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Pac -10 Conference Play Starts this week

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by jfosh, May 14, 2009.

  1. jfosh

    jfosh Super

    Feb 10, 2009
    Pac -10 Conference Play Starts this week

    The Pac-10 has been tamed by the Big-10 as of late. Starting with the loss in the national championship followed by losses to Purdue (2), Ohio St, Michigan and Penn St. The Pac-10 even bowed down to the Big-12 and Texas A&M.

    Even after a subpar out of conference showing a couple of teams still have a shot at the national championship. The Big-10 is whittling its way down to one unbeaten team The winner of the Penn St v Purdue game will likely be one half of the national title. ( A Penn St. win and its a lock you can pencil them in. A Purdue win and we will have to wait and see as they close the season with Oklahoma St.).

    But the Pac-10 might fill the other half of the National title game. One loss UCLA sits 4th in the polls and Oregon as always is right in the mix.

    One problem, as the title states Pac-10 is just starting.

    WK 10 Oregon starts is run against USC this week. USC has already dropped 2 games as it starts the meat of its schedule. This is a position the Trojans are not familar with. The effects of sub-par recruiting classes are showing. That being said the Trojans should be a force in the final season of the Tradition with talent maturing and big time recruits making thier way to Troy the last 2 seasons. Oregon on the other hand has already navagated it way to a one loss national championship and will be ready for the conference grind.

    WK 11 After USC, Oregon faces ASU. No team should be hungrier than the Devils. Time is running out for ASU to put its first mark in the win column since coach MO became the Ducks coach. The "Baby Devils" as Heli put it may be a year away as well. ASU is just starting to hit its stride recruiting wise and lacks talent in key areas to run the PAC-10 this season.

    WK 12 Oregon takes a break (from user action) the following week but then the Pac-10 season starts for UCLA. UCLA opens with ASU. UCLA's Emmanual Nicholas will be itching for this one after being limited to just 8 carries in the first two games against Texas and Penn St. This will be his first chance to show the scouts something in a prime time matchup and an oppurtunity put the Bruins on his back. ASU will either be riding high with a win against Oregon or looking for reservations to El Paso for a second year in a row. Last years two point conversion has to be still fresh on their minds. UCLA would love nothing better than to punch that ticket to El Paso.

    If everything stays true to form WK 13 should be a showdown between Oregon and UCLA. This game should be a good one. Last years contest the first televised game in Tradition history saw Freshman Michael Roberts wet the bed and succumb to the Ducks @ Autzen. This year UCLA is thinking about not even letting Roberts suit up. The Bruins will need thier two tailbacks to stay healthy to bring the Ducks run to an end. We saw what happens to a one deminsional team last year @ Autzen. It could be worse if UCLA is throwing the ball 30 times.

    WK 14 UCLA will face off against the Trojans. The Liberty Bell will be at stake for sure in UCLA's only rilvarly game. Were hoping for the game to have National title implications.

    You never know maybe ASU or USC walk away with the Pac-10 title but if a one loss team is left standing, the Pac 10 just might be able atone for its early season losses in the biggest game of all.
  2. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    Great write up. I'm feeling good offensively with my team now. I feel good going into USC. But damn this part of the schedule!
  3. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Nice work fosh, yeah that is the hard part of the Pac-10 schedule is that it's all late. Somehow you grabbed all the teams taht don't face each other until the very end of the year... Looking forward to seeing what happens in these games. Even though the conference is somewhat down as of late, everybody still knows that there's a lot of action to be had and hopefully the conference will make a comeback.

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