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Power Ranking Week- Preseason

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by cp0990, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. cp0990

    cp0990 Walk On

    Aug 23, 2011
    This is a preseason power rankings before any games have been played. There will be a weekly edition.

    1. Packers- They are the campions and until games are actully played.They were good last year but got even better with the returns of Finley and others.Wil they repeat? They certently have a shot.

    2. Patriots- 2 words, Tom Brady, Love him or hate him the dude is good. They also added huge role players like Ochocinco and Hanswerth.The offense should put up huge numbers all year long.

    3. Saints- Drew Brees is a stud. Their offense is absolutly terrifing for opposing defenses. Even after they lose Reggie Bush they add Darren Sproles. They also have a very good secondary and solid dline. They may be weak at Lbs so running may be their kryptonight.

    4. Eagles- The eagles are by far the "Offseason Champions" . But if thats all that mattered then we wouldnt play the games. The eagles have the best DB combination in the league and very talented skill players but thier oline is suspect and so is their LB corps. Im not convinced just yet

    5. Steelers- Defense! They got it. This is a very phisical football team people. Ground and pound then open it up with passing. They need to get all the way because that defense is aging rather quickly. Wont be long until they have to rebuild their defense.

    6. Falcons- "Matty Ice" He will tell the story this season. If he takes the next step and maybe into the class of Rogers, Brees, Brady, and Manning. They have a solid defense and only added to it with the addition of edwards at DE. They seem poised to make a run this year when they went all in during the draft for Jolio Jones.

    7. Ravens- Like the steelers above this team is built around their defense. It starts with Ray Lewis, the guy just seems to get better and better. It will come down to Flacco like the falcons above.If Flacco takes a step into playmaker from bus drive watch out. The only weakness i can nicpick on is Flacco needs that next step and their CBs arnt the best . But thats nicpicking.

    8. Jets- I really like this team. I like their dementor , their "swag". Thier defensive schem is "comin after ya" non stop. This team maybe number one if one thing not holding them back. Thats right Mr. GQ himself Mark Sanchez. Lets face it he is a bus drive at best. If this team had an elite QB they have rings already.

    9. Chargers- Mr. Rivers. This guy is good and i mean really good. They have agruably best Te in the league with Gates. Denfese is good not great. I will tell you i think letting go of LT was a mistake. Mattews just did not step up last year and now they lost the spark plug in sproles.

    10. Texans- Ahh the Texans. If the eagles won the offseaon chapionship then the Texans were runner ups. They had a God aweful secondary last year so they went out and got Joseph at CB and Daniel Manning at Fs. They are moving to a 3-4 this year and i like the move but its unproven.

    11.Jagures- MJD The guy is a firecracker. I really like their running game. Their passing game on the other hand is their weakness. At QB who they got Gabbert or McCown? I dont think either are going to get it done at least not this year for Gabbert. They do have a strong young dline that should stop the running game for their oppisition.

    12. Colts- Well some may think this is low but no. Peyton Manning is the only reason they are this high. I am not a fan here because after Reggie Wayne who is their next wepon for Manning? I think their defense is small and will get ran over by more physical teams. But they still got Manning and that means they have a shot.

    13. Cowboys- Coming of a down year some may think this is high but look. Romo a very good Qb, Jones Rb in open field just dont run cus hes gone. Dez and Miles at Wr. Jason Witten at TE. They are stacked, at least on the surface. Look at their defense and the secondary in perticular. This unit is one of the worst in the league. Can the offense carry them? We shall see

    14. Buccaneers- I love this team. I think Josh Freeman is the next big thing at QB. They are stacked with young talent all over the field. Some may say but that is good and yes it has its advatages but to me too much youth is bad. I think you give them a yr or 2 and they will be in the top 5 for years on in.

    15. Bears- The bears suprised alot of people last year going all the way to NFC championship game. I think teams will be ready this year. I am not a fan at their Wrs, but "they are fast" ask the raiders what fast gets you. But when you have a force like Peppers on a very good D then they may make another run this year.

