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PhiGuy179 NFL Mock Draft

Discussion in '1st and 10' started by PhiGuy179, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. PhiGuy179

    PhiGuy179 Walk On

    Jun 2, 2014
    1) Bears- Dejuan Ball Pos: Rolb College: Wisconsin Ht:6’2” Weight: 251

    When one thinks of the Bears they think of a tough defense that wears you down. Sadly this is 2017 and this isn’t your mom and pops Bears team. Bears make a statement towards change here and draft what should be the general of this defense for years to come in Ball. Ball leaves college as one of the most decorated olb in our generation. In 2016 he placed second in Heisman voting. If the Bears feel like middle line back is the way to go then Boenzi will be the pick here.

    2) Bucs- Axel Boenzi Pos: Mlb College: Ohio state Ht:6’0” Weight: 238

    Speaking of Boenzi the Bucs make the highly regarded MLB there number one pick. Some might complain that this is too high for Boenzi to go, however he has overcome naysayers all of his life as he was a former walk on at Ohio State. Fans who might piss and moan at this pick on draft day will be the same fans cheering and shouting as Boenzi quickly becomes one of the best MLB in the league in no time.

    3) Steelers- Damond Carroll Pos: Rolb College: UCLA Ht: 6’3” Weight: 241

    Sticking with the linnebacker position the Steelers make the next surprise pick as they reach down on the draft board for the high upside Damond Carroll. Coming into the 2016 season many had Carroll tabbed as a sure fire number one pick, however with the recent news coming out that he only wants to play for his childhood favorite team the Steelers many teams have backed away from him hard. Carroll has the ability to become the next great lineback for the Steelers the only thing in his way is experience.

    4) Bills- Damarr Gore Pos: QB College: Clemson Ht: 6’3” Weight: 224

    Gore, the current Heisman trophy winner comes into the 2017 draft with sights set on a top 5 pick. Gore has displayed multiple assets that many teams are drooling over however beating Florida State is not one of them as he is 0-4 versus the powerhouse team from the sunshine state. That being said since walking in to Clemson as a freshmen and taking the reins Gore has developed quite the record as he is 48-4 as a starter. His big play ability makes most teams weak at the knees, however the Bills have gone on record saying that they will evaluate all players in the draft and if no QB pushes themselves to the top of the board for the Bills they will go into next year starting Ej Manuel.

    5) Cincy- James Mcneal Pos: LT College: Pittsburg Ht:6’6” Weight: 306

    Snap, Crackle, Pop….You hear that? Oh yea that is just the sound of Andy Dalton getting demolished all last year as the league’s weakest o-line couldn’t play keep away from Helen Keller. Don’t threat Cincy fans your days of seeing your cherished red headed step child will soon be behind you as the Bengals draft one of the safest picks in the draft by taking the MASSIVE James Mcneal. James will come to Cincy demanding two things. First that there be a full buffet at every home game and second that the opposing teams stack there number one against him.

    6) Tenn- Davis Love Pos: WR College: LSU Ht:6’4” Weight: 216

    The Titans come into the draft scratching their heads. Where should we go with this pick many ask? Some have the Titans scratching the Gonzalez experiment after one year, some have them taking a big linemen, personally I have them taking Love from LSU. A team that is desperate for a wide receiver upgrade gets one of the best in college football. Love was a true big play waiting to happen as he had over 30 catches of 40 yards of more. 13 of them went for touchdowns as he finished his 2016 season with a league high 24 touchdown receptions.

    7) Oak- Harris Weaver Pos:LT College: Wisconsin Ht: 6’3” Weight: 326

    Ever see the Joe Theismann career ending injury? Yea it was one of the most brutal injuries of this leagues lifetime. This is why the Raiders will finally throw out the Al Davis manual and they will draft smart here. Sure there is a need at running back but you cannot run the ball without a big hog up front and boy does Wisconsin know how to produce them. Weaver will be a very happy man as the fans by the bay will treat him like a king.

