NFL. Scores were definitely inflated this past week on All-Pro (825 points in 26 games - 31.73 PPG) - take that away and teams are scoring just over 28 points per game.

    Rushing Yards - Pretty amazing comparison here - the OMFL is within 2 yards of the NFL in terms of rush yards per game.

    Passing Yards - We see a bit more yardage differential here (~22 yards), but still pretty close. Willing to bet the difference is in the number of big plays you see in Madden that are less frequent in the NFL.

    Touchdowns - Here is where the scoring difference comes in. OMFL teams are averaging 3.15 offensive TDs per game, whereas NFL teams average 2.10 TDs. So basically, we're seeing two more offensive touchdowns per game (1 per team) in our games than on Sunday.

    Interceptions - OMFL games see 3.6 picks per game compared to 2.1 in the NFL. We all know interceptions are inflated in Madden. Online sliders anyone??

    Sacks - To my surprise, there are actually more sacks in an NFL game than in our league games. This is a good trend - too many leagues are so blitz happy that teams average 3-4 sacks per game.


    Let's hear what you have to say. I know Madden isn't perfect, but I was pretty pleased with how the numbers came out.
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009
    Great job to all owners. I dont think we can be anymore closer to SIM than this.

    Keep on, keeping on!!
  3. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Wow. Makes me feel better about what we do here and the owners we have here. Great stat.
  4. Miklos_Nyiszli

    Miklos_Nyiszli Walk On

    Sep 16, 2010
    nice looking good
  5. saintsdave75

    saintsdave75 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    yeah, those are really really close, very low standard deviations and all

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