    16. Giants- At 15 that about sums it up about this team. I see them as a decent to good team "middle of the pack". I dont think Eli is capible of another superbowl run. But hey they do have the unquestioned best dline in the league.

    17. Cheifs- I think this team may take a step back this year. They are very fast at RB and teams know this and play accordingly against them. They have a good defense but not great so i think they is a good spot for them. Next week they maybe in the top ten depending on their game.

    18. Lions- I think the lions are on the up. Their past two drafts have been spot on. Getting Sue and Fairly should plug the middle for years. Megatron is just a beast. I can say im not a fan of Stafford. He just cant stay healthy. I am also not a fan of their CBs.

    19. Rams- The rams have a good foundation to be a good football team. Solid at oline, Rb, and QB. I think they need to add recievers to give Bradford some more weapons. Chris long looks like hes starting to get it and they drafted robert quinn who i think will be a stud.

    20 . Cardnals - There are alot of new faces here but lets face it . Its going to up to Kolb on how their season goes down. He has one of the best weapons in the league with a Fitzgerold.

    21- Dolphins- The phins dont have a QB. I know they have Henne but c'on hes not exactly a super bowl kinda Qb. The stable of this team will be their defense. Cameron Wake is a personal favorite of mine and i think he will be poised for a breakout year.

    22. Browns- The browns season will depend on how McCoy will progress. He is not really helped right now with very few weapons at Wr but Cribbs will be decent. They will depend on cover boy himself mr Hillis. He will have to carry the load for this team.

    23. Bills- I think Fitzpatrick will be good enough to get a few wins and with their prise rookie Marcel Dauris added to the dline with Kyle Williams they will be very tough up front. They also added Nick Barrnett who will replace losing Paul Poslesnie.

    24- Radiers- The raiders are well the raiders. They need a QB desperatly and have for years now. I do like their Rbs in McCfadden and Bush. They also have a stud up the middle on defense in richard seymore. They were hurt though by losing one of the best Cbs in the league to the eagles in ASO.

    25- Titians- They have one of the most explosive players in the league in quiet some time in chris johnson. They also made a huge signing by getting Hasleback. I think the defense will be the reason if they struggle.

    26- Seahalks- They have Tavaris Jackson as the starting Qb. Not good,not good. They do have a few goodd young studs like okung at LT and thomas at Fs. They also made a big additon in getting sidney rice at Wr.

    27. Broncos- Ortien or Tebow? This is the question about this team. The defense has some good players on the outside with elvis dummerville and prise rookie Von Miller.

    28. Vickings- They have AP and without him i would probably have them last. I dont like Mcnabb or Ponder and they lost their #1 wr sidney rice.Maybe Harvin can step up and assume the role as #1.

    29. 49ers- Their stars is patrick willis, and Bowman. I they are absolutely studs at LB. Their downfall is Qb and has been and will continue to be as long as long as Alex Smith is the QB. If i were them i would put Kapernick in aspa and start the maturation process now.

    30- Panthers- Prize rookie Newton has already improved this team in that they are not the worst anymore. They have more than Newton though Jon Beason competes with patrick willis for best Lb in the league.

    31. Bengles- I dont know what to make of this team. Will they have palmer or not? Regardless of that i dont think it will matter too much i just dont see too much talent here aside from stude rookie AJ Green.

    32. Redskins- This team doesnt have a Qb they have Rex grossman, john beck and kellin clemmens on the roster at qb. Thats pathetic. The Running back is not strong and only weapons the have is santana moss and cooley . thats it!. They do have a better defense but playing in the NFC East i just dont see this as a good team.

    That will wrap it up for this weeks edition and i will have a new one up after all week 1 games are played.
  2. Big D

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    Oct 8, 2009
    very nice! Saints #3 ahead of Vish's Eagles. LOVE IT!
  3. HAL9100

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    Jul 15, 2011
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  4. cp0990

    cp0990 Walk On

    Aug 23, 2011
  5. SteamboatReb

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Chargers at #9? Challenger accepted!
  6. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Gaddy going to be the new #1 if he can win.

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