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Pac 12/B1G Media Days 2012

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Jayrah, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010
    This is the first installment of my Coach's Corner Series for Ncaa 12.

    Everyone please post the player you have taken to media days with you (your best or most important player), and give at least few quotes about what you (and your player) think this upcoming season will produce, both the achievements and challenges of your team. Your welcome to do a preseason write up for your squad here as well.
  2. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Coach Dru showed up at media day with Brice Butler, who was heard talking on a cellphone to someone named 'Kim'. But instead of talking about his team exclusively, Coach Dru decided to give his scouting report of some of the top opponents he may face in the two conferences, since as he put it - "All you media parasites are only going to write about how the Trojans are breaking this rule, breaking that rule, taking money, sleeping with aspiring actresses, etc., etc. anyway, so what's the point in me talking much about my teams on the field expectations?" With that said:

    Coach Dru's Sleep Deprived 2012 Preview
    (based on rosters prior to recruits being added)

    USC – The bulk of the offense returns, losing only 1 starter from last season, so the expectation is that they should be more explosive. This will be needed, as the Trojans have to replace 2 out of their 3 starting defensive line, as DT DaJohn Summers and DE Armond Armstead graduated. The coaching staff is excited about redshirt freshman DT Antuan Woods, who is a huge kid at 6’3” and 350 lbs with the strength to lift small buses. The LB’s will also see some changes and it is unlikely that the Trojans can maintain a top 5 defense this season with all the youth in the front 7.

    UCLA – Zach is returning a lot of the team that went 8-4 last season, and based on that result I expect him to have a similar season this year. I think this season however he finds a way to knock off one of the top user teams, I’m just hoping it isn’t USC.

    Arizona – Gone is Nick Foles, and the bulk of the running and receiving talent from 2011. To be honest, I don’t know much about all the backups, but based on ratings, it’s going to be a dogfight for Arizona to compete for a top 15 record this year. Roogy is an unknown though, so maybe that will work in his favor. The biggest issue on defense appears to be the fact that the DE’s are a bit lacking and there is no returning MLB on the roster.

    Stanford – Luck is back, Taylor is back, most of the offensive line is back, but can Cheez actually pass the ball? He’ll get his yards rushing, but until he takes the shackles off of Luck, he may find himself looking at another 2 or 3 loss season. Stanford also lost a decent amount of talent on the defensive side of the ball, so it will be interesting to see if Cheez can continue to play the ground and pound game or if users will be able to score enough to force him into what he doesn’t want to do.

    Cal – Unfortunately for Jayrah, I think he is going to have some of the same problems as last season, an undecided solution at QB, lack of playmakers at WR and an offensive line that just may not be up to snuff. However, the defense should perform similar to last year and may be enough to keep him in most user games and give him the opportunity to knock someone off at the top.

    Washington St – The bad news for Forrest is that his team is still the lowest rated of all the user squads. The good news however is that with the amount of seniors who left some of the Pac-12 programs, the gap isn’t as great as it was last season. QB Jeff Tuel and WR Marquiss Wilson are back to lead the top user passing offense from 2011. I think this is the season that cougs gets off the user game schnide and knocks off one of his Pac-12 opponents.

    Ohio St – Wow, the roster looks fine at first glance, but the Buckeyes took a hit with graduations. The QB’s are young, athletic, and unproven in the passing game. The running backs look solid, but the offensive line is young, untested and the depth is questionable (only 1 tackle on the roster returning from last year). Combine that with the loss of some of the more dangerous WR’s in the passing game, and I think JFace is going to need to step up his aggression on offense. DT John Simon returns, but the defensive line is nowhere near as imposing as last season. Overall, the defense is strong up the middle at MLB and S, but the outside positions may hamper this teams success. I see the Buckeyes taking a step back and potentially dropping 2 or 3 games this season, depending on the schedule.

    Penn St – Gone is WR Derek Moye and the most dangerous threat in the Nittany Lion passing game. Based upon some comments from Whygod during and after the BCS title game, I could see him moving to a spread option attack utilizing his athletic QB’s on the roster and sitting QB Matt McGloin for his senior season. PSU returns HB Silas Redd and will likely have one of the top offensive lines in the conference, with 3 juniors and 2 seniors projected to start, all of whom will likely be rated 85-90+ OVR. Penn St will likely continue their heavy zone defense strategy, as they have 4 seniors on the defensive line that should be able to hold their own against most offensive lines, and the Lions will be likely depending on some youth at the CB and S positions this season. This is a senior laden team (19) that I expect to be the favorite to take home the B1G conference title.

    Wisconsin – Can Cole actually beat the CPU? If he wants to it will have to be running the ball, where the Badgers have possibly the 2 best HB’s on any team on their roster plus what looks to be a great offensive line. Combine that with a WR corp that won’t scare anyone (3 of the top 4 WR’s have speed of less than 85). The defense should be tough to run on, with strong linemen and an experienced group of LB’s, but I wonder how well they will be able to rush the passer without use of the blitz. The pass defense could be a problem however, with only 3 returning CB’s on the roster. I project Wisconsin to finish 2nd in the division and likely contend for a BCS bowl bid.

    Michigan – Here is my darkhorse title contender for the BCS title. Dan returns his QB (Robinson), his HB (Vincent Smith) and his top WR (Roundtree) and has a senior heavy offensive line. Michigan should be able to move the ball and score with anyone this year. What may hurt him however is a lack of proven playmakers in the back seven of the defense, but the line returns several key contributors and should pose problems for opposing offenses.

