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Oregon Ducks

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by MRamirez, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. MRamirez

    MRamirez Go Devils!

    Feb 11, 2009
    Oregon Ducks

    What is there to say the guy really is a good player.......


    He is incredibly tough to stop as he is very efficient with his pass game and is without a doubt the best at moving his QB in the pocket. It's frustrating because you can't really play him for one thing or another. In the run game he likes to suck you into the middle and pop it outside. He likes to run the pitch on short down situations. The biggest key against him on defense is your ability to tackle. He has the propensity to hit for "big" plays and I think he is confident he can outscore any of us. The only real deficiency is that he will make a bad throw but for some reason he is always able to come down with a user catch on ill-advised throws it is uncanny.

    Outside of the quick slant his pass patterns take a little time so if you can get pressure like USC did you can cause him some problems. I don't know this guy personally but I can tell he is probabaly pretty bright and he does not fluster easy. That is one of the things I pride myself on but against him I just don't adjust. I guess you could say he is in my head right now.

    He will see your patterns and adjust if you stack the box he will spread the field, if you play to light at the line he will run up the middle. In the pass game he is a master of turning a broken play into something positive for the Ducks.


    I don't think his defense would work in the "real world" but in this game it is pretty tough. He is uncanny with his safeties and will switch them around just depending how many receivers you have on each side. He shows blitz but rarely comes..... he will give you time but will find your target and will User Pick you if let him.

    I think you can run against him but he is a great tackler so plays I would normally hit for 1st downs are now 5 yards gains. He takes me away from my comfort level and I make to many mistakes at this point. I know I lost this last game but I am eager for next year because for the first time in a while I will actually have to give some thought on how to attack somebody.


    *tackle well
    *quick passes
    *run up the middle
    *throw in a screen pass (only quick ones)
    *He likes to run the wide side of the field
    *He likes crossing patterns underneath and likes to throw to the middle of the field
    *don't be predictable
    *Get the lead ( he is a downhill runner)
    *Throw deep!

    Good Luck!
  2. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    I do not get pummeled in NCAA. Before joining the tradition, I remember that it happened ONE TIME that i had been badly beaten in a user vs. user game.

    Well, Oregon beat the hell out of me. One of the things about this game and this league that is so interesting to me is how some people seem to have each other's numbers. It's not about being "better" than somebody else, it's about who has what style of play.

    Well, my style of play was to rely on Cover 3 defense and (since I had no good RB at the time) spread the defense out and try to pick them apart. Mogriff showed me that this is not my style of game, and from that time forward I have changed my tendencies completely.

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use Cover 3 zone defense against this player. It is absolutely useless against him, and leaves him the seams that he loves so much. Another player might complete a pass there. He WILL burn you for a touchdown.

    On offense, you need to ignore his safety flashing all over the field and find an open guy. He controls that guy (playing robber) and simply runs all over the field trying to pick things off. He is dedicated to stopping the easy pass to the back, which a lot of people over-rely on.

    I wish that the "stars' underneath the player highlighting who is user controlled were less pronounced. for me this would make the game far easier, because it was like a moth to the flame. I couldn't resist throwing toward the glowing player that was bouncing all over the field. I was user picked at least twice, and it was on plays where I could clearly see what was going on. When you pass against him you need to not panic becuase he doesn't blitz you that much. His most dangerous coverages in the 3-3-5 were Cover 2, so when you see those you need to really take your time, find the open guy.

    Ramirez's assertion that he is a downhill runner is also true. Once we were down it was like a runaway train.

    Thanks for the asskicking and I hope to face you again at home before the league ends. I had faced Oregon 3 years in a row BEFORE facing you, so I'm not necessarily looking to play them right away, still wanna face ASU, Oklahoma State, and any other teams I haven't played.

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