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Orlando Magic (NBA Live 10) Dynasty.

Discussion in 'The Cheap Seats' started by bamagrad, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009

    In a Stunning Offseason The Orlando Magic Bolstered their Front Line with Amare Stoudamire. They Traded Brandon Bass to Phoenix. Along with Nelson and Vince Carter and of Course Dwight Howard. The Starting 5 is Gonna be this Lineup.​

    C-Dwight Howard​
    SF- Michael Petty​
    SG- Vince Carter​
    PG-Jameer Nelson​

    Coach S.V.G. Hopes for a Great Year as the Magic is Determined to Bring Home the NBA Title to Orlando. For this Team This Year Anything Less Then a NBA Title will be a Failure.​

    Game Settings​
    Time 8 Minutes​
    and Nothing Changed on the Other Settings.​
    and I Did alot of Trades to Put People on the Current Teams for the Current Year. (The Big 3 in Miami and The Big One to New York).​

    Orlando Opens Up the New Year with The Rival 76er's Coming to Amway Arena.​
  2. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009

    Magic Get Past the 76er's!!

    Orlando- DW and AS both dominated the Boards as they had 10 rebounds each as the Magic snuck past the 76er's 82-73 at Amway Arena. it was a Tightly contested contest throughout the Game as the Magic Thanks to DW and Vince Carter helped Orlando to a 22-18 1st period Lead. Then DW started picking up Fouls in the 2nd with 3 and Had to Go to the Bench for the rest of the 2nd period. Vince Carter helped Orlando out with Driving inside and Outside as he Hit 4 3 pointers to help Orlando to a HT lead of 45-34. Then DW picked up a 4th in the 3rd period but he also picked up 10 points as he scored many times from close range and Orlando extended the Lead to 65-51 as the 3rd period ended. Then the 76er's started to warm up as Iggy started to take the game over both from inside, outside and from the free throw lline as the cut the Orlando Lead to 76-73. Then Philly Fouled DW and he Missed both free throws and Philly called a TO to set up a new play. Then Iggy drove and got DW his 5th personal foul and went to the Line, But shockingly he missed both free throws. Then Lewis rebounded and was fouled and sent to the line. He sank Both. 78-73. Then Philly called a 2nd TO to get a new play called. Then Iggy was the Original player on the play, but he was double covered and passed to Young, who missed the 3 pointer with Nelson in his Face. Lewis rebounded again and went to the Line, he sank both. 80-73. Then Philly pushed it with 20 seconds left and Tried another 3 and missed and Lewis again got the rock. Lewis was fouled and sent Lewis to the Line. Lewis hit Both and the Magic extended to a 82-73 lead. Then Philly called their last TO and once again tried another 3 with Iggy this time, He missed and with 10 seconds left, Philly let the Magic just run out the Clock.

    The Magic gets a Big win Vs their Rivals and is 1-0 on the Start of the Season.

    Magic were led by:
    Dwight Howard 20 pnts and 10 reb and 8/9 shooting
    Vince Carter 20 pnts (none in the 2nd Half) 8/15 shooting and 4/8 from 3 range.
    Stoudemire 13 pnts and 10 reb 6/12 shooting
    Jameer Nelson 13 pnts 6 assists 4/9 shooting 1/4 3 pointers and 4/5 from the FT Line.
    Lewis 14 pnts and 6 reb 4/7 shooting and 0/2 3 pointers and 6/6 from the FT LIne.

    Philly led by
    Iggy 18 pnts 3 reb and 3 assists 6/15 shooting 6/10 from the FT line
    Brand 13 pnts 8 reb 5/11 shooting 4/5 FT Line
    Young 12 pnts 2 reb and 2 steals
    Dalembert 11 pnts 9 reb
    Holiday 10 pnts 4 assists 2 steals.

    Stat line Magic outrebounded the 76er's 37-32 Magic were 5/19 3 pointers 76er's 1/8.

    Next Game for the Magic. @New Jersey Nets.
  3. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009

    Magic escape NJ with the Win!!

    East Rutherford,NJ- In a True Battle it was the experience of Vince Carter that helped the Magic escape the Izod Center with a Tough Win Over the Nets.

    The 1st Period was a True Battle as Both Defenses were flexing their Muscles as both teams traded leads and NJ held a 13-11 Lead with 4.5 sec left when Lewis got Open and Hit a shot just inside the 3 point line as the 1st period ended in a 13-13 Tie. Then the 2nd period The Magic started to get some shots to go down and DW led the way in both scoring and rebounding and the Magic extended their lead going into HT at 27-20. as DW had 7 pnts and 9 reb and 0 fouls at this point. Then in the 2nd Half it was a game of runs as the Magic held a 1 point lead then the Nets went on a serious run as the Magic kept forcing shots and The Nets kept running and The Nets Held the Lead as Harris,Lopez, and Lee each chipped in points and played stellar defense to help the Nets get to a 43-39 Lead at the end of the 3rd Period. Then the Nets kept the pressure up as the extended the lead to 48-39 before the Magic Led by Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson and Lewis helped cut the Nets lead to 51-47. Then a Big Moment as Lewis found Nelson open and Harris came down and fouled Nelson on his 3 pnt attempt and Nelson hit it and added the & 1 to Tie the game at 51 all. DW who didn't have a foul, was called for 3 in a blink of a eye. Then as the Magic continue to Lead DW was whistled for his 5th and 6th foul in the Game and The Magic would have to continue without their Big Man. But they still had Stoudemire who added 14 reb to help pace the Backboards and added 2 Block shots to shutdown the Nets inside game. Then after the Magic Led 63-60, Nets fouled J.J. Redick and he continued to hit FT to Ice the game for the Magic as they escape NJ with a Tough 67-60 win.

