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Preseason Week 2: 49ers @ Texans

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by CalebMackie, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. CalebMackie

    CalebMackie Easy like Sunday morning

    Apr 28, 2012
    Rising Star LaMichael James Proving He's No Bust!

    The San Francisco 49ers continue their success in this preseason by taking down the Houston Texans at home. The first quarter was equipped with some scoring by both teams; first, it started with the Texans scoring a 29 yd touchdown pass from Matt Schaub, finishing off a great drive by the Texans. Then it became the 49ers turn to put some points on the board, first of which came from a Randy Moss receiving touchdown thrown by Colin Kaepernick. The second touchdown for the 49ers would come off of a returned field goal by Tedd Ginn for 105 yards; once Tedd got around the edge of the kicking team it was off to the races which was bad news for the Texans as Ginn speeded by everyone for the 9ers 2nd touchdown of the game. When it hit the 2nd quarter it became the LaMichael James show as he would run for 157 yards on 21 attempts with a touchdown to end an already spectacular day. By the time it was the 4th quarter the 49ers 2nd stringers would muster up 30 more points and holding the Texans' backups to 0 points until they would finally answer back in the 4th quarter with a touchdown. The final result was 43-14 in the 49ers favor but the real story line here is LaMichael James and how quickly he is turning heads, Frank Gore better be careful that he can stay healthy cause he definitely has some stiff competition behind him at this point and time.

    Final Stat Lines:
    Alex Smith 9-17 158 yards 1INT
    LaMichael James 21 ATT 157 yards 1TD
    Tedd Ginn 3 Rec 97 yards 1TD (105 yards 1TD return)

    Matt Schaub 7-11 104 yards 1TD 1INT
    Ben Tate 14ATT 73 yards
    DeVier Posey 5 Rec 60 yards (DeVier looked really good out there and made some) outstanding catches

    49ers 43 - Texans 14
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