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PFP Season 2 Update

Discussion in 'Pushing for Paydirt' started by I Peench, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Great job on the pace. Shame some of the schedules for user games have been so out of whack lately, has slowed us down. I'd really like to crank out as many 24 hr advances as possible before Madden comes out. Anyways, a few things I'd like to discuss as we all have a good sense of the game by now.

    • Deep zones are still abysmal. Try to limit vertical routes against the CPU. It seems like every time I call one, it's a TD. They aren't "banned" by any means, just try to limit them.
    • Man coverage is still being overused in user games. Continue to mix in zone, as running mostly man creates a number of issues (ie lots of curls to counter the man).
    • Slider adjustments will be made this offseason. I'll put up a thread to take everybody's feedback and we'll take it from there. Ultimately, everything is my call. I want to retain competitive balance with CPU.
    • Speaking of CPU competitive balance, many people have been frustrated with the CPU games. What you have to understand is that sometimes them being "cheesy" is what's necessary to make them realistically competitive. NC State "cheesed" the shit out of me this week, but I've learned to be ok with it because I know it's a necessary evil. We should be losing games to the CPU (even the great teams). It's not perfect, there will be bullshit, but I think we all need to do a better job of accepting that. If anything, it makes the game more fun. I used to yawn my way through blowing out the CPU every week.
    • Comebacks . No, not the route. Comebacks in general seems ridiculously easy in user games. Baron nearly came back against me after being down 35-14 with 4 minutes left (not to take anything away from him, because I came back against him in the Sugar Bowl to a lesser extent). Having said that, it's really necessary that we all refrain from getting butt hurt when a guy scores late. I truly believe that no lead is safe in this game.
    • Example is a user game between user A and B. A was up 20-14 with just 2-3 minutes remaining. User A scored a touchdown and went for the 2 pt conversion and failed. User B was upset about running up the score on the 2pt, and contacted me about it. Having thought about it some more, the 2 pt is the right call in this scenario. Low and behold user B scored and if they had recovered the onside kick (not impossible in this game), a touchdown away from winning the game. Sportsmanship is necessary, but so is realism.
    • Communication continues to be key. Two points I want to make are 1) If there is an issue, talk it out via mic, skype, or PM. There are no douchebags in here, so if something offends you, it's probably a miscommunication. 2) Continue to use the scheduling threads. It's great you guys text each other, but I need to have an idea of where we stand with advances.
    • Chew clock needs to be run realistically. It shouldn't be used with 4+ minutes to go unless one user has built a substantial lead. We had an instance of user A running chew clock against user B with 4 minutes remaining on user A's 39 in a tie game. Is that against the rules per se? No. But let's be realistic here. These are 7 minute quarters and you aren't winning or in scoring range.
    I'm really pleased with how everyone has handled any issues that have come up. I think we've all settled it just how I would've hoped, I just want to ensure that continues to be the case.

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