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Penn State

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by cfinch3, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. cfinch3

    cfinch3 Guest

    Penn State

    Wr- David Ervin- :5stars:
    Qb- Ryan Shelby- :4stars:
    Mlb- Matt Heffner- :4stars:
    Fs- Marcus Simon- :4stars:
    Wr- Jason Rogers- :4stars:
    G- Andrew Walker- :4stars:
    Mlb- Travis Coley- :3stars: (soft)
    Olb- Steve Henderson- :3stars: (soft)
    Ath- Tim Holly- :3stars: (soft)

    Leading this class will be David Ervin who is the 4th best prospect in the nation. Out of Darlington, South Carolina this kid is a 6'5" speedster. You won't find many athletes with the combo of size and speed like this guy, can somebody say Calvin Johnson. Ryan Shelby and Matt Heffner were also great pick ups for the Nittany Lions. Shelby is the 4th best Qb in the nation, while Heffner is the 2nd best middle linebacker in the country. Should turn into a stellar class.
  2. Maynard

    Maynard Banned

    Jun 10, 2009
    that WR is gonna be sick. I had him on my board, but he wasnt someone i activly pursued because i am so deep at WR

    u snagged my MLB though you prick! that guy heffner. I needed 2 MLB and i will be lucky to sign anyone. I have a 3 star thats interested, but i am gonna be screwed unless i can move someone over
  3. cfinch3

    cfinch3 Guest

    Yeah I'm excited about that Wr. And I was shocked Heffner signed, I was 3rd on his list and the week he visited he signed right away. He must of really enjoyed Beaver stadium.
  4. cfinch3

    cfinch3 Guest

    Penn State pulls in 4 more recruits

    Cb- William Washington- :4stars:
    SS- David Davis- :4stars:
    Wr- Will Sims- :3stars:
    Fs- Danny Stephens- :3stars:

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