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Quick recap of SEC Title Game - UGA @ AUB

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Hellisan, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Quick recap of SEC Title Game - UGA @ AUB

    I was genuinely nervous at the start of this game for the first time in a long time. Jitters didn't go away until the second half. Needed a win pretty bad.

    We came out and lost the coin toss. That's about the 10th in a row. