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One Final Ride

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Wyrmreaver, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    This is it guys, the last season of Madden 15. One more time we all get to imagine how this season will be the one that you put it all together and lose in the conference title game to the boda boys. This is your place to tell us why this year will be your year. Tell us about your team!
  2. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    The Panthers didn't lose any major contributors from a year ago and return some key pieces that missed time due to injury in season 6. Add to that some nice additions in free agency and a player or two that could help from the draft and expectations are building down south.

    The Offense gained a ton of yards last season. The problem was turnovers. If this unit can reduce turnovers without losing it's spark, they could very well be one of the top units in the TMFL. Player profiles below for starters will include statistics from season 6.

    QB1 - Cam Newton - 99 OVR, 6'5, 245 - 4,968 yards, 40 TD, 27 INT plus 289 yards rushing and 6 more TDs - Cam is big, fast and strong. He has enough talent to hurt teams in an out of the pocket and keeps defenses on their toes because he can run a variety of option plays and designed QB runs. Key Attributes include 97 throw power, 90 short and medium accuracy, 86 speed, 91 agility and 96 ball carrier vision
    QB2-3 - Ryan Tannehill (81 OVR) and Brendan Bass (70 OVR) are the backups. Tannehill is a veteran with real playoff experience who can be the guy if Cam goes down while Brendan is a dynamic Tim Tebow kind of runner who is limited and raw as a passer. Look for Brendan to share the load in certain formations and situations if Newton is hurt for extended time.
    HB1 - Russ Dennard - 80 OVR, 5'11, 218 - 1,420 yards rushing (5.7 ypc), 15 TDs plus 450 yards receiving and 2 more TDs - Season 6 was Russ' 5th year as a pro and he had a breakout year gaining almost 1900 yards from scrimmage. A hard nosed runner with great change of direction, if he can stay healthy again, Russ can have another big year for the Panthers. Key attributes include 86 speed, 94 agility, 86 elusive, 95 ball carrier vision, 95 trucking, and 76 injury.
    HB2-3 - Vincent Ellison gained over 500 yards rushing as the backup in season 6 but talk in training camp is that rookie Matt Hobbs who has game changing speed will get more touches in an attempt to add another big play dimension to the offernse. Hobbs played some WR in college so his ability to be a dual threat could be problematic for defensive coordinators. In the event that Dennard is hurt however, look for Ellison to step up as the every down back with Hobbs remaining the change of pace option
    FB - Mike Tolbert - 89 OVR, 5'9, 245 - Tolbert isnt used to his potential in this system, but he is an effective lead blocker who is athletic enough to come up with a big play a few times this season if called upon. Additionally, Tolbert can play tailback if injuries mount up for the HBs.
    WR1 - Kelvin Benjamin - 89 OVR, 6'5, 240 - 80 catches, 1,324 yards, 12 TDs - Kelvin has had over 70 receptions and over 1,000 yards in each of his 6 professional seasons. Last year was his best yet despite missing a few games with injuries he boasted his highest yards per game and yards after catch. Kelvin is the go to guy and is a big, physical threat who can move the chains with tough catches or make big plays down the field with his size and athleticism. Key attributes include 87 speed, 91 catch in traffic, and 96 spectacular catching.
    WR2 - Treis Hansen - 85 OVR, 6'1, 218 - 72 catches, 1,033 yards, 7 TDs - Despite the offseason acquisition of Dezrick Flowers, it appears that Hansen will once again be the starter coming off of his second consecutive 1,000 yard season. Hansen is now a seasoned vet who is a true possession WR making up for a lack of speed with great hands and crisp route running making him a reliable and favored target when the team needs a completion. Key attributes include 84 speed, 93 acceleration. 90 catch in traffic and 90 release.
    WR3 - Shaquille Jenkins - 78 OVR, 5'11, 192 - 36 catches, 574 yards, 5 TDs - Shaq is coming off of a solid rookie campaign marred by an injury that cost him six full games. A prototypical slot receiver, Jenkins has blazing speed and is dangerous after the catch. Key attributes include 96 speed, 94 agility, and 88 spectacular catch.
    WR4-6 - This is a deep position for the Panthers. Newly acquired Dezrick Flowers (85 OVR) and veteran panther Kasey Kitchens (81 OVR) are ready to step in if Hansen or Benjamin are injured while second year man Blaine Norwood (76 OVR) is dangerous in the slot as an alternative to Jenkins or as the #4, coming off of a rookie campaign of 45 catches for 671 yards receiving and 6 TDs in that role.
    TE1 - Jared Barnett - 87 OVR, 6'2, 243 - 38 catches, 484 yards, 3 TDs - With the new additions at WR last year Barnett wasnt asked to do as much but his 77 catches and 948 yards in season 5 prove that if called upon he is up to the challenge. Jared is a strong and skilled run blocker who helped make Dennard's breakout year possible. In the passing game his lack of speed is soon forgotten because he has a knack for getting open and making key catches. Key attributes include 72 speed, 83 strength, and 85 run blocking.
    TE2-3 - Orson Charles (82 OVR) is a balanced TE who can spell Barnett and be effective in 2 TE sets while Lee Smith (78 OVR) is more of a big blocking TE who pitches in for goal line and jumbo packages.
    LT - Rocco Miller - 88 OVR, 6'6, 343 - Rocco is a big bruiser who came in and anchored this unit last season after starting his career in Baltimore. Solid in run and pass blocking, Miller is a fine bookend tackle. Key attributes include 90 run block, 90 pass block, 90 impact block, 91 strength.
    LG - Lane Rock - 88 OVR, 6'5, 291 - favoring technique and athleticism over shear power, Lane has slowly developed into a very good lineman who can seal big holes in the run game and hold his own in pass protection. Key attributes include 90 run block, 93 impact block, 86 strength, 74 agility, 85 acceleration
    C - Rodger Saffold - 83 OVR, 6'5", 332 - A ten year vet who came into the league as a guard, Rodger moved to center when coach Johnny Utah was at the helm in St Louis. Finally reunited, Saffold looks to shore up one of the major weaknesses on last years offensive line. Key attributes include 88 run block, 88 pass block, 90 impact block.
    RG - Zachary Hart - 85 OVR, 6'3, 300 - After being asked to start just a few games into his rookie campaign last year, Hart has really developed into a budding star. Like Lane Rock at the other guard spot, Hart uses skill and athleticism to make up for a lack of elite strength. Key attributes include 89 run block, 90 pass block, 85 strength.
    RT - Andrew Todd - 77 OVR, 6'5, 313 - Todd steps into the starting role and allows 35 year old veteran Branden Albert to move into a backup role. Todd takes over the critical right tackle position and coaches expect him to get a lot of hard work in practice to ramp him up quickly. Todd has the superior athleticism needed to slow down edge rushers and just needs to improve technique as the season progresses to allow the skill position players to make plays. Key attributes include 87 pass block, 83 run block, and 89 strength.

    The defense had an excellent year overall despite a couple of poor showings. This unit returns stars on all three levels and also added two dynamic stars to the mix in free agency that could take this unit to the next level.

    LE - Samuel Redding - 92 OVR, 6'6, 275 - 52 tackles, 24 TFL, 14 sacks, 1 safety - Redding and the division rival Atlanta Falcons couldn't come to terms after Reddings best season to date, so the Panthers decided that playing against him was bad for business. Redding will have plenty of opportunity to wreak havoc surrounded by stars in the front 7. Samuel is an elite run stopping defensive end who has enough pass rushing ability to be a true difference maker as shown by his totals last season. Look for him to make an immediate improvement for this team. Key attributes include 99 block shedding, 83 power move, 82 finesse move, 83 strength, 86 agility, 91 acceleration.
    RE - Stuart Marshall - 80 OVR, 6'6, 278 - 16 tackles, 8 sacks - Stuart moves from LE to RE with the addition of Redding. After recording 18 sacks over the last 2 seasons as a starter, the team hopes that Marshall can continue to be effective particularly now that there is even more talent around him. Key attributes include 81 speed, 81 strength, 90 finesse moves
    DE3-4 - Veteran Derrick Morgan (81 OVR) is set to step in in case of injury to either starter with developing second year player Omari Doolittle (70 OVR) providing depth
    DT1 - Star Lotulelei - 96 OVR, 6'2, 320 - 35 tackles, 15 TFL, 7 sacks - Star returns as the nose tackle in the panther's 3-4 scheme having proven to be a strong and skilled space eater who makes teams pay if they fail to double team him. With the additions of Redding and Cushing Star could see fewer double teams and make even more plays in season 7. Key attributes include 98 strength, 99 block shedding, 90 power moves, 97 pursuit, and 95 tackling.
    DT2-3 - Veterans Paul Soliai (81 OVR) and Earl Mitchell (81 OVR) are capable players in the rotation or in case of injury.
    LOLB - Grant Adams - 86 OVR, 6'7, 268 - 49 tackles, 16 TFL, 13 sacks, 1 FF, 2 Frec - Adams is a big imposing rush linebacker. While he lacks polished cover skills, he is top notch in run support and can get after the passer. Key attributes include 83 speed, 85 strength, 96 block shedding and 90 pursuit.
    ROLB - Cornelius Phillips - 88 OVR, 6'2, 242 - 49 tackles, 18 TFL, 14 sacks, 1 FF, 1 Frec, 1 safety - with 39 sacks in two seasons as the starter in coach Utah's 3-4 it's clear that Phillips is a dynamic pass rusher. His tremendous athleticism is an asset in both run and pass defense and he is improving in coverage and becoming less one dimensional. Key attributes include 91 speed, 90 finesse moves, and 90 pursuit.
    OLB3-5 - Another position with a lot of depth for the Panthers. Shakeel Henderson (76 OVR) played well in spots as a rookie free agent last year and possesses tremendous athleticism. Rookie Gareef Narcisse (75 OVR) was picked up in the second round and shows a lot of promise with great speed and power and raw but useable pass rushing ability. Coaches think that Narcisse could actually crack the starting lineup if he continues to improve throughout the season. Veteran Khairi Fortt (82 OVR) is a versatile player who can take reps when needed and is sensational on special teams.
    MLB1 - Luke Keuchly - 95 OVR, 6'3, 238 - 109 tackles, 8 TFL, 1 sack, 4 INTs, 6 FF - Luke is one of the best inside linebackers in the league and teaming him with Cushing will only make this defense better. He has great range and is fantastic in coverage making the middle of the field a dangerous place for rushing and passing attacks. Key attributes include 86 speed, 99 awareness, 99 block shedding, 99 pursuit, 99 play recognition, 81 man coverage, and 96 zone coverage.
    MLB2 - Brian Cushing - 95 OVR, 6'3, 249 - 70 tackles, 8 TKL, 1 sack, 5 INTs, 2 FF - Another free agency gem for Carolina, Cushing gives this defense an elite partner for Luke Keuchly and another imposing force for opposing offenses to deal with. He is strong, skilled, and athletic which immediately makes this front seven that much more dangerous. Key attributes include 90 hit power, 83 strength, 99 awareness, 98 block shedding, 98 pursuit, 99 play recognition and 88 zone coverage.
    MLB3-4 - After starting for the last couple of seasons, Jelani Jenkins (81 OVR) moves into a backu prole and an able starter in case of injury. Athletic second year man Jahmeek Ferrell (71 OVR) provides depth.
    CB1 - Jaren Tillman - 93 OVR, 6'2, 196 - 41 tackles, 3 INTs, 18 deflections, 2 FF - Tall and rangy with blazing speed, Tillman has developed into one of the better corners in the league over the last two years. Key attributes include 88 man coverage, 95 play recognition, 98 speed, and 99 awareness.
    CB2 - Rodney Blue - 86 OVR, 6'1, 189 - 49 tackles, 0 INTs, 10 deflections - In two years starting since being drafted Rodney has yet to record an interception. despite that, he has developed into an effective number two corner who can make teams pay for ignoring Tillman, assuning he can make a catch at some point. Key attribute include 83 man coverage, 83 zone coverage, 95 speed, 97 acceleration, and 90 awareness.
    CB3 - Jaquese Pruitt - 82 OVR, 6'0, 189 - 36 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack, 1 INT, 1 Frec, 1 defensive TD - The team hoped Pruitt would be a shutdown corner when they drafted him but it seems to have worked out as he is an effective nickel back behind Tillman and Blue.Key attributes include 83 man coverage, 92 speed, and 94 agility.
    CB4-5 - Veteran Tyler Patmon (78 OVR) has been effective in dime and quarter formations and undrafted rookie free agent Brent Dunbar (68 OVR) has great size and should be a contributor on special teams.
    FS - Miguel Shuler - 94 OVR, 5'11, 207 - 91 tackles, 2 INTs, 11 deflections, 1 Frec, 1 defensive TD - With a great mix of strength, speed, and skill, Shuler has begun to emerge as a top shelf safety in this league. Key attributes include 80 zone coverage, 90 jumping, 91 speed, 90 acceleration, 79 strength, and 93 awareness.
    SS - Maurio Ingram - 96 OVR, 6'3, 202 - 67 tackles, 4 TFL, 1 sack, 3 INTs, 14 deflections, 1 Frec - With his combination of size and skill, Maurio has proven to be a versatile playmaker for this Panthers defense. Key attributes include 81 zone coverage, 94 play recognition, 90 pursuit, and 95 awareness.
    S3-4 - Ten year veteran Barry Church (93 OVR) has still got it and is an effective contributor in the handful of formations that call for three safeties in coach Utah's scheme. Ryan Montgomery (75 OVR) provides depth.
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  3. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    I just had my season where I put it all together and lost to a Boda in the NFC championship game. Don't know if I can do it again but, I'll try. lol
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  4. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Yea you won't don't worry lol...
    Great write up Wyrmreaver , very deep! It should be another tight race between you and the Falcons. Homefield is key IMO for playoffs. Hawks and Packers gonna be tough with the amount of cpu games they'll get this year.

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