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Participation Points List

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by SodaAddict, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. SodaAddict

    SodaAddict Proud Hurt Locker Commish

    Jul 13, 2010
    Michigan - SodaAddict - 25 (6 Game Summaries, 1 Video Summary (16), National Championship Watch (3), 1 Bowl Projections (1), 1 Recruiting Board Update (3), Above and Beyond Detail (2))

    Florida State - JOEDESIGNS - 55 (1 Random Points for Avatar Designs (3), 12 Video Game summaries (48+3 for above and beyond detail), 1 FSU Highlight Reel (1))

    Boston College - mboda - 60 (13 video Game Summaries (56+3 for above and beyond detail), 1 Heisman Winner Feature)

    Oklahoma - T Bird8239 - 12 (4 Game Summaries (12))

    Nebraska - fuzzy10gic - 30 (9 Game Summaries, 3 Points Added for Extra Information (27+3))

    Texas - MexiRican35 - 35 (11 Game Summaries (33), 1 Best Conference Feature (2),)

    Florida - SuperBowlNachos - 15 (3 Game Summaries, Point Added for Extra Information (10), Recruiting board/updates (4), 1 Random Points for Initiative and Extra Work (1))

    USC - BRI OSUBucks99 - 15 (5 Game Summaries (15))

    USF - BakerWildcat7 - 15

    UCF - f4cekha0s - 20

    Purdue - - Cougars - (DivisibleDuke) - 25

    Participation Points Discussed in Detail Below

    So what are participation points? These are points you can earn throughout the season to help you make your team better the following season so you can pursue that elusive National Title. These points are earned, not given, hence the word participation. You will be given an assignment and it's yours to fill. If you don't do it, you will not be reminded by us, but by yourself at the end of the season when others are busy using their points to make their team better or their schedule easier. Do not be upset, because it will happen to someone, mark my words.

    Earning Points (Max of 13 games go towards points)
    Game summary no pictures/videos 2 points per summary (13 games x 2 points = 26 points) All game summaries have to be posted before the next advance, if summary is posted within 1 game week after advance 0.5 points.

    Game summary w/pictures or a detailed summary 3 points per summary (13 games x 3 points = 39 points)

    Game summary w/ videos 4 points per summary (13 x 4 points = 52 points)

    League Article - These will be DESIGNATED to an individual user. Every league member will have one. If you don't post, you will not be reminded to do so nor will you receive points. Each article is worth 2 points, and will be due once every two advances. (6 per year x 2 points = 12 points)

    Random Participation Points - From time to time, I may reward extra participation points for extra, unassigned content.


    15 points - Any player who does not reach 15 participation points will be put on probation. If you are on probation, the minimum for the following year is 30 points, if you fail to meet the minimum for two consecutive seasons, you will be removed from the league.

    Point Awards -

    35 points - Untouchable Recruit (5 star caliber), this means YOU and ONLY YOU will be the only USER team to offer a scholarship to that player. If ANY OTHER LEAGUE MEMBER offers this recruit a scholarship, The Hurt Locker will step in with STRICT penalties to follow.

    25 points - Untouchable Recruit (4 star caliber), same penalties apply here as well.

    15 points - Changing OOC team to home game, imagine that you are facing the Gators in week 12, it's all gonna be on the line, but at the start of the year you used your 15 points to bring him to your stadium, now he has to face 90,000 of your screaming fans plus your starting 11. Talk about a momentum swing.

    10 points - 1 Extra Scholarship, this is added on to your TOTAL scholarships you have for the year. It can be used to target an extra 5 star or whatever else you may be needing, but remember this does not mean that only you can target him. Other schools will more than likely look at him as well, use your extra scholarship wisely.

    The Hurt Locker does have a point cap which is currently set at 70 points. These points do not rollover each season. After every off season you will start at 0

    USE YOUR POINTS WISELY. If you have 70 points, you may mix and match awards such as:
    (2) Five Star Untouchables 35+35 = 70 points. You may want to change an OOC game (15) plus 3 scholarships (10) 3 x 10 = 30 plus 15 for the OOC Game change = 45 points and then you wanted to add an untouchable 4 star recruit, which would = 70 points. Points will be used at the end of the regular season. Soda will make a post called Hurt Points. As soon as this post is up, it is first come first serve for the next season. We will NOT announce the post date or time, that way everyone has a fair shot at it.

    (We do realize that you won't know what recruit you want until the board is up, but you can purchase in order so if the post is up and Pagamer and AJH both see it, and I open up to find that PA has posted 1st about the untouchable 5 star, and AJH is right behind him with the same request, then Pagamer gets to choose his untouchable first once we're in the 1st week of the next season. Untouchable Recruit and OOC team to home game change will become active at some point between the advance to conference championships and the advance to Week 1 of the following season and will apply to any new Offseason recruits and recruits on the upcoming year. Once week 1 begins, Untouchable Recruits and OOC team home game change are locked for that season.

    They are what they sound like they are UNTOUCHABLE. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE OFFER an Untouchable recruit a scholarship if he isn't yours. It will be met with harsh penalty IMMEDIATELY. There WILL be a Post called Hurt Untouchables. It will list what school can be offered to each player. It will be posted immediately after the first advance into week 1 of the regular season, so you guys will know who is available, and who isn't.
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