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Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by KnightNoles, May 31, 2010.

  1. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    Power Rankings

    2014 Week 10 Power Rankings

    1. [​IMG]
    Back-to-Back Titles and currently 9-0

    2. [​IMG]
    Coach Hippo has straight dominated since taking the reigns of the Trojans, will he still be here after the Oregon game?

    3. [​IMG]
    close loss to the defending champs

    4. [​IMG]
    Just need that one game to put them over the top

    5. [​IMG]
    Offensive kings and award winners but can they reach the big game?

    6. [​IMG]
    Perennial toughest team to face

    7. [​IMG]
    Coach needs to get away from softball and boozin to be a contender

    8. [​IMG]
    Coach that has a gameplan and sticks to it, sometimes just needs to let it hang out the window

    9. [​IMG]
    Unfortunately is in the same conference with FSU

    10. [​IMG]
    Perennial Big Ten favorite and Champs, suffers from toddler-ism and saves the day neglecting killer instinct to do it big

    11. [​IMG]
    Perennial f*** up, has good game but likes to choke on it

    12. [​IMG]
    Where the hell has the guy that was so tough and took the Sooners to the National Title gone?​

    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    those are nice logos!

    BTW I was planning on picking that back up when the new game releases.
  3. Bondzai

    Bondzai Your Mom's Best Friend

    Feb 10, 2009

    Bitch, I'll give you something to choke on.
  4. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    Offensive king? hahaha just for that Im going to lead every defensive category year 1 when '11 drops
  5. Juggernautblitz

    Juggernautblitz Carbon glutton

    Feb 22, 2009
    Interesting that OU is last in power rankings with a 2-1 user record this year, including a win over the #5 team. No big deal since its an unofficial poll but a pretty flawed poll it is.
  6. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Just a guess, but I'm thinking that losing your last user game by 40+ has something to do with where noles placed OU.
  7. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    2014 Week 14 Power Rankings

    1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    40 game win streak, 1 away from being in their 3rd consecutive BCS Title

    2. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Looks like the ol Paps has laid off the softball and drinks?? Controls own destiny

    3. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Sitting and waiting for teams to mess up

    4. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Controls own destiny

    5. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Loss v. FSU dropped the Ducks but remain in the top 5

    6. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Sitting at #4 in the polls and needs a lot to happen

    7. [​IMG][​IMG]
    The biggest movers in the poll, wow they are up to #7 in the Polls also

    8. [​IMG][​IMG]
    #11 in the polls and hoping to get invited to a BCS Bowl

    9. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Head Coach seems to pull absences and leaves his team to fend for themselves

    10. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Big game v. the #2 team in the Power poll and BCS, win and jump in both.

    11. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Loss to Michigan takes away their Big 10 crown but they have 5 of the 6 crowns.

    12. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Another user, another loss get this man to NCAA '11 now!

    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    Where is your big pimpin new school sig Noles???

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