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Pac-12 Champ. Gm.

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bamagrad, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    #5 USC Vs #15 Oregon

    The reigning Pac 12 Champs are Back ready to defend their Title. Usc is ready to once again take their place among the elite. Both teams have had their struggles this season with Usc coming into the game 10-2 and Oregon with battling injuries all year is finally heathly and ready to go to war comes into the Game 9-3.

    Oregon- The defending Pac-12 champs come into this matchup finally heathly and is ready the game. The offense is led by the 2-Headed Monster that is Thomas and Hawkins at QB. Thomas has been the leader with over 3100 passing yards with 23 td's and a season high 12 int's. Hawkins has thrown for 863 yrds and 5 td's and 4 Int's. Both Qb's don't throw well when under heavy pressure, They must get away from the Trojan Defense and make positive yards each time. Seastrunk leads the rushing attack with 642 yrds and 6 td's and Thomas also has 6 td's with 239 yrds rushing. The receiving core is led by Tuniei and Lowe with 874 and 816 between the 2 of them. Huff chimes in with over 700 yrds receiving and Murphy with over 500 yrds. combined the receiving core has 24 td's. between these 4. Stucky is the Leader on Defense with 55 Tackles and 11 for loss and 3 sacks. the Sack leader is Turner with 7. Gildon leads the 2ndary with 4 picks on the year. This is a Big time game for the Ducks as the Rapid fans from Eugene have made the trip to see their ducks win 2 in a row. Slim is the HC for the Ducks and has already tasted the sweet wine of success with 1 Pac 12 title already. Is he Thinking ahead to the Bowl game? Don't Think so.

    USC- What else can u say about the Passing game of the Trojans (Ho Hum another big Year) Barkley has thrown for over 4400 yrds and season high 41 Td's and 4 picks. Pressure on Him is Crucial to the Ducks to Succeed. Tyler leads the rushing attack with 672 yrds and 14 Td's (alot of red zone td's), with Baxter with 283 yrds and 6 td's. The receiving core has florished with Barkley throwing alot as Prater (1492 yrds and 12 Td's) and Woods (1409 yrds and 14 td's) being the top dogs in the receiving game. between the 2 of them they have combined for 26 td's this season. Tupou and Armstead lead the Defense with 7 sacks. Galippo leads the Trojan defense with 46 tackles 9 for loss. Armstead leads with the TFL with 19. don't be surprised if the Ducks go away from him most of the game. CBT is a great coach with a group of Veterans such as this team. California life has done well for him.

    Final Note- Oregon is going for 2 in a row and USC is trying to return to the top of the Pac10 I mean Pac 12. If Oregon can force To's on the Trojans and score on their 1st 3 possessions it'll put alot of pressure on the Trojans to basically throw the entire game. For Oregon everyone must be involved in the Offense and constantly keep USC's Offense off the Field. Control the Clock and have no TO's Oregon can take home Title 2 in the Pac 12. Best of Luck to Both Coaches and it should be a Great Game.


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