    8) Houston- Leighton Mcroy Pos: DT College: USC Ht: 6’1” Weight: 271

    The Texans seem like a team without an identity at the moment. Many are clamoring for the boys from Houston to pick up a QB with this pick, not so fast my friend. The Texans will make a move prior to the draft to pick up a QB, this will allow them to focus on keeping the game close as the pickup Leighton Mcroy. Mcroy was tabbed as the second best player in the draft, however after rumors came out that he might have possibly cheated his whole way through college teams are questioning his motivation to step up his play at the next level. Coach Cam is the perfect guy to get the most out of him and I trust that he will turn this athlete into the next Warren Sapp.

    9) Oak- Kadaryl Hatcher Pos: QB College: PSU Ht: 6’0” Weight: 228

    The missing equation in Oakland has been the lack of a QB that can ball out. Poor Qb play has led to disappointing seasons year after year. Oakland does have Carr but by the looks of it he will not be able to hold on to the job for long. Hatcher, one of the nation’s top rising players has the make-up of a franchise QB. When all is said and done Hatcher could prove to be the best pick from this draft as he heads into a situation that will ask for him to be the man day one.

    10) St. Louis- Gussie Harvin Pos: CB College: Ohio State Ht:5’11” Weight: 186

    The long wait for top corner Harvin is over. Many might view this as a bad thing for Harvin as he falls out of the top ten, however Harvin will get to play alone side one of the very best in Jenkins. Harvin will not be expected to be the number one guy and this could really play into the Rams favor as they will want to get the absolute most out of the prospect from Ohio State as they build what many will start to consider a top secondary.

    11) San Fran- Antione Carpenter Pos: CB College: Pittsburg Ht:5’10” Weight: 196

    San Francisco comes into the draft will a subpar record. The only issue here is that they under preformed, the 49ers have a team that is built to go all the way all they need is a cb to help ease the defensive struggles against the pass. The 49ers should be counting their blessings as they are able to obtain a corner who had 16 interceptions last year.

    12) Mia- Chadrick Olsen Pos: DT College: Pittsburg Ht: 6’4” Weight: 292

    Miami is a team that has longed for the chance to play in the big game since they drafted Marino himself. Now a team on the rise with a great young Qb and Tight end the Phins are poised to make some noise in the AFC East. Olsen is the man that can help carry that team to a playoff bid as he will come in and be able to plug up what is known as a giant leak in their run game. Olsen played against top talent in the Big Ten and helped lead a very surprising Pittsburg team to the conference championship game.

    13) New Orleans- Tyerll Harper Pos: LOLB College: Oklahoma Ht: 6’0” Weight: 240

    New Orleans has been a pass first team recently and I wouldn’t hold my breath that they’ll change. I think New Orleans keeps the focus on offense at pass and build up on a defense that will be able to stand the tough NFC south conference. Harper is a tough nosed olb, he played in a defense at Oklahoma that expects nothing but blood, sweat, and tears. Harper will come into the draft valued by many as he came off his senior bowl performance with two sacks, an interception, and a fumble returned for a touchdown.

    14) New York Jets- Tobi Asante Pos: FS College: Auburn Ht: 5’11” Weight: 194

    The New York Jets, everyone’s favorite team to laugh at. Last year, however wasn’t a laughing matter as they took some serious strides on both sides of the ball that gave them a late season surge. A weak pass defense left them with a sense of hopelessness at times as their FS play was suspect at times. The Jets worked really hard this offseason when it came to scouting and they left with one general thought, Asante is out number one guy and we can risk losing him in the second round. What many might see as a reach might turn out to be a very smart move by the Jets as they get one of the most productive college athletes we’ve seen in years.

    15) Car- Erick Harper Pos: CB College: Miami Ht: 6’1” Weight: 189

    When it came to pass defense in Carolina last year many QB’s would lick their lips. With an almost non-existent pass coverage it left a team that many thought would take the south out of the playoffs. Picking Harper might not be able to fix the issue at hand, however he will be able to come in and showcase his talents. The biggest knack on Harper as always been that he wasn’t physical enough to body the bigger wide outs in college so if he is to make significant strides he will need to learn how to handle big bodied wide outs such as Mike Evans.

    16) KC- Becket Gaines Pos: LOLB College: UCLA Ht: 6’2” Weight: 242

    When the Chiefs cut Alex Smith many thought it was to bring in a QB in the draft, however talking with those close to Kansas City’s front office it seems to be completely different. The Chiefs will look to beef up an already stout defense. Choosing Gaines, who holds the record for most sacks in a season by a college player at 32, makes it very clear that the Chiefs are not worried about what some might call an anemic offense.

