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OT: Real NFL Power Rankings

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Subkontraktor, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Subkontraktor

    Subkontraktor Plays with Knives.

    Aug 16, 2010
    Figured I could just copy and paste . I post these on my site every week (millercards.net), just for something to draw in interest. Please, argue this and tell me who you'd rank differently. I looked deeper at some of the teams you all mentioned and put more effort into this week's rankings. In previous installments I would plug a few of the teams in slots according to how I feel about them. And not being an NFL analysts, anyone can grow a little out of touch with other teams. This time around I put in some more research.

    Rank (Last Week's Rank) Team (Record) - Description

    1. ( 1 ) New England Patriots (9-2) - Overcame slow start to torch Lions led by Brady's 4 TDs.
    2. ( 2 ) Atlanta Falcons (9-2) - Never trailed in walk-off win against very good Green Bay team.
    3. ( 3 ) Baltimore Ravens (8-3) - Nothing fancy, but solid win over very good Bucs team.
    4. ( 5 ) New York Jets (9-2) - Faced trouble but exploded in second half. Big test looming.
    5. ( 8 ) New Orleans Saints (8-3) - Fought off fiesty Cowboys team for fourth win in a row.
    6. ( 6 ) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) - Found out how tough Bills are, squeaked by in overtime.
    7. ( 11 ) Chicago Bears (8-3) - Jay Cutler powers Bears to win over solid Eagles team.
    8. ( 7 ) Green Bay Packers (7-4) - Found out how for real Falcons are, now trail Bears in division.
    9. ( 4 ) Philadelphia Eagles (7-4) - Brought back down to earth, nearly pulled off a huge comeback.
    10. ( 13 ) Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) - Seems to be a pot of gold at the end of this DwayneBowe.
    11. ( 14 ) San Diego Chargers (6-5) - Charging quickly onto the scene after dismantling Peyton.
    12. ( 10 ) Indianapolis Colts (6-5) - Pesky Chargers always seem to throw dirt on Colts' season.
    13. ( 9 ) New York Giants (7-4) - Needed all four quarters to fight back and beat Jaguars at home.
    14. ( 12 ) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4) - Ravens fluster Freeman, but Baltimore is tough place to play.
    15. ( 16 ) Miami Dolphins (6-5) - Wildcat roars in solid victory at Oakland.
    16. ( 15 ) Jacksonville Jaguars (6-5) - So close to what would have been a huge road win, still in hunt.
    17. ( 20 ) Houston Texans (5-6) - With others losing, these guys have a Puncher's chance at playoffs.
    18. ( 17 ) Oakland Raiders (5-6) - Quickly losing playoff hopes with road game against Chargers looming.
    19. ( 18 ) Washington Redskins (5-6) - Lost hope as quick as they gained it in losing to visiting Vikings.
    20. ( 19 ) Tennesse Titans (5-6) - Season is lost if Rusty Smith continues to take snaps.
    21. ( 22 ) St. Louis Rams (5-6) - Grabbed much needed win in a tough place to play.
    22. ( 21 ) Seattle Seahawks (5-6) - No thanks to their play, playoff hopes still very much in tact.
    23. ( 26 ) Cleveland Browns (4-7) - Rode back of Peyton Hillis to close win over teethless Panthers.
    24. ( 25 ) San Francisco 49ers (4-7) - Recent shutout forgotten, Niners are one game back.
    25. ( 27 ) Minnesota Vikings (4-7) - Rallied behind new coach for gritty win. Sound familiar?
    26. ( 23 ) Dallas Cowboys (3-8) - Nearly pulled off the holiday win, now only playing for pride.
    27. ( 24 ) Denver Broncos (3-8) - Rally falls short, travel to rival Chiefs for round 2.
    28. ( 29 ) Buffalo Bills (2-9) - Team is so frustrated it is now resorting to blaming God for losing.
    29. ( 28 ) Arizona Cardinals (3-8) - These guys stink, but Derek Anderson apparently thinks it's funny.
    30. ( 30 ) Cincinnati Bengals (2-9) - Terrell, how does your foot taste?
    31. ( 31 ) Detroit Lions (2-9) - Proved, yet again, that they don't belong on Thanksgiving.
    32. ( 32 ) Carolina Panthers (1-10) - Actually competitive in Cleveland, perhaps they sought revenge on Delhomme?
  2. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    I actually Like Atlanta as the top team right now. They beat an extremely hot Green Bay team with a stifling defense and while I like those other teams up there too, I think Atlanta is the team to beat in the NFL right now.

    San Diego I think you have to move up somehow. Their record is only 6-5 but last I checked they literally have the #1 ranked offense and #1 ranked defense and I'm pretty sure they haven't lost in December in forever.

    Indianapolis I think you can safely move down below, maybe even below the Bucs. With the type of game the Jags gave the Giants, they can be a better team than the Colts.

    The NFC West is just putrid, I don't know who is going to come out of that division but it won't be pretty.

    I think you can move the Bills above Denver, Minnesota, SF, the Seahawks and maybe even the Rams. I know their record doesn't show it and so it's not justifiable to move them that high but they lost in OT to, Chiefs(7-4), Ravens (8-3), Steelers(8-3) and also barely lost in regulation to the Bears (8-3) all of those teams are in the top 10 in your power rankings. They lost all 4 games by 3 points. I know its the homer in me but this team is going in the right direction. I just hope they can carry this momentum into next season.

    Go Bills!
  3. Subkontraktor

    Subkontraktor Plays with Knives.

    Aug 16, 2010
    Yeah, I've been seeing these Bills (on paper anyway). They seem to be about 5 plays away from being in a playoff race.

    New England / Atlanta - I toyed with them for a while in my mind and looking at schedules, but kept it the same.

    Chiefs beat San Diego. Maybe I put a little homer in there. SD is strong, they'll force themselves up there. AFC West will be decided in 2 sundays (KC at SD) KC will probably enter with a 1 game lead (KC vs DEN) (SD vs OAK) with both having winnable games at home this week. Chargers did kind of force me to push them up there past some others, but with the Chiefs strong win at Seattle, I held KC above them.

    Indy beat KC (tough win for them)
    SD stomped Indy
    Indy stomped NYG

    That small sequence dictated how I ranked those 4.

    Hard to push Indy too far down, at least while Peyton is still under center.

    Jags and Bucs just still seem less worthy than the top 13.

    If this were done on how the teams were playing alone, and not the record... it'd be quite different. For example, the Bills.

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