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PFP Week 6

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Philstyle3005, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    TCU Edge the Sooners out in Double Overtime
    TCU 27
    Oklahoma 20

    TCU came into Norman in what could be a preview for the Big 12 Championship game. The #6 Horned Frogs knew it wouldn't be easy, but were on a mission. OU received the ball to open the half and moved the ball pretty well before Blake Bell was picked off by Marcus Mallett who would not pick up much on the return. TCU would take over and would look to the run game to take them all the way down to the 4 yard line. At the point, they brought out the play action and Casey Pachall would find FB Cliff Murphy for the touchdown dump off pass and a quick 7-0 lead. OU would fight back though, and convert a 3rd down on a little HB flare where Williams would make the safety miss a tackle and go 60 yards down the field to about the 6 yard line. Williams would take it in from there to tie the game up. At that point, the TCU offense would drive down and get the ball down to the 2 yard line. They would run a dive on first down and be stopped, and another dive on 2nd down where a linebacker came up to the line a scrimmage and shot the gap to knock James down in the backfield for a 4 yard loss. Pachall would look to go to the air on the next play and saw a 0 man blitz, hit the Half back who was on an angle route and was open but was tackled from behind when he caught the ball and dropped the pass. TCU would settle for 3. OU would drive down on the next drive and get to a 3rd and goal, TCU would drop a key interception which they would do a lot of on the day, and allow OU to tie the game at 10. Going into the half tied up, TCU would receive to start the 2nd half and Waymon James would take it in from 5 yards out. OU would answer with a Blake Bell 4th down run from 3 yards out with just over 4 minutes left. TCU would have a chance, but would have to punt on 4th giving OU the last possession of the game. OU would have a good drive going but would take a long sack on 2nd down to put them back at their own 42. With 17 seconds left, they had a long pass that was batted down leaving them with a 4th and 19 at their own 42 with 7 seconds left. TCU sent the punt team out but OU sent the offense out so a timeout was quickly called. OU sent the offense out again and on 4th down, the pass was batted down with 3 seconds left. TCU would run a quick full back dive in hopes the full back would be able to fall down quickly, but instead, he ran into his own lineman and tripped a little bit before being able to fall down which allowed the clock to run out and to overtime the teams would go tied at 17. OU would receive the ball first and have to settle for a field goal. TCU would have a short 3rd and 3, and saw a safety creep up, so a hot route was quickly called and a WR was wide open in the end zone and dropped the open touchdown pass to force TCU to kick a field goal to tie the game up. TCU would then get the ball again and quickly get to the 2 yard line on the 1st play. From there, Pachall would run it in and give the Horned Frogs a 27-20 lead. OU would have a chance, but on 3rd down, Marcus Mallett would come up big again with the pick to end the game and let TCU escape with a big win and a new #3 ranking in the polls going into their bye week. Unfortunately, their strength of schedule isn't very strong at the end so even an undefeated season could see the Horned Frogs left out of the big game.

    Marcus Mallet - 9 tackles 1 sack 2 INTs
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  2. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    That's the kind of game a coach gets fired over in real life. With 3 minutes left and the ball in a tied ballgame, I was sure I had it in the bag and was just chewing clock as I pushed the ball towards FG range. Then, I get a phone call and before I know it, there's only :30 left and I'm still 15 yards out of range. smh. We'll see you guys again after we get our playbook up and running again (y) GG
  3. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    Georgia Tech 14
    #12 Miami 21

    vs GT.JPG

    Miami hung on in an ugly game vs the Yellow Jackets this week. They had no response for GT FB Zach Laskey as he gashed them up the middle all day and would finish with 178 yards on 27 carries and 1 touchdown, but the defense did just enough to not break. They held Vlad Lee to only 78 yards through the air, which gave the Miami offense enough time to put a few things together. A strong 2nd and 3rd quarter where they outscored the Yellow Jackets 21-0 was enough to secure the victory. Stephen Morris found the endzone twice, while Duke Johnson also pushed for Paydirt on 1 yard yard TD run and added 135 more yards to that total throughout the day. The Canes have now won 4 in a row headed into the bye week.
  4. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010

    The first play of this game had to have been the ugliest one yet this season for the Tar Heels. Renner took the snap on a PA, and tossed the pass right into a defender's hands on misread between him and Davis. Luckily the UNC defense held the possession to a FG. Another UNC drive, and another costly turnover. Yet again the defense held VT's offense in check with another FG. Finally, Renner turned things around and led the offense down the field for their first TD of the game. VT would it's third FG of the game, and UNC scored again in 30 seconds just before the half to go up 14-9. VT came fighting back in the third, as the teams exchanged TDs and VT added on an astounding 56 yard kick to inch closer to 21-19 UNC lead going into the fourth. The Tar Heels passing attack was just too much in the fourth, as Renner racked up the yards and they scored back to back on a long pass to WR Roy Smith who outran the coverage. VT found some life late in the game, but didn't have enough time after a failed onside kick. GG Bulldog, that was a sloppy win for sure. ​

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