    Magic stats
    DW-13 pnts 12 reb 6/9 shooting 1/2 FT and 1 block and 6 fouls.
    AS- 7 pnts 14 reb 3/11 shooting 1/2 FT and 2 blocks
    JN- 8 pnts 4 assists 2/7 shooting 2/6 3 pnt 2/3 FT
    VC-16 pnts 2 reb 6/16 shooting 3/8 3 pnt 1/1 FT
    JJ Redick 6 pnts 1/3 shooting 4/4 FT.

    DH-10 pnts 8 assists
    CL- 14 pnts 6/10 shooting
    RA- 11 pnts 4/16 shooting
    BL- 7 pnts 15 reb.

    The Magic Continue their road trip as the Get the Raptors Next.
  4. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    [​IMG] News

    FA signings

    Boston signed G.Green in Hopes that the 6'8 forward can help in the Trenches as Boston continues to Bolster their Line after Trading House and Perkins to the Heat and Cavs.

    Nuggets signed Veteran Bruce Bowen shortly after Trading Melo to NY, Denver Hopes That Bowen can provide scoring and defense. The 38 yr old Vet was released Last season By SA.

    The Bucks sign Baston
    Portland sign Daye
    Pacers sign Daniels
    Memphis signs V. Wafer
    Raptors sign Carney, They hope he can provide scoring after the Raptors sent Bosh to Miami for Beasley.
    Kings sign Gerald Wallace as they continue to Bolster their Backcourt. and plus Wallace can either play SG or SF.
  5. JerzeyReign

    JerzeyReign #BeatOhio

    Oct 26, 2009
    The Suns gave up Amare Stoudemire for Brandon Bass? Did you force that through?
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  6. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Nope, I gave up not only Bass, but several draft picks for the next season, plus i plan on resigning Amare after this season is over. But the draft will be very limited, but no force trade on this one.
  7. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009

    Orlando Sweeps in a 2 Game Set Vs Tor and Det.

    Vs Toronto- Orlando got a Huge Game from DW as he Scored 18 pnts and 16 Reb as The Magic Beat the Raptors 82-74. The Game started off very wrong for the Magic as Toronto went on a 6-0 run with HT scoring 4 of the Raptors 1st 6 pnts. Then Orlando settled down and started to Hit their shots from there. The 1st quarter ended with the Magic on Top 20-17. The 2nd quarter ended with a tight contest as The Magic leading 44-37. The Game continued to be close but Pietrus went on a tear in the 2nd half as he hit 15 pnts (all in the 2nd half) as he helped Orlando continue to lead. Then the Magic continued to force Hedo and the rest of the Raptor Team to rush their shots and Orlando rebounded the Misses. Toronto got as close to 8 pnts, but Orlando finished the game out with a 82-74 Win at the Air Canada Center.

    Orlando Stats:
    DW 18 pnts 16 reb and 4 block shots
    Pietrus 15 pnts
    JN 16 pnts 6 assists
    AS 6 pnts 15 reb.
    VC 10 pnts 2 assists

    Hedo T.- 19 pnts 5 reb
    Calderon 17 pnts 9 assists
    Beasley 14 pnts 7 reb
    Bargnani 10 pnts 12 reb

    Vs Detroit- The Only thing that went right for the Pistons in this game was that they showed up for the game as The Magic played stellar Defense as they Rolled the Pistons 103-78. DW led the way with 16 pnts and 14 reb and 1 block shot. AS chipped in 12 pnts and 11 reb and 2 blocks on the night. Magic Led 27-21 at the end of the 1st period then Blew out the Pistons in the 2nd period as they led 57-39. The Game was in The Magic's hands all night as the Pistons tried many times to somehow get back into the game but the Magic D was too much for them all night. Piston fans started to leave at the end of the 3rd quarter. The rest of the game was played much of the night with the Orlando subs seeing alot of action.

    Magic stats
    DW 16 pnts 14 reb and 1 Block
    AS 12 pnts 11 reb 2 blocks
    JN 12 pnts 6 assists
    Lewis 14 pnts 2 reb and 1 block
    VC 22 pnts 2 assists and 2 block
    Pietrus 11 pnts 2 assists and 1 block

    Det stats
    Stuckey 24 pnts 5 assists
    Hamilton 20 pnts 4 reb and 4 TO
    Prince 12 pnts 4 reb and 3 blocks
    Vill 8 pnts 9 reb 1 block

    The Magic go home for a 2 game stand Vs the Suns and the Pistons.

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