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Preseason MOP contenders (a couple weeks late)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Michael Woodward, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    It's that time again, already. I will review each team and list their top 3 players who are most likely to challenge for the Most Outstanding Player award for the 2013 season. I will give a favorite, a dark horse, and a long shot for each team. I'm sure there will be some surprises in the end but these are who I pick at this very moment. I will also rate their chances on a 1-5 star rating scale. Also, you bastards better enjoy it because this took a very long time to make on photoshop and then write about (partly because my photoshop was acting up).

    Baylorcont copy.jpg BAYLOR

    (Top Right) Lache Seastrunk, Runningback - Listed as one of the favorites last year, Seastrunk, the Oregon transfer, found himself no where near the running for the award due to constant injury problems. If Seastrunk can rid himself of the injury plague, and if his coach can remind himself of his stud in the backfield instead of getting pass happy, Seastrunk could be a very dangerous weapon.
    Baylor's favorite: Chances of winning :4stars:
    (Bottom Right) Tevin Reese, Wide Receiver - Tevin, a speedy receiver with good hands, is Baylor's deep threat in an ultra pass happy offense. Running the air raid, coach Cameron Brown, has no qualms with passing it deep. Near the end of last year, his team really worked secondaries. If he can carry the momentum over into this season, Tevin could wind up with A LOT of receiving yards.
    Baylor's dark horse: Chances of winning :4stars:
    (Bottom Left) Bryce Hager, Middle Linebacker - Bryce was Baylor's candidate in the final MOP shortlist last season. However, it is hard to win on defense and is unlikely he will duplicate the same amount of numbers as last season. All of these things above are what makes him Baylor's long shot.
    Baylor's longshot: Chances of winning :2stars:

    Buffalocont.jpg BUFFALO
    (Top Right) Branden Oliver, Runningback - Oliver is one of the highest rated players of any one in 2013. He definitely has the ability to challenge for the trophy and is in a conference which could allow a lot of running room. However, major questions have to be asked about whether his offensive line will be strong enough to allow him the room to do what he can do.
    Buffalo's favorite: Chances of winning :3stars:
    (Bottom Right) Khalil Mack, Outside Linebacker - Mack is a hard hitter who could cause numerous problems for opposing offenses. It is unlikely he will seriously challenge for the MOP Award but will likely put a hurting on anyone who has the audacity to take the ball into his area.

    Buffalo's dark horse: Chances of winning :1stars:
    (Bottom Left) Alex Neutz, Wide Receiver - Neutz is a large receiver at 6'4", 212 lbs. He will likely cause many shorter defensive backs some issues. However, his quarterback is not the greatest, therefore, his chances for the MOP are not the greatest.
    Buffalo's long shot: Chances of winning :1stars:

    CUbuffCont.jpg COLORADO

    (Top Right) Tony Jones, Runningback - Jones was a preseason selection last year but did not perform up to expectations and fell out of the race swiftly. He still has the talent. It is just a question as to if his head coach will give him the touches to be successful.
    Colorado's favorite: Chances of winning :3stars:
    (Bottom Right) Greg Henderson, Cornerback - Henderson is a shut down corner with good covering skills and is very intelligent in pursuit. He may force a few turnovers this year, enough to make him Colorado's dark horse.
    Colorado's dark horse: Chances of winning :2stars:
    (Bottom left) Paul Richardson, Wide Receiver - Richardson is a receiver who runs great routes and gets up to top speed in a hurry. His coach enjoys airing it out from time to time and Richardson should be his main target, making him a threat for some major numbers.
    Colorado's long shot: Chances of winning :2stars:

    Indianacont.jpg INDIANA
    (Top Right) Stephen Houston, Runningback - Houston is a powerful runningback in a run happy, conservative offense. If he can get the blocking needed to open some holes, he may truck his way through the competition.
    Indiana's favorite: Chances of winning :3stars:
    (Bottom Right) Chase Hoobler, Outside Linebacker - Hoobler was a preseason selection as a candidate for last year's award due to coach Tom Docter's defensive style in which linebackers find themselves in the thick of a lot of action. He had a good season but not quite good enough to be a finalist. 2013 is a new year and with an extra year of experience and training under his belt, he should be a bit stronger.
    Indiana's dark horse: Chances of winning :1stars:
    (Bottom Left) Griffin Dahlstrom, Middle Linebacker - Dahlstrom makes the list, again, because of his coach's propensity for linebacker success. However, Dahlstrom is a huge long shot. He will have to find a demon within himself to challenge for the award.
    Indiana's long shot: Chances of winning :1stars:

