Packers vs Jaguars

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    Packers climb back to .500

    The Packers finished off the first half of the season with a much needed win against the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars. The Pack used a suffocating, big play defense to fuel the victory. The Pack was able to force 4 interceptions and 2 sacks. However, MJD had a big day, finishing with 153 yards on only 11 carries. The Pack was able to limit his damage by jumping out to a early 17-0 lead, forcing the Jags to pass a little more than they probably would have liked. HB James Starks led the way for Green Bay, scoring all 3 touchdowns and rushing for 106 yards. The Pack takes on Arizona next week.

    good game Boom29 Thanks for playing early yesterday. The turnovers were definitely the difference, I felt as if anytime MJD touched the ball he could've broken it.

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    Ya, good game. Turnovers were definitely the biggest difference. I think my defense played well, but they were just put in too many tough situations. I didn't expect you to run the ball as much as you did, so good job actually running the ball throughout the game.

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