Panthers Trading Block and needs

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Panthers Trading Block and needs

    HB - Deangelo - 95 OA - 26 years old. Dont even bother unless your serious.
    HB - Stewart - 86 OA - 22 years old. He is good and very young so make it a real good offer.
    QB Delhomme - 80 OA need decent QB back
    WR Muhammed - 82 OA

    I need:

    QB or upgrade from my 80 OA Delhomme(can always get a QB and trade Jake)
    TE upgrade from my 73 King
    DT upgrade from my 2 guys who are 78/77
    ROLB upgrade from my 69
    SS upgrade from my 81 Harris, he is slow at 76.

    I am trading all draft picks too as im not really interested in drafting, but will ofcourse if I have picks left.

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