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OTP Team Previews (Season 5)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by schreck822, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. schreck822

    schreck822 Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    Notre Dame Mascot.jpg

    Team Preview:

    Defending Champs
    Coming off a huge 14-0 championship season, Notre Dame will be hard pressed to duplicate the success they enjoyed last season with one of the most loaded rosters in memory. Even with all that talent, the team had to scrape by with last minute victories against Michigan, USC and the thrilling last second victory over LSU. Losing keystones like Golson at QB, Atkinson and Carlisle at HB and Ishaq Williams at MLB leave huge holes all over the roster, not even mentioning the other 16 seniors that departed, leaving a whopping 2 returning starters on Offense, and 4 on Defense. ND has recruited well and looks to reload, but this is looking like a possible rebuilding year in South Bend.

    Biggest spring position battle
    There are openings everywhere, but our offense relies on a successful running game, and our top to rushers of the past 3 seasons both just left. There are 5 capable backs, but none of them are quite the all around all worlders that we just lost. SR Will Mahone is a power back that comes in highest OVR, and should be able to pound for the tough yards, but won't be running past anybody. JR Tyler Hayden brings the explosive speed, but is tiny at 5-8 175. There are also intriguing prospects in Mike Caldwell & JJ Bowling that bring solid size and speed, but lack some of the desired HB skills. Between them all there is plenty of talent, but we'll have to piece them together in certain roles to be effective.

    Possible breakout seasons
    This has to go to SR QB Gunner Kiel. The former 5 star QB has patiently awaited his turn to run the offense, and after a brief thought of jumping to the NFL despite his limited playing time, he came back for his shot to lead the team. At 6-4 215 he has great size, solid speed and pinpoint accuracy. He also has a bevy of dangerous receivers, so we may be able to open the passing game a little more this season.

    If every goes just right...
    This is an incredibly young, but talented team again. If the teams gels, all the guys that waited their turns could blow up and pick up right where the team left off. It will be a battle to get through the B1G, but if Kiel takes off and the running game is steady this team will be very dangerous and win double digits again. The DL should remain stout against the run and the young DB's play well enough to limit big passing plays. A title is a reach, but possible if everything goes just right.

    If every goes wrong...
    The defense takes a big step back without Ishaq Williams patrolling the middle and wreaking havoc everywhere. The young secondary and linebackers get blown up and teams move the ball through the air all over this team, which was a problem even with veterans last season. No running back emerges to carry the load, and the deep backfield becomes more of a hindrance than a strength. If these things happen, it's entirely possible this team loses a couple of games.

    My guess...
    It will be impossible for this team to live up to the success of the just departed seniors, and there too many holes to plug for the team to be quite that strong initially. If we have a great spring training it's possible some stars will emerge, but there isn't as much depth on this team as we just enjoyed, with way too many young guys being counted on for significant minutes. We should finish around 10-2 and in a dogfight for the B1G.

    ND will stick with the tried and true Pro Playbook based off Stanford. As usual, grinding out yards on the ground mixed with medium to long passes will be our style.

    We have 4 solid quarterbacks on the roster, but it's Kiel's turn to shine. The RS SR is stud that should be a more polished passer than Golson was, albeit a little less of a running threat, which ND doesn't expect out of our QB's much anyway. Behind him is physical freak RS Soph Kevin Anderson. At 6-5 he has 91 acc/spd, so it is tempting to have a package for him, but I've never been good at that part of the game. We'll see if we can maximize him somehow though.

    Running Back
    Stacked depth chart with 5 very good backs. All are capable of playing anywhere, but not sure any are every down backs. We have good situational guys though, a pounder, a speedster, and a few tweeners with enough speed and catching ability to be threats all over. Should be a productive unit for us.

    Blah, I hate this position. We are pretty weak here, but rely on them in our power game so are hoping one of them steps up and can open up some holes in the run game.

    Wide Receiver
    We are pretty deep at WR, with SR Davonte Neal leading the group. He is small, but as fast as anybody in the country. He should do some great things this season. Fellow seniors Peters and Davis bring the size at 6-5 and 6-3, and are reliable targets. Looking forward to getting them more involved. All around it's a solid group and if we need to spread it out there won't be any weak links.

    Tight End
    After having top flight TE's every season, we are in trouble here this year. We missed out on our top 3 recruiting targets, which still baffles me. It will be up to a couple of solid but underwhelming guys. They will have to be good blockers and check down receivers, and not a focal point of the offense as Eifert and Koyack have been the past 4 seasons.

    Offensive Line
    5 new starters here could spell huge trouble. Last year's line was incredibly deep and experienced, every lineman was 1st or 2nd team All-American and near the top of the awards lists. This year, we're going to need them to grow up fast. Hopefully they all progress quickly and do the job. All are capable, but it's a lot to ask 5 new starters to play as well as the last group did.

