Purdue run the train on Fighting Illini 44-7

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    Usually when these two teams play, it's merely a rivalry game. This season this game has much more on the line. With both team undefeated and at the top of the BCS rankings, a NC berth was seemingly on the line in this one. Coach HotRod gave a fiery speech to his team before the game. He also turned on the team stereo and played this song.

    "Let's go out there and run the train on these bitches!" the coach shouted to an amped up Purdue team. Before the game there was a little pre-game scuffle at midfield. There we no ejections but it made it clear that this game was big.

    Illinois won the toss and elected to kick it off to Purdue. It didn't take long for Purdue to get started. On the very first play Purdue went with a simple out route to Charles Torwudzo. The Illinois DB got caught backpeddaling way off his man allowing for an easy completion. As Torwudzo cut up the field the DB attempted to make a tackle but was spun out of his shoes. Torwudzo then takes it all the way to the endzone for a 76 yd TD. On the Illini's first possession after gaining a first down, QB Chandler Whitmer threw an INT. Purdue went down the field again with a good mix of run and pass and scored on a 21 yd pass from Lee Sanders to David Warren and Illinois was quickly in a 14-0 hole.

    On their second drive Illinois finally got rolling making some good play through the air and on the ground. They were able to get on the board with a Whitmer QB sneak into the endzone making the score 14-7. Purdue would not let up as they were on a mission. They got their 14 pt lead back on a 4 yd pass from Sanders to Warren. The Purdue defense then stopped the Illini offense and got some good field position. Purdue then worked their way down the field with ease capping off he drive with a 2 yd TD run by Nathan McIntyre. After another stop by the Purdue D, the offense put another 7 points on the board with 20 second left in the half putting the score at 35-7. Instead of kneeling the ball and running out the clock, Illinois attempted a pass. This proved to be a bad decision as Whitmer was picked off for the 2nd time by MLB Patrick Richardson leaving 5 seconds on the clock. The Boilermakers took a shot at the endzone but was unsuccessful but had 1 second left to kick the FG. The score at the half was 38-7.

    The second half saw the Purdue offense dial it back and only attempt 3 passes early in the quarter. The Purdue defense played lights out, not allowing Illinois to mount any offense. They got a couple sacks and force a couple more INTs to shut them out in the half. Purdue put it on cruise control and got the impressive 44-7 win.

    "We wanted to make sure there was no doubt in this one. We know the BCS is a funky system and have been on the short end of things a couple times. We want to make sure we are in the championship game this season. That was our motivation this week and I think it paid dividends on the field. These men played a hell of a game and I couldn't be any more proud. We need to finish off strong against Indiana next week and hopefully we can plan our trip to the title game," the coach said after the game.

    Lee Sanders: 13-18, 311 yds, 4 TD
    John Patrick: 26 carries, 106 yds
    Charles Torwudzo: 5 catches, 153 yds, TD
    David Warren: 3 catches 46 yds, 3 TD

    Chandler Whitmer: 16-27, 193 yds
    Evan Wilson: 4 catches, 65 yds
    Rico Triplett: 3 catches, 56 yds
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    LOL, EPIC thread title and y00tube. The Boilermakers are on fire right now!
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    nice win purdue
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    wow...that was a beatdown...
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    Dude has my number....... It just seems like I am paddling upstream from the whistle...... I need to change things to beat this dude!

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