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PAC-10 Media Day

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by OregonGunner, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. OregonGunner

    OregonGunner Walk On

    Jul 13, 2010
    PAC-10 Media Day

    Oregon Ducks Media Day


    Coach! Over here! Rob Moseley, from the Register-Guard here. Just a couple questions about the upcoming season.

    1. Coach, what are your goals for the upcoming season for your team? Should we be expecting another run to the Rose Bowl?

    2. Speaking of the Rose Bowl, are the players still talking about last year's loss to the Buckeyes? Have they recovered from the emotional downfall of that game?

    3. As preseason favorites to win the PAC-10, do you feel more pressure than in years past? Or does your team feed off being the Big-Shots in the conference, now that USC seems to have taken a step back?

    4. What player on your roster is going to surprise people this year? Who don't we know about?

    5. In your estimation, what will be the biggest hurdle that the Ducks have to overcome to repeat as PAC-10 champs?

    6. A couple predictions for us coach?
    • PAC-10 Champs
    • PAC-10 Offensive POY
    • PAC-10 Defensive POY
    • National Champions

    7. Thanks for your time coach! One last question, boxers or briefs?
  2. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    7. Thanks for your time coach! One last question, boxers or briefs?

    bahahaha....prolly lacy panties now that masoli got the boot!!!
  3. Nashvillain15

    Nashvillain15 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    1. The main goal for the Ducks this season, is the same as it is every season: Win the National Championship. You should expect a lot out of us this season, but the Pac-10 is stronger than ever this year, and our first priority is to win the Pac-10 Championship.

    2. Ohio State is one of the best teams in the nation and unfortunately we couldn't both win the Rose Bowl last year. Its all in the past right now and the guys are ready to take our game to another level.

    3. First things first, you can never count out USC. They are still an incredible team. Oregon State is looking as good as i've seen them in years. We may be the favorite, but we are not treating our practices like it. In our minds, in the Pac-10 anyone can win any given Saturday. We are preparing like we are the underdogs for every game.

    4. Well Nate (Costa) got a little playing time last year, but this is his year to fully take over the team. With our receiving corps you can expect to see a lot out of Nate. Keep an eye out for Darron Thomas. He's a young guy who may get some playing time this year.

    As for Heisman hopefuls, both Nate and LaMichael (James) will be gunning to get in the top 5. Brandon (Blair) may even make his mark after defensive tackles got so much recognition last year.

    5. Our biggest hurdle is the fact we have to play at USC and at Oregon State. Those are two of the loudest stadiums in the Pac-10 and we get to visit both of them this year.

    6. Well of course I'm gonna predict us to win the Pac-10, but as far as player of the year goes, there is no telling. Nate and LaMichael are gonna make a run for it, but every year someone usually shows up who you don't expect. National Champions is a hard pick as well. Alabama looks so good, its hard to say they won't make another run. Boise State may actually make a run this year. But, if we play up to our potential there is no stopping us.

    7. I like to mix and match!

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