    ND uses the 3-4 and have been very successful with it. After giving up only about 600 yards rushing all of last season but a boatload of passing yards, we're looking at a probable similar trend this season. The DL remains intact, with both DE's back. DT Jarron Jones takes over and shouldn't have any drop off there. Unfortunately, 3 of 4 DB's are new, in what was already a porous pass D. 3 out of 4 LB's also left, leaving us young and not nearly as talented there. This will be the most vulnerable the D has been in my 5 seasons.

    Day and Grigsby return to anchor the edges. Day had 10 sacks, Grigs only 2. They are solid and the key with them is stopping the run and eating up blockers. We have some exciting young talent behind them that we will be rotating in to get some reps. They are faster and better pass rushers, but weaker against the run.

    We have great depth here, and big 6-6 315 Jarron Jones will take over and more than hold his own clogging up the middle. 3 young guys are behind him and will jump in when needed.

    This is the group that took by far the biggest hit with departures. 3 new starters are going to need to make up for some huge losses, unfortunately none of them are quite as good as the guys they replace. JR Travis Clemens is the sole returner, and he's a good one. Behind him though, lots of questions. Looking like freshmen phenom Justin Jean will head up the middle, with help from veteran Will Jefferson. As much as our 3-4 relies on LB's, this is my biggest concern for our D.

    Senior Ryan Ross returns after giving the pros a look. The stud CB had 6 int's last year and will lead our DB's. RS JR had 4 picks as the nickel back last year and should move into a starting role more than ably. Beyond them, it's true freshmen Dan Smith and Matt Rogers coming in as nickel and dime backs, as the other returning guys just aren't that great. Hopeful that our lack of experienced depth doesn't come back to bite us, but we will be good at the top.

    Two new safeties replace two guys that had started for a few seasons. What they lack in experience, they make up for in size and athleticism. JR Antonio Flynn is 6-5, fast and good in coverage at FS. Freddie Griffin is 6-4 and fast at SS. It should be hard to get over the top of them, but we'll have to see how they acclimate. There is some depth behind them, but all very young.

    Special Teams
    ND went heavy on kickers, recruiting both a kicker and punter this year. Both are around 90 KPW, so we like how they project long term for us. Should be very solid and ensure we aren't held back by weak kickers the next 4 years.
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  2. schreck822

    schreck822 Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
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  3. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011

    Please post a team preview. It could be a brief preview or a long one. Just take the time to to it. I want this to be a PLAYERS OTP. I may be the commish and schreck is the asst but each and every one of us are a vital member of the OD now and going forward. I would like to see your previews on this posted by Friday at the latest. That gives you time to get your pre season done and week 1 in.


    G.........The "Peoples commish" :D
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  4. droid43

    droid43 Walk On

    Apr 22, 2012
    2016 Season Preview
    The Oklahoma State Cowboys are coming off a successful 11-2 2015 season capped off by a thrilling 31-28 Orange Bowl victory over the Miami Hurricanes. There are going to be some large shoes to fill in 2016, but the talent is there. Coach Gundy has been very vocal since spring ball that he is excited about his team this year. "We're going to surprise a lot of people this year. We lost a great quarterback in JW Walsh, but Andrew (Wilkerson) has the potential to make an impact at quarterback just like JW did. I think we're finally about to turn the corner on defense. It really hurt us when we had three corners graduate in 2013 and then the two freshman we recruited to take their spots decided to transfer on us, but talent and depth at corner have finally been established. I'm looking forward to another BCS type year in 2016."
    The Offense:
    Explosive plays are what Coach Mike Gundy and his team love. Despite the prevalence of big plays made by the offense, there aren't very many deep passes thrown. 10-20 yard routes are the primary focus of this air raid offense. This gives the quarterback quick reads and allows him to get the ball out of his hands. These plays result in more pressure on the defense and less pressure on the offensive line. Quick passes also hinder the defense during blitzes.

    The run has not been featured too much during the past few seasons, and a large part has been due to the inability of the offensive line to run block out of the pistol and shotgun formations. With the five lineman up front the running game should improve somewhat.

    Players Leaving: JW Walsh, Dan Glidden, Zac Veatch, Desmond Roland

    Starters Returning: Zac Butler, Matt Russell, Jason Glover, Michael Wilson, Brian Jefferson, Bryan Lott, Clay Smith, Kendall Wilson*

    *Key Contributor at Halfback

    JW Walsh needed a wagon to carry out all the awards he won last year as the Oklahoma State quarterback. How will the successor Andrew Wilkerson fair? Wilkerson is a BIG guy. Measuring in at 6'6, 211, he is a load to bring down and has a powerful arm and good accuaracy. He may not be as mobile as Walsh, but he's certainly no statue in the pocket.

    Kendall Wilson will now have the opportunity to be the feature back. The senior will get the lion's share of the carries due to the inexperience behind him. Wilson is a thumper and packs a punch in that 5'11, 225 pound frame. He may not have the break-away speed that Roland had, but he can accelerate through the hole very quickly.

