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Owner Orientation

Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by RRAHx2, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Hey RS'ers, I thought it would be cool to start doing a weekly owners interview of a random coach per week. Just a get-to-know-you sort of questionnaire. Questions will be ranging from anything to everything. About your team, gaming history, strategies, personal life, your opinions, etc etc. So here goes:

    Snake Eyez
    Lobster Killah
    Matthew Keves
    The Rulah
    Troy J.
    Fast Feet Pete

    Owner Orientation

    Welcome to Rookie Sypmosium's Owner Orientation! I'm Coach Rah and I will be interviewing your fellow peers, on my weekly segment. This week I have the Dallas Cowboys owner BluRuin here with us in the studio. Coach Blu has recently taken over football operations for the Dallas Cowboys. He is 2-0 so far in league play, and has the Cowboy faithful having high hopes for next year.​

    Coach Rah: Blu, why did you want to be in Rookie Symposium?
    BluRuin: Rookie Symposium has some of the best content I've seen on TSO, premier or non. Plus the league seems to be very active and committed.

    CR: What is your offensive philosophy?
    BR: Mistakes are what separates the winner from the loser by the end of the game. So offense is all about mistake-free, run-it-down-down-your-throat football.

    CR: What is your defensive philosophy?
    BR: Create 2 things, the illusion of pressure and turnovers.

    CR: Why do you think so many teams are putting up big points this year?
    BR: I think a lot of that has to do with tempo, and tackling. Teams are so focused on offense, that nobody wants to play defense. Teams just put their defense out there to give the offense a breather it seems like. And the open field tackle is definitely a lost art. Too many guys go for the strip or the big hit, so they forget to wrap up the ball carrier.

    CR: What is your biggest strength on the field?
    BR: Definitely my ability to spot tendencies in my opponent's game, and make adjustment's on the fly. Typically the first half of a game I play more cautious, and scout the opponent's tendencies, then I make adjustments and attack in the 2nd half.

    CR: Biggest Weakness?
    BR: None, next question

    CR: Who do you think is the team to beat this year in RS?
    BR: Gotta be the Panthers, undefeated teams always have a target on their back.

    CR: What team do you hate the most?
    BR: Probably the Giants and Redskins, I can't stand either of those franchises.

    CR: What changes do you plan to make to your roster in the off-season?
    BR: Maybe upgrade the D-Line and the Safety position, maybe look for youth at the TE position. Or a backup to Romo

    CR: How do you expect your team to perform next season?
    BR: Win the NFC East and go deep into the playoffs. The losing days in Dallas are over.

    CR: You don't think that's a bold prediction considering you've only played 1 team from your division so far?
    BR: No disrespect, but it's not about them. It's about me, it doesn't matter how good they are. If I win or lose it will only depend on my level of execution

    CR: Alright, Coach a lot of good stuff here, thanks for your time.
    BR: No problem, anytime
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  2. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Owner Orientation

    Welcome to Rookie Sypmosium's Owner Orientation! I'm Coach Rah and I will be interviewing your fellow peers, on my weekly segment. This week I have the Detroit Lions owner Matthew Keves on the hot seat. Keves led the Detroit Lions to a great season this year, making it all the way to the Divisional round of the playoffs after winning the NFC North.

    Coach Rah: Hey Keves, Welcome to the show man, take a seat.
    Coach Keves: Thank you, I'm just happy to be here.

    CR: Let's get right down to business then shall we? Of all the leagues on TSO, what do you think makes RS unique?
    CK: Clearly, it's the commissioners. They're very invested in the league and put time into making this the best league on TSO. We also have smart owners who listen to the commissioners.

    CR: Describe your coaching style.
    CK: My coaching style is very complex...when I have the ball I try to score. On defense, I try to stop the other team from scoring.

    CR: I see, I see... mad scientist in the strategy dept, huh? OK Bill Belichik, game-play wise, what is your greatest strength?
    CK: My biggest strength is probably being able to quickly figure out who's my best available option on a pass play. Unfortunately, I only have 1 or 2 guys that can actually catch.

    CR: Hear that NFC North? Sounds like the Lions are a bit short-handed at the WR position (no pun intended). GDip has been beggin' me to ask, what's your biggest weakness?
    CK: My biggest weakness this season was creating a consistent pass rush. I had a few good moments, but I think I could've had an elite D with a better rush.