    17) Denver- Andy Brewster Pos: QB College: FSU Ht: 6’4” Weight: 215

    Payton Manning, the savior, the legend, the guy on the side lines with the scrunched looking face has decided that 2016 was it. Manning decided to retire to pursue his pizza franchise, Papa Manning’s. This leaves Denver in a tough spot which they’ll fix by taking the heir to their QB position in Brewster. Brewster got his shot a year ago as a sophomore when Jose went down with a broken neck. Since then Brewster has done one thing and one thing only, WIN. As he went into his Jr year Brewster and Jose went with a two QB system which led them to win a National Championship. Tired of living in the shadow of what Brewster describes as a weaker QB he decided to move on to the NFL where he’ll be able to prove once again he is better then Jose.

    18) Arizona- Chuck Benjamin Pos: WR College: Nebraska Ht: 6’1” Weight: 222

    With Fitz moving on to greener pastures in San Diego the Cards are forced to pick up a major play maker here. Benjamin will come in as an instant red zone threat. Making one handed catches over defenders is something that is common to Benjamin as he is on the espn weekly top ten weekly. Coming from a run happy school left Benjamin hand cuffed at times not able to show case his full ability which led him to fall to the Cards.

    19) Philly- Sanchez Bishop Pos: SS College: Bama Ht: 5’10” Weight: 202

    The city of brotherly love sure had a tough time wrapping up tackles when it came to the SS being the last man. Many open field chances that were blown have led the Eagles to invest in the SS of the future as they take the top on the board. Bishop will come in with the expectations to start and he should have no problems fulfilling that expectation.

    20) Minny- Dillon Sherman Pos: SS College: Miami Ht: 6’1” Weight: 224

    Oh how the mighty have falled as the Vikings were in the super bowl just one year ago. Many would blame the poor play by the corners however the real issue lies in the back at SS. Taking Sherman here will help fill that void as many has compared him to Sean Taylor. A hard hitting safety with a nose for the ball and a mouth that will get him in trouble at times will give the Vikings what many believe is their greatest weakness, attitude.

    21) Atl- Tay Riddick Pos: LT College: Texas A&M Ht: 6’4” Weight: 349

    Atlanta started off fast and furious when the season started which helped them keep a playoff spot even know a late season tumble occurred. A break down on the line kept the Falcons frustrated as they were not able to protect their number one pick at QB. Taking Riddick here will help the Falcons keep him protected as Riddick was leaned on heavily at Texas A&M.

    22) Buffalo- Nate Webb Pos: TE College: Texas Ht: 6’4” Weight: 237

    Buffalo comes up again late in the first round with a chance to add to an already powerful passing attack. Gregg has fared very well at times in the Bills offense, however with Webb being the top tight end on the board could the Bills really pass up the chance to have a two tight end set with Watkins & Hilton outside? This will also give what looks to be Gore the chance to have many targets to help ease his way into a Bills offense that needs a play maker at Qb badly.

    23) San Diego- Alexander Jose Pos: QB College: Florida State Ht: 6’4” Weight: 228

    Rivers is getting older day by day, San Diego see’s this and will look to combat the chances of having a layoff when Rivers decides to leave. Jose, the QB who helped lead the Noles to a National Championship could be the pick here. He comes into the draft being the most productive QB, holding records across the boards. Jose is also the first and only player to win the Heisman twice as he won it his redshirt freshmen and sophomore years. Coming off a broken neck from two years ago isn’t any joke and being able to sit back and further strengthen it will only benefit him in the long run as he has the opportunity to be the best QB to come out of Florida State ever.

    24) New England- Kevonte Hickman Pos: LT College: Ohio State Ht: 6’2” Weight: 306

    Playing in the North East part of the country means one thing come winter time. Big Hogs plowing forward as the Pats run the ball down your throats. Such a brutal play style leaves many players on the injury list so having depth is key. The Pats follow their traditional conservative draft plan as the take Hickman who is very use to a heavy run game. He might not see the field this year or even next year, but when he does see the field the chances of getting him off of it will be slim to none.

