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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by nrg_qbz-_-, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Jul 23, 2010
    Sup guys, I just played my game and beat Tennessee 47-27. However, after my game is played and it goes to the screen where you can look at highlights and stats (and after it says stats have been uploaded to the server), I can't manuever around the screen at all. I tried different controllers but it was just stuck at the screen. I took a snapshot of the screen just in case. After I restarted the PS3, it still shows that I have not played Tennesee yet (nor does it show that there was a restart for that game). What should I do? Let me know who I should send the screenshot too, since I have it saved.

    But yeah...I exited out to the screen and tried changing my controllers from #1 to #2 and then back again, but I could still not move around at all. It was pretty strange :/

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