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Playoff Seeds/Scenarios

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Keller, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    This is my best guess at the seeding and thus, the playoff bracket:

    1. Baltimore
    2. Oakland
    3. NY Jets
    4. Houston
    5. San Diego
    6. Miami

    The Jets had a better division record than Miami so they won the division. The 3 plays the 6 and the 4 plays the 5 so based on what I see from who plays @ who's stadium, this should be correct. The question then comes down to the 1-2 seed: Baltimore has a better conference record so hopefully this is pretty straight forward. Baltimore should have the number 1 seed and Oakland should have the number 2.

    1. Atlanta
    2. San Francisco
    3. Washington
    4. Detroit
    5. NY Giants
    6. New Orleans

    Again the 3 plays the 6 and the 4 plays the 5 so this is not too difficult. Deciding the #1 and #2 is dicey. Both teams have the same record and conference record and same record against common opponents leading to, I'm guessing, strength of victory. In that case, Atlanta opponents compiled 123 wins while 49er opponents compiled 112 wins meaning, if correct, Atlanta should have the #1 seed.

    Miami @ NY Jets
    San Diego @ Houston

    New Orleans @ Washington
    NY Giants @ Detroit

    Now lets talk scenarios. If Miami wins, they will face Baltimore. If the Jets win, Baltimore will likely face Houston (they will beat the CPU Chargers) and the Jets will take on Oakland.

    In the NFC its the same deal. If New Orleans wins, they will face Atlanta. If Washington wins, Atlanta will face the winner of the Detroit/Giants game and San Francisco will face Washington.

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