    CR: Interesting, considering the monsters you have on the line, many thought you would be a top-5 sack team. Why did you choose to take over the Lions?
    CK: I took the Lions because I had the 21st pick and I was looking at either Detroit or Cincy. When Cincy was picked right before me (by a guy who quit!) it was an easy choice. I thought they had a very good offense and a defense with a lot of potential. So far, I'm pleased with most of my team.

    CR: Most of your team? Hmm.. some discontent with the roster in Detroit? Possibly some off-season moves in the future. On that point, what player on your team was the most crucial to your team's success this season?
    CK: I'd have to say Calvin Johnson was my most crucial player with Jahvid Best a close second. Johnson is so much better and more consistent than my next best receiver it's a joke. He also was able to turn some short throws into big plays. Best stayed pretty healthy and was by far my most explosive back in the league.

    CR: Megatron is definitely a player ANY team would love to have, and how about that nick name? Megatron! Hands down the best nick name in the NFL. OK let's talk about the competition, who was the toughest opponent you played this season?
    CK: My toughest opponent was probably The Rulah in the playoffs. He played very well and made it difficult for me to move the ball. I missed a lot of chances, but he was a very tough opponent and I hope to avoid him next season.

    CR: Who is the owner that you have yet to play, that you want to play the most?
    CK: Gotta be the commish...as a New Yorker it'd be cool to play the Jets and I'd love to see how you move the ball with that pile of crap they call an offense.

    CR: Me, huh? I'm flattered.. you're makin' me blush man, I'm all giddy inside. Maybe we can set up a scrimmage sometime, so I can show you what Gang Green was all about this year. What team do you think was the biggest under-achiever this season?
    CK: Biggest underachiever is tough because we had so many good teams change ownership during the season. I'm going to say San Fran...they had a couple of owners who didn't get much out of their team.

    CR: Yeah the '9ers were tremendously awful this year/ What about next season? What top team this season, do you think will struggle next year?
    CK: I'm not going to call out 1 specific team, but next season there's going to be a much bigger emphasis on balancing your offensive attack and not airing it out too much, so teams that played that way last year could face a tough adjustment.

    CR: That's right, baby! Crackin' the whip on the passing whores, I like it! Let's talk NFC North now, the division has 4 owners for the first time all year, who do you think will take the division next year?
    CK: The Lions will win the division for a very simple reason...the other owners are smart enough to let me win because if they don't I'm going to boot their asses out! :) In all seriousness, the only guy I know anything about is GDip and he's tough, so I'll go with the Lions.

    CR: You've been warned NFC North, beat Coach Keves, and you'll be beating the sidewalk soon after! On the note of booting people, what is your biggest "un-sim" pet peeve?
    CK: I'll be honest...I have a lot of pet peeves, but my biggest is probably guys who spread the field, send a bunch of guys on deep routes and treat this like arena football. In the real NFL, it's tough to throw deep out of 4 WR sets because you run the risk of getting the QB killed. But because it's tough to get a consistent pass rush, there's not as much of a concern. Just because the game lets you get away with it doesn't mean it's cool.

    CR: That's a legitimate complaint. Now, last question: What's one aspect of RS that you feel needs the most improvement?
    CK: I think the one thing to always keep an eye on is game play. My experience was fantastic, but with the turnover in commishes it was tough to set a solid standard for what was/wasn't acceptable. I'm confident that will be vastly improved going forward. I'd also like to see more guys get creative with content. We had a lot of great content, but too much of it came from a small group of guys. Hopefully some other guys will step up and everyone will be inspired to add something special.

    CR: Alright fellas, you heard that! Coach Keves is calling you out! Let's see some content this year! Everybody's so quick to try to win the Super Bowl, but nobody want's to contribute any dam content. Ask yourself this: Other than simply playing your game's, what are you doing to make RS better? If you're answer is "Nothing" then you aren't pulling your weight around here; and we have a problem with that. Good Interview Keves, it was a pleasure man, and good luck in the off-season this year. Any last words?
    CK: I'd like to add that I think we had a phenomenal first season. We had a great commissioner who had to leave us, but after some transition I'm thrilled with not only where we're at, but where it looks like we're headed. Thank you to everyone who made this season a success and made it easier on RRAHx2 and I to keep the league at a high standard.
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  3. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Looking to revive this piece of content. Anyone who wishes to participate as an by answering some simple questions, please send me a pm!
  4. ConiglioSG

