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PT 1/ Team Preview / Impact Players

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Lee.Flex, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Lee.Flex

    Lee.Flex Ducks Fan

    Sep 18, 2009
    PT 1/ Team Preview / Impact Players

    Team Preview / Impact Players - Part 1 or 3

    Chicago Bears:
    The Bears Defense may be one of the best in the NFC. With 2 top notch LB's, it will be hard to run against them. If Urlacher can stay helathy, look for him to have a big year and look for new addition QB J.Cutler to help the offense through the air.

    ROLB L.Briggs 95 OVR
    MLB B.Urlacher 94 OVR

    Cincinnati Bengals:
    With Palmer and Ocho back and no TJ Houz, watch for the Palmer and Ocho-Cinco air show to be one of the best in football this year.

    WR C.Ocho-Cinco 89 OVR
    QB C.Palmer 88 OVR

    Buffalo Bills:
    This team may be one of the hardest to gauge in the AFC. A good defense and good offense will keep this team in games throughout the season, but in order for a Playoff run in the AFC, one of the two units will have to be great.

    DT M.Stroud 92 OVR
    WR T.Owens 91 OVR

    Denver Broncos:
    Controversy surrounded this team in the off-season, but watch for the new coach/GM to put that all to rest with good play this year. Bailey is still a shutdown corner and Marshall seems to have gotten his off-season issues out of the way. Question is, can Orton get Marshall the ball?

    CB C.Bailey 96 OVR
    WR B.Marshall 92 OVR

    Cleveland Browns:
    This team may be better than last year, but only time will tell to see if this team is really out of the gutter. Thomas is still a staple on the O-Line, and Lewis and Harrison will be running to his side this season. Big concern with this team will be QB play. Is it Anderson or Quinn;? and can either find a big play WR with Edwards gone?

    LT J.Thomas 97 OVR
    DT S.Rodgers 95 OVR

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
    New Coach, New GM, New Focus? The O-Line looks good and with Cadillac back, this team may have a nice run game. QB questions linger... Can Freeman get it done;? Is he on a short leash? Can TE Winslow become a play maker for him?

    RG D.Joseph 91 OVR
    TE K.Winslow 90 OVR

    Arizona Cardinals:
    Was last year a fluke? Fitz and company are back to show they can contend for the Super Bowl again. With the dynamic trio of Fitz, Boldin and Warner, look for the Cards to break off opponents Secondary this season and compete for the NFC west title.

    WR L.Fitzgerald 99 OVR
    WR A.Boldin 94 OVR

    San Diego Chargers:
    Up and down, round and round, thats all it take to describe the in-consistent play of the Bolts last season. Look for LT to be healthier this season and get help from Sproles. Watch for WR Jackson to be a #1 receiver for Rivers this year. There offense is not a question, but can their Defense hold the opposing team to less than their offense can score?

    TE A.Gates 95 OVR
    HB L.Tomlinson 94 OVR

    Kansas City Chiefs:
    Cassell is here to save the day..... or is he? He will need LJ to pick up some better runs than last year to give him some support, and the Defense will have to learn how to cover mam to man if KC wants to get out of the gutter. On the bright side for this team, their O-Line is above average and WR Bowe would be a nice fantasy pick.

    LG B.Water 94 OVR
    WR D.Bowe 87 OVR

    Indianapolis Colts:
    Peyton? Need I say more? Manning is the best QB in the league, and he's the best at getting more from less. With out Harrison this season, Wayne will be his #1 receiver.... but a QB like manning doesn't pick fav's, look for Gonzalez and Garcon to get a lot of looks much like Stokley did when he was with the Colts. Also look for this Defense to hold up against good offenses... they aren't anything to slack over.... they might have the best pair of DE's in the game.... Not to mention Sanders at SS.

    QB P.Manning 99 OVR
    SS B.Sanders 95 OVR

    Dallas Cowboys:
    Will they finally win a playoff game;? or will Romo-Cop fumble it away again? Probably the best O-Line and RB Trio in the NFC, watch for them to stick to the ground game and keep pressure off the passing game. On D, Ware is a beast and Newman has shown the league he can be a premier shut down corner against anyone that lines up across from him.

    ROLB D.Ware 98 OVR
    TE J.Witten 97 OVR

    Miami Dolphins:
    Defense, Defense, Offense? They will need to find one if they plan on beating out teams like NE, BUF and NYJ. All division teams have defense, but BUF and NE might have better Offenses this year. We know the phins can run, but can they Pass? Ted Jinn needs to step up and become a Deep threat for this team to have a chance.

    ROLB J.Porter 94 OVR
    HB R.Brown 90 OVR

    Look for Part 2 Tomorrow and Part 3 Wednesday.

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