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Over the Pylon League Description and Rules

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Wick36, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    Over the Pylon

    Dynasty Description
    Over the Pylon is a new member dynasty starting for NCAA 13.
    It will contain 2 teams in each BCS conference, which will allow for recruiting battles all over the country and will allow players to see a wide range of opponents.

    Name Team
    Wick36 Texas
    azreinman (Spudseal2) Virginia
    Selvy Wake Forest
    the bigg dawgg Louisville
    Whales30 (whalen30) Rutgers
    Jolts57 Michigan
    schreck822 Notre Dame
    Droid43 Oklahoma State
    Theezy (Theeezyy) Utah
    Mcwoods USC
    EMbow513 Georgia
    GMoney LSU

    Sliders & Settings
    Column 1 Column 2
    Difficulty: Heisman
    Quarters: 7 mins

    Offense Human CPU[/U][/B]
    QB Accuracy 50 50
    Pass Block 50 50
    WR Catching 50 50
    RB Ability 50 50
    Run Blocking 50 50
    Defense Human CPU[/U][/B]
    Awareness 50 50
    Knockdowns 50 50
    Interceptions 50 50
    Break Block 50 50
    Tackling 50 50
    Special Teams Human CPU[/U][/B]
    FG Power 50 50
    FG Accuracy 50 50
    P Power 50 50
    P Accuracy 50 50
    Kickoff Power 50 50

    Position Changes
    Pos Notes
    QB: No Restrictions
    RB: No Restrictions
    FB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 220 lbs
    Speed restriction < 90
    WR: No restrictions
    TE: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 220 lbs
    Speed restriction < 90
    OL: No restrictions
    DT: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 265 lbs
    DE: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 225 lbs
    Speed Restriction < 90
    OLB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 210 lbs
    Speed Restriction < 92
    MLB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 215 lbs
    Speed restriction < 92
    DB: No restrictions
    RET: Restricted
    Speed Restriction < 93

    Players leaving
    A player will not be allowed to attempt to sway a player from the pro draft if he:
    • is > 95 OVR
    • is a JR that has won the Heisman
    • is a JR or SO(RS) and has won a major award (Thorpe, Maxwell, Biletnikoff, etc) and is > 90 OVR
    Kickers and punters can be swayed from pro draft regardless of OVR and class.

    The amount of scholarships that can be offered at any given time will be dictated by the following formula:

    A = number of seniors on your team that will graduate
    B = number of underclassmen that qualify for pro draft with aforementioned rules. So underclassmen that are 90+ and have won an award.
    C = number of walk-ons on your team. Walk-ons may be cut at any time.
    D = Three additional scholarships to provide a cushion.
    E = 70 - current amount of players currently on roster

    A + B + C + D + E = total number of available scholarships.

    Note: Committed players count against your scholarship limit.

    Dynasty History
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  2. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    Over the Pylon: League Rules

    Winning of games is not the most important part of this league. First and foremost, you are expected to abide by the site rules. Please read the site rules through and make sure you can live up to the standards expected here at Tradition Sports, here is the link:

    In addition to those, the following points should also be adhered to. We'll leave this thread open so you can ask questions or make you case for why anything should be changed. It doesn't sound like there have been a lot of significant changes to the game since last year, so most likely these rules won't need a lot of changes, but if something comes up we will address it.

    We don't want to see anyone playing the same play all game on defense or running out of a tight formation all game on offense. We all want to replicate the game we love on Saturday's and mixing up your play-calling is a must to do that. As we all know, every release there are money plays that are extremely tough to stop due to the AI. If you are abusing these plays, you will really be pushing your luck if you expect to stick around this site long.

