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Pre-season: 2 Minute Drill with Chris Berman

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by sawemoff, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Chris Berman: Hello folks and welcome to the Pre-season edition of the 2 Minute Drill. I am your host Chris Berman and thanks for tuning in. As we countdown the hours until Madden 13 comes out, the TMFL preps itself for another exciting year. To begin this years show I was able to bring aboard none other than the Commissioner of TMFL, Shaun Mason.​
    Chris: Today we will be discussing the expectations, processes and guidelines for TMFL, and what he expects his Browns will do. Well without further a do, lets welcome Shaun Effing Mason. First and foremost thanks for being on the show, how are you doing today?​
    Shaun Mason: Peachy. I worked a long day, but now I'm off enjoying the small window of freedom I have in the evenings.​
    Chris: That is certainly nice to have some freedom after work. I'm sure you are really having some fun playing Madden before everyone else!​
    Chris: Lets just dive right on in and talk about the league. What are your ambitions, goals, and future plans for TMFL?
    Shaun: In the past, I was pretty outspoken about the direction of the TMFL. Last year I took over midway and at the time it really didn't fit my image of what a good TSO league looks like. I took over with the intention of growing it into a league that people respect and one where the spots are really coveted by TSO members. I've hand selected a very solid group of guys and my hope for Madden 13 is that we gel into a great league and have very little turnover.
    Chris: It is always nice to have a great group of guys in league because at the end of the day it is not about winning or losing, it is about friendship. This cycle should definitely be fun this year and for years to come.
    Chris: Every commish has a process or a way to keep organized when determining who would be allowed into their leagues and I'm sure you had one inline. What was your process and how did you decide who would get in and who would not?​
    Shaun: Really it's just an eyeball test. Do you look like a member I want to interact with on a daily basis? That's the first, basic criteria. After that, I really look for guys that other people have respect for. I want guys who are respected and can give respect. That respect leads to trust and like any relationship, trust is the foundation for a good league.​
    Chris: Trust has always been a key for me when I develop friends and other relationships. Once you lose someone's trust it is hard to get it back which relays your respect for a person. I do believe the foundation is there though, good job on picking this group.​
    Chris: Unfortunately GoGators could not stay with us and any opening came about. I know a lot people were shocked when the news hit but you were able to find a replacement. How did you decide TEClemson53 was the go to guy and was it a hard decision to make?
    Shaun: I had a ton of applicants, upwards of 50. In the end, it came down to four guys, JrRawlins, @dj illimatic 23, Kasper, and TEClemson53. I reached out to some of the guys I trust to learn more about @dj illimatic 23 and TEClemson53. I play in The Deuce with JrRawlins and respect the hell out of him. Honestly, he was my first choice, but he decided he couldn't commit the time to the TMFL. After that, it was a tough decision, but in the end the mixture of very good feedback from people I trust combined with longevity as a TSO member pushed TEClemson53 to the forefront.

    I do remember a lot of people pushing for TEClemson. He has some really good content and you cannot beat his photshop skills. Amazing what the guy can do and he runs a pretty good website. But I am sure the real reason he was picked is due to him being an overall great guy.

    Now it is time to put you in the hot seat. I know a lot of people would like some more answers on this, so is there anyway you can tell us what settings, sliders or even what logo we will be using for this cycle?​
    Shaun: I think the logo is set now, it was designed by TEClemson53. We will be rolling it out and getting signatures done shortly. After that, I am waiting until I get some game time in before I commit to any settings. Likely it will be All-Pro and Slow game speed, but I want to play with the sliders a bit. Basically, I want a game where you have to play call well to be successful, where you are rewarded for patience running the ball, where there is a pass rush in your face. In a nutshell, I want it to look and play like an NFL game.​
    Chris: The logo is really nice and for the folks that did not see it earlier in the show, can we post it up on the screen?​
    I know everyone cannot wait to put this in their signature! As for the sliders it will take some tweaking but I hope it does not take long to find the right ones.​
    Chris: Now lets see the mean side of Shaun Mason. If someone messes up by being a douchebag/cheeser what will be some of the consequences?
    Shaun: In the end it comes down to how it impacts others. When you behave in a way that isn't consistent with the expectations we all have as TSO Premier members, you end up impacting other people. I won't tolerate people who make the league less enjoyable. That means in game, on the forum, in real life, etc. There are too many people willing to fill an open seat, I'll pull peoples card and show the the door if I have to. I think everyone expects that from me.
    Chris: You heard it from the boss man's mouth. Mess up or get the boot!