    ConiglioSG Walk On

    Jan 13, 2013
    Awesome! Hopefully we'll get someone to do it.
  5. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Owner Orientation
    Hey Rookies, welcome to this edition of Owner Orientation! Today in the studio we have, xassassin4lifex with us. He is the HC of the re-vitalized St. Louis Rams, and has led his team to a 4-1 record this season. He is one of the more seasoned RS owners, has he has been with us since our inaugural season. Without further ado, lets get this started, shall we?​
    Coach RRAHx2: In your opinion, what was the funnest football video game you've ever played?​
    Assassin4life: Definitely Madden 13. As the years go, they get better every year.​

    CR: As a football fan, what is the greatest NFL game you have ever watched?​
    CA: The Rams(rams fan) vs titans superbowl in 2000. Won by the 1 yard line on the last play of the game.​

    CR: What are your predictions for the Harbaugh Super Bowl?​
    CA: The niners, both defenses are tough, and Kapernick will be the X-factor.​

    CR: What is your strength game play wise in M13?​
    CA: I play mistake free football and i play great defense.

    CR: What is your weakness?​
    CA: My offense is not good at playing from behind. If i get behind by more than 2 possessions or so, i might have troubles.​

    CR: What do you think makes our league unique, compared to other CCM's on TSO?​
    CA: I think theres a lot that makes us different. We have a core group of guys that are committed to sim football. Also, we have a great commissioner who listens to what everyone has to say. Its a democracy, not a dictatorship.​
    CR: What are your thoughts on this league today, and where it will be in the future?​
    CA: I believe this league is heading in the right direction. I have not had any complaints about anyone that i have played, except for those niners...there defense is too good​
    ;) lol.​

    CR: What are 3 improvements you would like to see made in this league?​
    CA: 1) more content from people. I fall under this category as well. I am active on the forums, but i do not contribute any content. That will change in the future.​
    2) take some work off the commish. I feel like RRah has a LOT on his shoulders, and i know that is very time consuming. If theres any way i can help, let me know.​
    3)better scheduling. This is something Rrah can help with. Maybe post the scheduling threads earlier if possible, so we can schedule our games more in advance.​

    CR: What is your biggest "un-sim" pet peeve?​
    CA: I dont think i have 1 specific thing. I kist like sim gameplay in general, and i feel this league has given me that for the most part.​

    CR: You are the HC down in STL, are you a Rams fan IRL?​
    CA: I am a Rams fan, i live in the suburbs of STL.​

    CR: You just gave Steven Jackson a HUGE pay-day, what other holes will you look to fill this off-season?​
    CA: This offseason we are definitely looking to upgrade at the WR position. We dont have a number 1 guy out there, an it really shows. Sam Bradford is looking bad so far this season. He isnt throwing picks though, because he makes the right decision. His guys just arent getting seperation out there.​
    CR: Where do you see your team finishing this year?​
    CA: The rams are looking for a wildcard spot in the playoffs this year. The way the niners man-handled us to start the season, were not sure we could beat them out. But once it gets to the playoffs, anything can happen.​
    CR: What is the team you least look forward to playing in RS?​
    CA: The Pats. They look to be very tough, and i dont know how you cover all the guys they have on the offensive side of the ball. Then, with all the young defensive talent, there gonna be tough for a long time.​

    CR: Who is the opponent you look forward to playing against the most?​
    CA: It would have to be the redskins. We lost a close one in the beginning of the season last year, and my guys want revenge.​

    CR: Right now we have 7 undefeated's still in Week 5, Do you think we will finish the season with 1 team still standing?​
    CA: Its hard to go undefeated in the nfl. If anyone could do it, id put my money on the titans though. They seem to be dominant in most of there games this season.​

    CR: Which team do you think is in worse shape after their QB retires, Broncos or Patriots?​
    CA : Ill go with the broncos, only because i saw that Mallet played during the regular season, and threw a TD and no picks. Its always tough playing for the first time in the nfl, but this kid was poise.​

    CR: If you could add any player to your team from another, who would it be?​
    CA: The rookie wide receiver Lyons from the niners. That kid is a stud, an in a few years (if not sooner) will be a top 10 wide receiver in the NFL, you heard it here first.​