    In additon to playing a SIM game, providing content on the site is very important. It takes 12 active members for any league to be successful. In addition to game recaps, it is great if people can be creative and do some stuff for the league also. Obviously, some have less free time than others so some can contribute more than others, just try to make an effort and be responsive around here. At minimum, everybody should post the signings of recruits and short recaps of games. A couple of sentences will work for CPU games as we really don't need 3 paragraphs explaining your 41-6 over Vanderbilt. After the conclusion of User games, the winning team is required to post the recap of the game. If the losing team wants to add to it, they would also be encouraged to do the same. It is fun reading people's thoughts about their games and I think this is a great way for fellow league members to follow your team. Check out other leagues and see if there is something they do that you'd like to emulate here.

    Stat whoring SHOULD NOT happen here. If you regularly put up unrealistic stats, you need to evaluate your style of play and may get a stern talking to if it continues. The top RB most years is only going to hit around 1400-1500 yards in real life, a top WR is usually around 1200. Obviously there are exceptions and there's not some kind of cap here, this is simply to say that we all know sim when we see it, and we all know when guys are just padding stats. On defense, you rarely see a MLB have 10+ sacks or a FS with 20 TFL. If you have these type's of stats, you are probably doing some unsim things. None of this is intended to take away fun from the game, but if you consider running up insane stats on bad cpu teams fun, this is probably not the place for you. It just skews things way too much and we don't want guys in some ridiculous stat war trying to win awards at all costs.

    Sportsmanship is incredibly important. How you handle a tough loss is a good indicator of what type of guy you are. A simple GG is always appreciated even after the toughest of losses. We all want to win but every game has a winner and a loser so how you deal with that is more important than the outcome of the game. Mic's are always encouraged when playing a user game as it's easy to deal with any issue's that may come up. F bombing your opponent because he is beating you will not be tolerated.

    Additional Rules:
    -If ahead by 30 at any point in the second half, you must substitute out your 1st string offense.
    -Restarts are not tolerated. Stuff happens as we all know and if you have to restart for some reason, proof will be needed. If no proof is shown, the game will be simmed.
    -4th down rules which will override site rules.
    1.You can go for it on 4th down on any distance on your opponents side of the field unless it falls in the below categories.
    2.If you are winning by 21 or more you cannot go for it on 4th down at any time.
    3.If losing by 21 or more, you can go for it on your side of the field if 4th and 1 or less.
    4.In the 4th quarter if down by 14 or more you can go for it at any time.

    In case people were a bit confused by the league wide rules, these are also rules pertaining to this league. We have all now had our say and these rules are final. If you don't like them, I understand but if it's going to be a big deal, you can join a different dynasty.

    Manual Motioning
    Be realistic with this. Obviously some teams motion and shift every play, but in this game it can be exploited too much, so do not abuse it.

    Manually changing defensive players
    You are allowed to manually move a defensive player but you must control that player. So do not move DB's all over the place and switch to a DL. This rule is in black and white in the site rules and consistently breaking this rule can result in you being removed from the league.

    Audibles to different formations
    This is also against site rules and will not be allowed in this dynasty. It's ok to call audible's but you must stay in your current formation. Also, please don't use audible's on every single play. Call a play and run it, you shouldn't be calling audible's on every single play.

    Everything is outlawed except the following:
    - Pass Commit - On obvious passing downs, do not do every play.
    - Run Commit - Again, use judiciously.
    - Conservative Tackle
    - Conservative Run
    - You can only chew the clock in obvious situations.
    - Aggressive option
    - Aggressive QB contain

    Redshirt Rules:
    The only players that are eligible to red-shirt will be freshman or sophomores. The only exception to this rule will be incoming Junior College transfers. A Juco will be allowed to red-shirt only during his first year on campus.

    The offseason will be conducted in one night that works best for the majority of the league. This does not include the Pre-Season.

    Custom offensive playbooks will be allowed, but will not be allowed for defense. You will still need to pick a specific playbook and then post the changes you made to it prior to the start of the season. Once the season starts, there will be no more altering to your playbook.

    Advancement Schedule:
    We will be on a firm 72hr advance schedule, but if everybody is done early we'll advance then. If everybody is done and you are the last to go, please try to get your stuff done quickly so everybody else doesn't have to wait. Communication is key for this, most will understand if you just let us know when you can get it done.
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