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Patriots take First Meeting Against their Division Foe

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by thaexistence, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. thaexistence

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    Jul 22, 2010
    The Jets. It had been obvious that this seasons Jets have had a hard time staying positive after enduring a brutal schedule. Four years later the team is still questioning whether or not Geno is their man. However, undeterred they came into New England hoping for a fight. Early on they got one.

    The Jets defense stifled the Patriots offense early on by crowding the box with eight defenders most of the game. You would think this opened up the pass but Cornerback Fergusen had something to say about that by making a great play across the screen picking off a ball that he had no rights to. A Little later he was found midfield. What are you doing midfield sir? Fergusen didn't give a shit he was everywhere... The Patriots were able to muster a field goal but Geno led his team down field in spectacular fashion to put his team up 7-3.

    However, the second quarter the Patriots got a few lucky breaks and were able to score by driving the ball down the field. With four minutes left the Jets had an opportunity to the same but couldn't. So with two minutes left rookie Mario Hyde took his team down the field and scored with :20 left on a screen play to Steven Ridely. 17-7 at half.

    The beginning of the second half proved deadly for the Jets as on the first or second play from scrimmage Patriots linebacker Malcolm Smith picked Geno off on a curl route that he took tot eh house for 6.

    Final score was 24-7. Gg TJ. This will be a battle for the rest of the year! I know how you can turn things around. I will still try and beat those Jets though.
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