    CR: How would you grade your off-season?​
    CA: I would give myself a B. my draft went well, and I love the way my defense is playing this year. If we could have added one more weapon on the offensive side of the ball, it would be an "A"​
    CR: Who has been your biggest off-season pick up?​
    CA: It is definitely FA linebacker PJ Wheeler. The addition of him to our defense has allowed us to do so many things on the defensive side of the ball we couldn't do last year.​

    CR: OK now the million-dollar question, predictions on where your team will be come end of the season?​
    CA: I think we can win the wildcard, and once were in the Playoffs, we take it one week at a time. Anything can happen.​

    That wraps up this edition of OO! I'd like to thank Assassin for his time, and thank you all for watching. Tune in next time!
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  6. AwaLL

    AwaLL Walk On

    Oct 16, 2012
    This is very cool! Lets get some more owners in on this! I would be willing to
  7. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    I have 2 guys waiting in the wings for their questionairre. Would you like to be #3?
  8. AwaLL

    AwaLL Walk On

    Oct 16, 2012
    Ya, im in. Sign me up!
  9. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    This week gentlemen, I have Coach AWinkler02 in the booth. He has his defending SB Champion Bronocos sitting pretty at 8-0 and is looking for a repeat.

    Coach RRAHx2: What is your favorite video game?
    Coach AWinkler02: Madden by far. If I were to choose a game other than madden I would say the COD's love the shooter games as well

    CR: How long have you been playing Madden?
    CA: I would have to say for about 6 years.

    CR: What was the first video game you ever beat?
    CA: First video game I ever beat was the Legend of Zelda.

    CR: Did you ever play football IRL?
    CA: No only in middle school was a baseball guy.
    CR: What are your favorite teams? College? NFL?
    CA: My favorite teams are all the ATL and GA teams. Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and the Georgia Bulldogs.

    CR: Best football game you've ever seen?
    CA: I can't remember what year it was but Boise St. vs Oklahoma. Maybe 2007, the game where Boise St. won on the statue of liberty play going for 2. Was absolutely insane!!

    CR: Where do you work?
    CA: I work at a bakery called My Favorite Muffin and I have an internship starting in May for a small accounting firm in Denver.

    CR: Do you have a GF/ wife?
    CA: Yeah I have been dating the same girl for 4 years now. Her name is Maddie. Love her to death.

    CR: What are your strengths/weaknesses in M13?
    CA: Strengths I would say my main part of the game is Defense. And as for offense I'm able to mix the run up with the pass real well. Use the play action and disguise it pretty decently. As for weaknesses I don't know if I should let the league know that! haha but no snake eyez really had my number last season. Was able to move the ball on me real well, so maybe ask him ;)

    CR: If you could have any player in the NFL on your team, who would it be?
    CA: I would take Adrian Peterson. His speed and power would really help out my run game and mix really well with my team.

    CR: How are you liking the league so far?
    CA: The league is great! I haven't been with a better league. Tons of fun, people are very active, and a bunch of guys that are fun to play with. Doesn't get much better than that.

    CR: Apart from Madden, what do you do in your spare time?
    CA: I work and go to school. Other than that I am in outside activites with some buddies, such as flag football and mens softball.

    CR: What one improvement do you think M14 needs the most?
    CA: To tell you truth I love the gameplay there are a few bug fixes that always need to be changed in each Madden. The thing I really want to see is a Live Stream for CCM, it would be so exciting to watch other games, especially the Super Bowl or the playoffs in general.

    CR: Who do you predict to win the SB?
    CA: Little late but my guess was the 49ers. Was shocked at how well Flacco and the Ravens played.

    CR: What has been the reason for your team's success this season?
    CA: Defense and turnovers. I've caused way more turnover than I ever have before. Especially fumbles, the hard hitter trait has been a really good investment for me.

    CR: Who is the best opponent you have played this year?
    CA: The best opponent has been the Patriots so far. We go head to head everytime we play, I believe he should have beaten me this last time. Outgained me by almost 300 yards.

    CR: How many more years do you think Peyton has left?
    CA: I think one more and then he retires. It's going to hurt when he does go, need to look for a QB or maybe even stick it out with Osweiler. The man is 6'7 crazy tall haha.

    CR: What 2 RS teams will play in the SB this season?
    CA: My guess is the 49ers and possibly the Dolphins they have beat quite a few contenders. So I believe they are the dark horse. It'll be fun to see how it plays out!
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