    Kansascont copy.jpg KANSAS

    (Top Right) Darius Willis, Middle Linebacker - Willis had a successful season last year and forced several fumbles. The hard hitting transfer from Buffalo returns and in the defensive system that coach Michael Woodward plays, he has every chance of success yet again. Look for him to have a ton of tackles and forced turnovers.
    Kansas' favorite: Chances of winning :3stars:
    (Bottom Right) Jake Heaps, Quarterback - Heaps, a transfer from BYU and former number one quarterback prospect has all the tools to seriously challenge for the award. However, his targets are young and inexperienced which may ultimately be his downfall. He plays in an offense where he will find himself throwing and running a lot. Will it be enough for the award? We will see.
    Kansas' dark horse: Chances of winning :3stars:
    (Bottom Left) Jimmay Mundine, Tight End - Mundine may be a tight end but he moves like a receiver. At 6'2", 241 lbs, he poses some match up problems for defenses. He was near the top in receiving categories for all tight ends last year and this year should be no different. However, tight ends have never challenged for the MOP award and he may not get enough looks per game to get the numbers required for an MOP push.
    Kansas' long shot: Chances of winning :2stars:

    Kentuckycont.jpg KENTUCKY

    (Top Right) Maxwell Smith, Quarterback - Smith doesn't have blazing speed but does have enough speed to make him a dual threat. At 6'4", 222 lbs, you don't want to find him barreling down on you in the open field. Smith also has a decent arm and decent accuracy and is in an offense which will give him a decent chance to succeed. However, he faces tough SEC defenses which may hinder his chances a bit.
    Kentucky's favorite: Chances of winning :3stars:
    (Bottom Right) Raymond Sanders, Runningback - Kentucky's running back from last year was nearly a finalist for the MOP award, proving that their offense gives their runningbacks a chance. Sanders has taken over that role this year. A well balanced back, he has the talent to make defenders miss.
    Kentucky's dark horse: Chances of winning :3stars:
    (Bottom Left) Avery Williamson, Middle Linebacker - Williamson is the best rated player on Kentucky's whole team. Packed with speed and awareness, he will make some big plays for the Wildcat defense. Will he make enough to challenge for the award? Unlikely.
    Kentucky's long shot: Chances of winning :1stars:


    (Top Right) Treyvon Green, Runningback - Green is a strong, powerful back who is not afraid to lower his pads or simply slap would-be tacklers away. He plays for a coach who used to favor the run heavily, but has recently evolved. Green will need his coach to revert to his old tactics if he is going to challenge seriously for the award.
    Northwestern's long shot: Chances of winning :2stars:
    (Bottom Right) Ibraheim Campbell, Strong Safety - Campbell was a finalist for last year's award after a strong season in which he made some huge plays. Coach Jared Liesemeyer must have pulled off all the stops to talk his star safety into staying another season. If he can improve on last year's performances, as he should with a year of experience, he may just win this fine piece of hardware.
    Northwestern's favorite: Chances of winning :5stars:
    (Bottom Left) Kyle Prater, Wide Receiver - Prater is a transfer from the University of Southern California. Standing at 6'5", 216 lbs, Prater is a forced to be reckoned with when the ball is up for grabs. He's too big to bump on the line, too fast to cover with a linebacker, too big to cover with a cornerback. With coach Jared Liesemeyer's new found love of the pass, Prater may make a move for the award.
    Northwestern's dark horse: Chances of winning :3stars:

    OleMisscont.jpg OLE MISS

    (Top Right) Jeff Scott, Runningback - Scott was one of the front runners for last year's award and is in a high powered offense. Small but quick, Scott best resembles Florida State legend Warrick Dunn in style. If he can duplicate Dunn's success, he will be deep in the thick of the award race by year's end.
    Ole Miss' favorite: Chances of winning :4stars:
    (Bottom Right) Donte Moncrief, Wide Receiver - Like his teammate Scott, Moncrief was in the thick of the award race last year as well. Coming in at 6'2", 214 lbs, Moncrief is on the bigger side of the receiver spectrum. His physicality caused many problems for defenses last year and should do more of the same this year.
    Ole Miss' dark horse: Chances of winning :4stars:
    (Bottom Left) Bo Wallace, Quarterback - Wallace came to Ole Miss as the top JUCO Quarterback prospect. At 6'5", 210 lbs, Wallace has a pro's body. With a decent arm and good accuracy, not to mention decent speed for a man his size, Wallace will stretch defenses.
    Ole Miss' long shot: Chances of winning :2stars:

    Southernmisscont.jpg SOUTHERN MISS

    (Top Right) Kendrick Hardy, Runningback - Hardy plays for run happy coach Heath McMullen which alone puts him in the hunt. Couple that with his power and acceleration, Hardy will use and abuse defenses this season. Helped by a weak schedule, Hardy finds himself as a front runner.
    Southern Miss' favorite: Chances of winning :5stars:
    (Bottom Right) Jamie Collins, Outside Linebacker - Collins is Southern Miss' best player overall. A hard hitter who is quick and very aware, Collins will bust up many plays for his coach. Playing in a weak conference, he has a shot to challenge for the award. However, as of now, he finds himself a long shot.
    Southern Miss' dark horse: Chances of winning :2stars:
    (Bottom Left) Khyri Thornton, Defensive Tackle - Thornton comes in the shape of a nose tackle. A very large man, he has only average talent. However, he plays for coach Heath McMullen and coach McMullen gets the most out of his defense linemen. Look for Khyri to get his fair share of sacks.
    Southern Miss' long shot: Chances of winning :2stars:

    Tulsacont.jpg TULSA

    (Top Right) Donnell Hawkins, Middle Linebacker - Hawkins is last year's MOP award winner. That is all that needs to be said about his credibility for this year's award.
    Tulsa's favorite: Chances of winning :5stars:
    (Bottom Right) Cody Green, Quarterback - The Nebraska transfer overcame a slow start last year to lead the country in passing yards. He finished as a finalist for the award last year. If he can equal his monstrous numbers from last year and limit the turnovers a bit more, he can win the award.
    Tulsa's dark horse: Chances of winning :5stars:
    (Bottom Left) Jordan James, Wide Receiver - James plays in an offense that will heave the ball regardless of coverage, opposition skill, and with no regard for balance. This benefits him well as he will be in front of a football firing squad all season and in a weak conference. This gives him a good chance to contend for the award.
    Tulsa's long shot: Chances of winning :4stars:

    tar heel
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  2. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    Award contenders continued (since only 10 pictures are allowed)

    UMasscont.jpg UMASS

    (Top Right) Ed Saint-Vil, Free Safety - A preseason contender for last year's award, Saint-Vil never quite lived up to the hype. Still, playing for defensive mastermind Roy Anderson, Saint-Vil will be in position to make some plays this season. It will be up to him to finish those plays.
    UMass' favorite: Chances of winning :1stars:
    (Bottom Right) Jordan Broadnax, Runningback - Broadnax is the starter in a super conservative offense who plays in a weak conference. He will get a good amount of touches which will give him the chance to break some for some yardage. However, his weak offensive line will surely hinder any chance of winning the award.
    UMass' dark horse: Chances of winning :1stars:
    (Bottom Left) Antoine Tharpe, Cornerback - Tharpe is the best corner on the UMass squad which has a stingy defense. He will get his fair share of interceptions but likely not enough to win the award.
    UMass' long shot: Chances of winning :1stars:

    Virginiacont.jpg VIRGINIA

    (Top Right) Phillip Sims, Quarterback - The Alabama transfer is coached by a smart coach who is a perfectionist. The man simply puts in more time than the rest which leads to great performances from numerous players and numerous championships, including last season's championship. This bodes well for Sims' chances at the award. Expect him to have plenty of touchdowns with few interceptions and an exceptional quarterback rating.
    Virginia's Favorite: Chances of winning :5stars:
    (Bottom Right) Kevin Parks, Runningback - Parks plays in an offense which usually averages more yards per carry than any other. If Parks can follow his predecessors, he will make a strong push for the award.
    Virginia's Dark Horse: Chances of winning :4stars:
    (Bottom Left) Tim Smith, Wide Receiver - Smith was a top pick for the award last year. Coach Abom Natrix seems to be airing it out a bit more than normal and Smith has been his most consistent target. He should improve on last year's numbers which puts him in the race for the award. With great speed and good hands, Smith should abuse secondaries all season and possibly earn Virginia their second championship in a row.
    Virginia's Long Shot: Chances of winning :4stars:
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  3. makinpropel

    makinpropel Go Big Red!

    Mar 5, 2011
    This is some of the best content I have seen on this site. Fantastic job.

    It will either go to Cody Green, the MLB for Tulsa, or Tim Smith from Virginia. Jake Heaps will probably get a vote or two as well.
  4. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Awesome job man. Like Propel said, really great content. I'm gonna go with Hardy from So Miss. When in doubt, always take a RB. Good RB on a run happy coach can easily score 15-20 TDs in a season.
  5. Abominatrix

    Abominatrix Walk On

    Jun 6, 2011
    Surprised not to see IU's Tre Roberson on the list. Kid's really athletic and shares a backfield with a beast RB - options and QB scrambles gave me fits when I played them (against the CPU, at least).
  6. areohhwhy

    areohhwhy Walk On

    Jun 5, 2011
    this is great stuff.
  7. makinpropel

    makinpropel Go Big Red!

    Mar 5, 2011
    When I can play, he doesn't.

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