    25) Dallas- Taviouzie Hendrix Pos: CB College: Georgia Ht: 5’11” Weight: 190

    Winner of the I cannot pronounced his first name award Hendrix comes into the picture with the Cowboys looking for secondary help. Lawrence played admirably this year getting more sacks then anyone in the NFL ever has adding Hendrix to the fold will help put more pressure on the QB which could ultimately lead to another huge season for the Cowboys end.

    26) Indy- Trovon Heard Pos: RE College: Bama Ht: 6’6” Weight: 278

    Many look at the scoreless loss to the Browns as an issue solely placed on the offense, that isn’t the case. A poor pass rush scheme against JFF led to the demise for the Colts as they seemed to be out smarted at times. Taking Heard will give Indy the type of played that knows how to come up big in tough situations. His body make-up alone is freighting enough as he stands at 6’6” 278. With some seasoning and practice Heard could become a very big change of pace guy for the Colts as they look to go deeper into the playoffs.

    27) Green Bay- Mason Martinez Pos: DT College: Bama Height: 6’1” Weight: 284

    The Packers had a very stout defense last year holding teams to under 90 yards a game rushing. Many would ask why take a player in a position where they done need, well the fact of the matter is that Bj is an older guy and it is time to restock the closet. Martinez falling to Green Bay could quite possibly be the very best thing to happen to them since Rodgers fell so low. This will help the Packers Bridge the gap so that they can help take out the super bowl champs, the Lions.

    28) Jax- Chris Gabbert Pos:DT College: Tulsa Height: 6’2” Weight: 278

    Surprisingly the Jas are a team that doesn’t need much. What they could really use is a depth upgrade as the season will weight down on even the best players. Taking Gabbert is a very risky move that could prove to be a decision that helps them win a super bowl. On the other hand Gabbert has played against weak competition most of his life and his past drug addictions have many teams backing off. A team with a hard nose Coach such as the Jags have can really help be a difference maker in this young man’s life.

    29) Seattle- Kesnick Bynes Pos:WR College: Ohio Height: 6’1” Weight: 218

    What do you give a team such as the Seahawks many would suggest a corner, but at this stage in the draft it would be a major reach and could lead to a disappointment. To help an offense that could use a big red zone guy to go along with their top te would really do wonders for this team. Bynes is no stranger to competition either as just this past year he racked up 274 yards and 5 tds against Ohio State who had one of the top defenses in all the land.

    30) Balt- Manessah Nelson Pos: RB College: Auburn Ht: 5’11” Weight: 215

    Baltimore disappointed many of us this year in the AFC Championship game as many had them picked to beat the Browns. That prediction did not come true and they were sent home packing. One of the major weaknesses on Ravens this year was not having a dominate running back, Nelson comes into the draft as the number one guy in a weak class. Nelson is a special player that can take over for what some call a thug, Ray Rice.

    31) Clev- Donquel Riddick Pos: ROLB College: Texas A&M Ht: 6’4” Weight: 252

    The evil empire, the leader of the hated, the team that everyone loves to hate and hates to love have little needs due to fantastic picks last year. Kasp will look to strengthen an already strong defense by restocking them with Riddick. Riddick will come in having played in one of the toughest most grueling conferences. He will understand the drive needed to be a part of a team bigger than himself as he looks to really help them over take the Lions as the Champs of the NFL.

    32) Det- Skyler Trammell Pos: DT College: Oklahoma Ht: 6’4” Weight: 291

    What do you give a team that has done it all, a team that was last and came out on top? Easy you make your defense stronger, you prepare for the next time you have to face an offense as potent as themselves. Grabbing Trammell will help a team that’s weakest spot happens to be pass defense. Trammell is a tough nose tackle who breaks down offensive lines at will. He will give the lions a chance to play a true 4-3 which will make them one of the scariest teams in the whole NFL for a second year in a row.
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    Apr 12, 2010
    Idk. I do have Kruger and mingo already
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    Apr 28, 2012

    Spot on man
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    Jun 2, 2014
    Glad to hear, I didnt see much on the bucs but i did notice your linebackers.
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    Nice read man I'm fine at safety though :)

    Outside Linebacker looking likely
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