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Projecting the Top Ten Prospects

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by woodsmall, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. woodsmall

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    Jun 17, 2012
    #1 Rob Robonovich - QB - UCLA
    Projected #1 coming into the draft, Rob "Robo" Robonovich has a cannon for an arm and the accuracy to go along with it ... the skill set to be a starter from day 1 ... however questions continue to linger as scouts question his maturity and claims Robo is too unpredictable ... not to mention his father, a former Olympic gold medal wrestler, continues to meddle in his son's future
    Analysis - Robo could slip through the first few picks as rumors swirl around Tampa Bay's plans to go a different route, the Rams selected QB Austin Duncan with their #2 pick last year, Jacksonville inked a huge deal this offseason with Phillip Rivers, Saints have Cutler signed for another 6 yrs, so look for the Texans to pull the trigger on Robo as he slides down the draft ... Schaub is now 33 and had one of his worst seasons last year throwing for only 19 tds and intercepted 26 times

    #2 Otto Freese - LT - Michigan
    In at the second slot is beefcake Otto Freese who is the only linemen projected to go within the first 20 picks of the draft and was a legit Heisman candidate this year until he went down half way through the season with an injury ... playing in Michigan's West Coast offense, he showcased his skills versus other NFL prospects on a weekly basis ... His brute strength is considered his best attribute ... its a lock that he will be the first linemen to come off the board
    Analysis - Tampa Bay will continue to take a pass so look for the St Louis Rams to jump all over Otto Freese to help an already depleted offensive line - The job is his to lose and the only way he will lose the job will be due to injury ... expect big things from Otto in his rookie year

    #3 KC Williams - RE - Mississippi Valley St
    A prototypical rush end from a base 4-3 set that stands tall at 6'6 and will swat passes with authority ... KC Williams also known as BBQ, hails from Miss Valley St at which a lot of the scouts question the level of talent BBQ has faced over his college career and have called him "too skinny" for the NFL ... labeled as a "speed" rusher, BBQ has been drawing comparisons to Jevon Kearse back in his prime but with electric speed ... tends to struggle when he gets locked up but if puts on a finesse move then you better watch out
    Analysis - Look for the Jaguars to get themselves some BBQ with their #3 pick in the draft, right where he is predicted to go ... Jacksonville has an open slot on the roster and could take Williams .. he will have to compete for a starting "end" spot with veteran J. Mincey and second year pro A. Branch but that shouldn't be hard to overcome ... This comes down to drafting the best player available and finding a spot for him on the field ... the time is now for some BBQ

    #4 JJ Smoke - CB - UCF
    Coming out of college as a WR and into the NFL as a CB would be one heckuva a transition for most players but some have labeled him as the next "Primetime" so that transition should be a non-issue for what scouts are now calling a lockdown cornerback with gamechanging capabilities in the return game ... blessed with blazing speed, not many WRs will run pass Mr Smoke ... his physical gifts are unparrelled
    Analysis - Look for the Buccaneers to take what most scouts feel is the best pure athlete in the draft at the #1 spot ... Tampa Bay has a need at CB and Smoke would be paired up with Aqib Talib to help develop the rookie in the defensive backfield ... the kick return game is Smoke's for the taking on the Bucs special teams ... early defensive rookie of the year candidate no matter what team he lands on

    #5 Juwan Bethune-Jones - DT - Utah
    This senior out of the Pac 12 has pushed around many a lineman during his day and now hopes to cash in with his size and strength in the NFL ... a very cerebral player on the defensive side of the ball, some scouts have questioned his conditioning during the recent NFL combine ... one of the biggest DTs in the draft, Juwan is expected to produce in the 4-3 scheme this year
    Analysis - Expect Juwan to fall to the Cleveland Browns at the #10 spot ... the Browns have a need for a DT to solidfy the frontline ... He should compete immediately for playing time with 3rd year veteran P. Taylor who has underperformed since joining the league ... time for Bethune-Jones to take control and show that he belongs in the NFL

    #6 Jordan Williams - HB - Virginia
    Only two projected HBs expected to go in the 1st round and Jordan Williams has a unique skill set that will allow him to be a top ten pick and the first HB off the board ... blessed with blazing speed, Williams will be breaking ankles in his rookie season ... Williams, at 5'11 and 210 lbs has good size for the NFL but sometimes forgets he is not a powerback and will need to play it safe to avoid injury
    Analysis - Look for Green Bay to select Williams with the #6 selection ... Jordan should be able to come in and unseat Joe McKnight who lacks toughness ... The Packers struck out this yr during free agency and are now in need of a young HB who could be in it for the long haul and possibly build a franchise around

    #7 Andrew Houston - LE - Arkansas
    Houston has been labeled as a guy who lacks speed but plays with a lot of heart and will find a way to get to the QB one way or another ... can shed blocks with power /finesse moves and will stuff the run game when coming his way ... some scouts have questioned his toughness and wondered if coming out of college at the age of 20 was a mistake
    Analysis - The Broncos have a need at LE and Houston falls to them at the #11 spot ... not an ideal scheme but he will be shown the ropes if Denver continues to run their 3-4 defense ... could be a steal for the Orange Crush if Andrew adapts to the new defensive scheme and meets his full potential

    #8 Silas Olaniyan - WR - West Virginia
    The highest rated receiver in the draft is also the second biggest receiver in the draft which makes for a lethal combination ... lacks the break away speed but can jump with the best of them and will compete for the ball in the air ... most scouts feel as if Olaniyan benefited from Dana Holgerson's air raid system at WVU to earn him Big 12 accolades
    Analysis - After striking out on the Wes Welker sweepstakes, the Patriots grab Silas with the #19 pick in the draft ... Brandon Lloyd is getting old and New England needs to start infusing some youth into coach gaddys pass happy offense

    #9 Dylan Hagerup - WR - Florida State
    Hagerup is determined to be the first WR selected in this yrs draft but most scouts feel he is a bit undersized at 5'9 ... what he lacks in size he makes up with on the field with his speed and heart ... scouts project him to play the slot position where he could cause some mismatch issues with his speed
    Analysis - Dylan's dream comes true and the Eagles select him at #8, ahead of Silas Olaniyan ... Teamed up with DeSean Jackson and last year's 6th round WR Dante Davis, this could be the fastest receiving unit in all of football ... deadly!

    #10 Chase Bolinger - DT - LSU
    Known for his hit power and block shedding capabilities, Bolinger is considered a balanced DT ... scouts say he needs to fine tune his skills in the trenches but has a good set of skills to potentially start this year for an NFL team ... tough as nails but has been injury prone throughout his collegiate career
    Analysis - In desperate need of a young DT with veteran Shaun Rogers being their best player at the age of 35, the Colts select Bolinger at the #16 spot ... if he can stay healthy, Chase will get plenty of snaps and experience

    Tampa Bay ... you are on the clock!
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  2. majesty95

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    Jun 5, 2012
    Very nice!
  3. woodsmall

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    Jun 17, 2012
    Detroit Lions management team has arrived and are prepping for today's big draft ... Chris Mortenson is reporting that the Lions could be looking to move more picks today, possibly moving out of the 1st round if their guy is off the board ... Adam Schefter added that he is hearing from an inside source that the Lions are looking to trades picks in this year's draft for next year since they have 7 picks in the last 4 rounds ​
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