    Zach Jackson will be second back in the rotation. Jackson is considered a scat back, but can break the occasional tackle. He stands 5'11, 209 and will leave everyone in the dust if he breaks one.

    Here lies the two prizes of the 2013 recruiting class. Zac Butler and Matt Russell have been making names for themselves since they arrived on campus. Butler is on pace to beat every career receiving record at Oklahoma State and Russell would be right behind him had he not broken his clavicle halfway through last season. Both receivers are over 6'5, 210 and are fast and physical. Mike Hill will take over the slot receiver duties with the departure of Glidden.

    Zac Veatch is gone and Jeff Robinson will be moved up from #2 to #1 on the depth chart. Jerrell Vincent takes over the second spot. Neither have the speed Veatch provided, but they both have great hands and should provide nice security blankets for Wilkerson over the middle.

    If the receiving corps isn't the strength of the offensive unit, the offensive line is. All five starters return from last season. The line averages 6'4, 296 across and are excellent pass blockers. Wilkerson may have the best offensive line in the nation to develop throughout the season.

    The Defense:

    The defense has been an attacking one for several years. Weak defensive line play has made blitzing a necessity to get to the quarterback. The 2016 Cowboy defense will have the strongest front seven since the 2012 season. The defensive line was once a weakness, but is now a depth-infused strength. Less blitzing should result in more interceptions and will allow the linebackers to flow to the football and make more plays.

    Players Leaving: Adam Lampkin, Dan Sherrod, Ian Maselera, Kevin Cusak, Brian Reber
    Starters Returning: Jeff Johnson, Corey Richardson, Brigham Holmes, Darren McDaniel, Jeremiah Tshimanga, Chad Ryan

    Brigham Holmes will continue to be a one man wrecking crew in the middle of the defensive line. He (would if the game played correctly) demands double teams and destroys lineman who try to handle him alone. Jeff Johnson is one of the best athletes to ever play on the Oklahoma State defensive line. A guy with his size and speed is scary. A revolving door of depth will be used at the defensive end spot.

    Seth Jacobs takes over for Sherrod, Tshimanga remains at the other outside linebacker position, and Sophomore Scott King will take over at middle linebacker. King was highly recruited by a large number of powerhouse programs and will fill in nicely in the middle. He has great speed and tackles like a veteran.

    Chad Ryan takes over the #1 corner position after starting his freshman year at the #2. Now it's time for another freshman to play the #2. Anthony Pearson will be starting opposite Ryan. Anthony has great speed, can tackle well, and has stood his own in fall camp against the like of Zac Butler and Matt Russell. Will he hold up to the challenge that Ryan faced last season of being the target on the defense?

    Ryan Hale has transferred to Oklahoma State. He is a free safety and a junior. Hale will be redshirted during his year of ineligibility, and John Pollock will assume the starting free safety spot. Pollock is a redshirt freshman and is very fast, but lacks certain coverage skills. Kyle Powell steps in at strong safety. Powell may not have the jets his counterpart Pollock has, but he makes up for it by taking great angles and is outstanding in coverage.

    2016 Prediction:
    Wilkerson will be inserted into the offense and the well-oiled machine will keep on rolling. The defense has almost caught up to the offense in terms of talent and depth, but inexperience in the secondary will keep the Cowboys from achieving the ultimate goal of a national championship. The Pokes will have an outstanding season and reach a BCS Bowl once again despite inexperience in the secondary.
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  5. Kale25

    Kale25 Walk On

    Jan 16, 2013

    Finally I was approved by the dictatorship of tradition sports after my "underwhelming" first impression.

    I know it's already the 5th week or so of the season but since everyone else did a run through of their team I thought I should do the same.


    This years team is senior driven with no depth. The offense can put points on the board with Rex Kern III (RK3) at quarterback. Dunn the running back is the only back with experience and will be heavily relied on in the big games. The wide receivers Hill and Southward lead a talented wide out corps than make big plays. The offense wants to score and can control the game with it's tempos.

    Defense - it's all about the front seven with this group. The linebackers get the publicity but the dline does the dirty work. Sacks and ints are this defenses make up. Big plays could happen against the secondary but they will pick your pocket on any errant throw and house it.

    Can't forget special teams now. The one dude has some serious dreads. The kicking game is important as both the punter and kicker can hit from 55 out always.


    I cut a ton of dead weight players and maybe too many of them. But in the end I decided to cut them and move on to make room for the players that ought to be recruited by The Ohio State University. My board is in flux every week as I am going after players over the country that I need to run this offense to it's full capability. I need everything and have all 25 scholarships to use with 18 seniors and possible junior departures. Currently I'm at 61 players on the roster. Getting back to the reloading days is key as even when losing 18 plus players that a national title is the goal every season.

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