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Power Rankings: End of YR 2 and a look forward!

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Ben, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Ben

    Ben Walk On

    Jul 2, 2012
    #1 tth.gif
    The Longhorns are the most deserving of the #1 spot because they are the true #1. A win in the BCS Nat'l Championship game against Ohio St. and an undefeated season are two very impressive feats for any team. Especially this year when the BIG 12 reformed into a much stronger conference. Congrats Texas on a perfect season. Next year their will be a huge target on your back.

    2014 outlook: The Longhorns will most likely lose Malcolm Brown to the draft, but David Ash will probably return for his senior year. Like many teams they will lose key defensive players, but they should be able to make up for that with their #1 recruiting class.

    #2 oob.gif
    The scarlet and grey get the nod at #2. They have 2 losses on the season, but one of those losses was against the #1 Longhorns in the BCS Nat'l Title game. Braxton Miller won the Heisman and will most likely leave for the NFL. This OSU team has weapons all over the field. Another solid recruiting class will only make them harder to beat next season.

    2014 outlook: OSU will be dangerous again next season. Nothing more to say about these Buckeyes.

    #3 aar.gif
    Winning the SEC championship game this season and keeping the Gators out of the Nat'l Title game was definitely the staple for the Tigers this season. They have proven they are a force in a country of juggernaut teams. Kiehl Frazier will most likely return for his senior year after getting injured for a number of games last season. This would be huge for the Tigers and could make them an even bigger target next season if he does.

    2014 outlook: Tigers will make another run for the SEC title next season. A good team returning next season will help them on their road.

    #4 ffa.gif
    Heartbreak for these Gators occurred last season as they were one game away from playing in the Nat'l Championship game 2 years in a row. A devastating lose to Auburn in the SEC title game was a staple on their season. A good run, but they couldnt finish the job. Jacoby Brissett will most likely declare for the NFL draft. The Gators have plenty of offensive weapons to be another great team next year, but like a few other top teams, who will play QB?

    2014 outlook: Gator fans are excited and they should be. This team has great potential for next season if a few key guys return and they can get their freshman and sophomores to step up.

    #5 nnx.gif
    The Fighting Irish topped off their season with a Capital One Bowl victory over the Georgia Bulldogs. They end their season with 2 losses, but both were against quality teams and one was against the Nat'l Champion. This team is poised for greatness as their starting QB, Gunner Kiel, was only a redshirt freshman this year and he put up some big numbers, throwing for close to 3k yards and 35 td's. They will lose their feature back, Cierre Wood, but they should still be able to make big plays without him.

    2014 outlook: Get ready for the Irish because they could have a huge year this next season. Most of their defensive players will be returning for their senior year. Which will make what was already a scary defense, even scarier.

    #6 wwo.gif
    The Badgers are one of those teams that is always just out of the top 5. They had a respectable season, only losing to Notre Dame and Florida. The huge win against OSU was a staple for this program and proof that they can win the big game. They were shafted by the Big Ten committee last season as they were forced out of the Big Ten title game against Michigan. The Badgers are still pissed about that and will come out hungry this next season. They have a freshman QB who threw for 3k yards last season and won of the best running back, James White, who had the performance of the year agianst OSU.

    2014 outlook: [COLOR=#ff0000]Even though White will be going to the NFL next year, I'm sure Wisconsin will have someone step up at the running back position. This team will make the Big Ten even mosre competitive next year. [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ffffff]#7 [ATTACH]13764[/ATTACH]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]The Bulldogs are no stranger to end of season woes. They once again lost to their rival GT in a game that they badly needed to win to remain in the hunt for a big time BCS bowl game. Finishing the season with 3 losses, all against good user teams isn't a bad thing. This team has a top QB coming into their program next season and some very good ATH recruits. Losing Aaron Murray will be huge, but they have some freshman that have gained experience so they should make some noise in the SEC next season. [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#ffffff]2014 outlook: [COLOR=#ff0000]This team needs WR help badly, but if they use their ATH recruits in the right spots then this could be a dream seaosn for the Dawgs. [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]


    They only lost 3 games last season, but one of those losses was against KSU. That is huge when it comes to rankings. OU has potential for next season. They lose virtually no one on offense and defensively they should be ok. Time will tell for these Sooners but playing in the same conference as the Nat'l Championship winner doesnt help their case.

    2014 outlook: Returning players is a key for this team, but everything else?

    #9 ggc.gif
    Who could have guessed this? A team that lost 6 games, but did win their biggest game of the season against rival Georgia. Returning players is a key for the Yellow Jackets, but is it enough? Time will tell.

    2014 outlook: One thing going for this team next year is that they get a fresh start.
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  2. Boraby

    Boraby Walk On

    Aug 4, 2012
    Much needed post. Great way to finish off the season and look forward to next season. It is unfortunate that I lost to ASU to start the season, but I'm proud of the way it ended.

    Let's get it started!
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