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PAC 12 North Outlook - Week 6

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by MurkYa21, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    As week rolls around and comes to an end the big 3 have battled it out for the top spot, and #2 Cal is the only one left undefeated in the division.

    Three teams remain unbeaten in the South division with #16 Utah at the #1 spot, and #10 UCLA traveling to #16 Colorado next week.

    Let's get into my North division standings.

    1. [​IMG] - This is Cal's coach right now...:D. He's cheesing because he can enjoy the upper hand in the conference for awhile before he has to play #10 UCLA at home. Then he's @Washington State which isn't the hardest place to play, and has the luxury of playing #6 Washington at home as well. His only problem will be his soon to be #1 ranking and teams will definitely be gunning for the Cal Bears.

    His keys to success seem to be a defense that gets after the quarterback (13 sacks) which results in a lot of turnovers (8 INTs 2 FRs). The offense is doing their best to play mistake free football winning the turnover margin each of their 4 games.

    2. [​IMG] - The Beavers hold the #2 spot, but they will need some Cal losses to pass them in the rankings. Their win over a tough Washington team helps their chances, but I think Washington has the upper hand considering they haven't played Cal yet.

    I still like Noff's chances, I think he let the Cal game get away from him with some interceptions (not positive), let's see if can win out and get back into the conference championship.

    3. [​IMG] - I believe that if all three of these teams win out, with Washington beating Cal, the Huskies would get sent to the CC game. No one can be for sure with how goofy this game works, but he's also gotta win out and I think it'd be a pretty incredible season if he could do that.

    Once again, 6'5" 215lb WR McNamara is a scary player. That big with 98 speed could carry the team if Washington can get him the ball more. The only thing they have to work on is their young quarterback Kyle Davis - 11 TDs 8 INTs - not bad, but could've been the difference against Oregon State. Redshirt Junior Kyle Ingraham has yet to see any playing time in his days at Washington. You have to wonder if he could make this an elite team.

    4. [​IMG] - 2 back to back losses hurt them, but they picked up a win this week against Arizona State by playing a more conservative offense. The thing that kills this team is that Tim Todd can be make great plays, but when he isn't making a great play he's usually making a terrible play. He digs Washington State into holes and then makes a last ditch effort to get a come from behind win which doesn't always work.

    At 3-2 Washington State is content where they're at, but still are adjusting to the new offense. They HAVE to beat Oregon next week. If they do that, they could sling shot into first place by season end if they can win out since their one loss is to CPU Stanford.
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  2. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011

    Haha great writeup man! Don't count WSU out having not played any of Cal, Washington, or Oregon State. The Cal v Washington game will be key (Cal undefeated in Berkeley against Huskies). As you said I get to sit tight for awhile and focus on beating the CPU teams before I get the Bruins on my home turf. Oregon State win was HUGE for us, hopefully we can live up to the hype of our ranking in the upcoming weeks.

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