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Discussion in 'Team Management' started by Coach KO, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Sep 14, 2010
    Come get them while they hot. Management has decided to make some changes and the following are available:

    QBs: (one of the three can go)
    Bram Grenlea - 85ovr Has some hit power.. Sadly Ive used it a few times....
    Nick Foles - 77 ovr
    Rod Gonzalez 78 ovr Good speed and Accel

    LBs -
    Connor Barwin 3-4 OLB
    Demeco Ryans 3-4 MLB

    CBs - All are available

    WR - DeSean Jackson 90 OVR -

    Needs -
    4-3 OLBs
    Route running WRs
    Left Guard and Tackles
    Good Head Coach....... (I know that may take awhile)
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