    Chris: I think we have entertained our folks at home enough about TMFL so now we move on and talk about your team, the Cleveland Clowns... I mean Browns! *Berman laughs*
    Are the expectations high or low this year?
    Shaun: Low, low, low. I know I have a reputation as a sand bagger, but I'm typically not a strong gamer at the beginning of the cycle. I'm more of a cerebral gamer, so I need time with the game to develop my strategy and understanding of the game. Combine the fact I'm a slow starter with one of the worst rosters in the game and I imaging I will be picking in the top 5 come season two.
    Chris: You are a viper hiding in the bushes and when the time comes... WHAM! You feast on your prey. I guess we can call you the cerebral assassin.
    Chris: And to follow up on your expectations what are your predictions for this season?
    Shaun: If I win 5 games I'll be shocked. I imagine I'll go 3-13 or 4-12.
    Chris: Well I will make a prediction for you. The Browns will go to the superbowl and watch two other teams play. *Smirks*
    Chris: Taking a look at the QB position Brandon Wheeden and Colt McCoy, once rivals, are now teammates. Is there any possibility you move one of these guys via trade or are you going to keep both of them for competition sake?
    Shaun: That's a tough question. I like to have a quality backup because people really tend to get hurt in my schemes. My quarterbacks don't take a lot of sacks but they get hit a lot. Plus, McCoy should be cheap. Seneca Wallace is the one who may get moved due to salary cap constraints.
    Chris: With McCoy's injury past I think you would need to keep a third QB. It is going to be fun to watch other GMs make decisions based on the new salary cap, signing, and player logic.
    Chris: Lets talk more about your offense. We know that you will be running a zone running type scheme so who will be the players you rely on the most to have success?
    Shaun: On offense I believe it starts and ends with the line. If those guys can execute I can be successful behind them. Past that, I know I'll need to lean on the running game until I can develop some weapons in the passing game.
    Chris: That right there is know you have a good coach folks. The importance of the line on both sides of the ball is crucial. You can have all the talent in the world but if your line sucks you will struggle.
    Chris: Hinting at having a solid defense, who will be your impact players?
    Shaun: Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm doing on defense. Typically I run the 3-4, but I don't have the personnel. I'm always big on defensive backs, because I think you can really mask some weakness if you can cover and hit. I also like defensive backs that can get after guys in the running game. I really like Joe Haden and T.J. Ward in that respect.
    Chris: Joe Haden is one of the best all around corners in the league. He makes plays in coverage and is not scared to come up and make a tackle on the RB. TJ Ward on the otherhand is a different story and I will hold my off on my opinion. *Winks*
    Chris: Now if you have not seen the show before I let the coach end the show with some final remark. Address your haters, fans or both.
    Shaun: If I have fans people think they are sycophants and people love to hate authority. I just act like a duck in water and let it roll off my back. :)
    Chris: Thanks for your time Coach and good luck to you! That will wrap things up here but stay tuned for another exciting episode of the 2 Minute Drill, Chris Berman signing out.

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  2. JohnnyClutch

    JohnnyClutch They only hear my truth

    Mar 11, 2010
    Really good read.
  3. TEClemson53

    TEClemson53 Walk On

    Aug 1, 2010
    holy tags, thought something major was going down lol, nice job on this man
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  4. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    haha yea most of them came from Shaun :rolleyes: but thanks for the compliments man
  5. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    Damn fine work!
  6. MoonBBad

    MoonBBad http://twitch.tv/moonbbad

    May 22, 2010
    Awesome read nice work

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