    Michigan St – What does Corey do without HB Edwin Baker, who carried the ball on seemingly every play for Sparty last season? There is talent in the backfield and offensive line to allow MSU to run the ball as a base for their offense again, however I see teams loading up and daring MSU to pass, as the WR corp is not very strong. DT Jerell Worthy is back to terrorize QB’s, but it will be interesting to see if he has a teammate on the line that can replicate what former DE Tyler Hoover brought to the pass rush. The back 7 is stout and loaded with upper classmen, so no worries there. All things considered though, I think Corey will struggle to replicate his season from 2011.

    Northwestern – Here’s all you need to know….Bucsfan better begin praying now. Playing in the B1G with the user teams in that conference, with a roster than arguably not much better than the WSU roster, does not add up to a successful season. I’ve never played him, but Matt better be crazy good on the sticks or it’s gonna get ugly for him this season.
  3. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    Coach Worgum and Jeff Tuel: "We are going to have a better offense this year. The focus is to cut down on the turnovers. Turnovers took us out of some games we probably should have won."

    Tuel "I am excited about using the "Hog Wild" playbook. I expect us to run the ball better, and pass the ball as well. I realize I hurt my team last year by throwing 26 picks last season. I know in two games I threw five interceptions a piece. That is just not acceptable, and I take full responsibility for my mistakes"

    Coach Worgum on the defense: "Our defense just wasn't very good. In many of the games our opponents jumped out to big leads and forced us to come from behind. We expect that to change this year. We return nine of eleven starters from last season's defense. Hopefully with another year of experience, and another offseason in the gym training, we will see better results."

    Coach Worgum on the Special Teams Units: "Kicker Andrew Furney returns, and I expect him to continue to get better. It is going to be difficult replacing return specialist Justin Aire, but I have a few guys that I believe can do the job."

    Coach Worgum on Season Expectations: I think it is difficult to say this team must go to a bowl game this year, but there is pressure on this program to start succeeding immediately. Winning only two games last year really hurt the program, but I expect better things this season. We have UCLA, Oregon, Cal, and Washington at home. I cannot really comment on the non-conference schedule, but I would like to see Michigan, Northwestern, Idaho, a Sun Belt School, or some shitty Conference USA team on the schedule. Dru50
  4. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010
    Cal Coach Jay Davis took LG Matt Summers-Gavin with him to Pac 12 media day. Here are some of the comments.

    Coach Jay on reported Changes in O and D philosophies: "We are adding a co-offensive coordinator from my time at A&M and changing the way we attack. Last year we looked for far too many big plays and took way too many sacks. That won't be happening the same way this year. Yes we're doing things differently on O.

    On D, we're getting ready for Stanford. We are basing our attack on them, and will tweak it from game to game for everyone else. We've added some wrinkles and will be more educated when we take risks. Our D was good enough to keep us close last year, but we fell apart at key times in several games that cost us more wins. Our coaches are hard at work in the game planning department"

    On qb Situation: "Zach made some really good strides. He'll be our starter. Jonathon Pierce is a really special Freshman though. We'll get him into most games for a couple of series'. We want him to gain experience and good playing time. So he'll back up Zach and play."

    Summers-Gavin on run game: "It's big. For us it's really big to get that going this year. Isi and Cavaughn should put up some special numbers this year if we do our job. I know I'm being counted on to grate the left side out. I'm gonna push people around. They'll take care of the rest."

    Cal outlook:
    Look for a Bowl Game this season and maybe as good as an 8-4 record, as they blew several chances to get to a bowl last year. Not yet ready to compete for a Pac 12 title though by all accounts, still not enough talent. Looking for a passing game this year will be interesting, as last season Cal was a bottom 10 worst in passing efficiency. They will have to increase their production there, and really lean on a power run game.
  5. Corey Haggard

    Corey Haggard Walk On

    Jul 2, 2011
    MSU Head Coach Mark Dantonio showed up for media day with 2011 Lombardi and Nagurski awards winner, Senior DT Jerel Worthy.

    Dantonio on Edwin Baker leaving early to go pro: "Who?"

    Dantonio on Season Expectations: "Last year we finished 10 - 2 and went on to win the Capital One bowl. We feel we should be able to improve on that this year, with a solid offensive line, and a huge running back in junior Le Veon Bell. Our number one goal is to win our division and play in the Big 10 championship. After that we want to play in a BCS Bowl Game.

    Worthy on Tyler Hoover leaving early: "To be honest it's not that big of a deal. Offensive linemen will still be trying to double team me, which will give Corey (Freeman, Hoover's replacement) plenty of opportunities. And Corey's just as good a player as Tyler, so we'll continue to kill QBs all year round.

    Dantonio on the offense: "We will definitely miss Kirk Cousins, but we're confident that our offensive line will do a better job protecting his replacement Junior Peter Badovinic. We feel that our running game will be improved as well, with Bell being so big and strong, running behind our solid o-line.

    Worthy on the defense: "Last year we were a top 10 defense, and the best pass rushing team. That will continue this year. QBs will fear us".

    Dantonio on players to watch: "Obviously you have Worthy, and I've already mentioned Le Veon Bell. I think junior TE Derek Hoebing will be integral to our offense. On defense look out for All American Junior MLB Max Bullough, as well as our lightning fast free safety, junior Isiah Lewis.

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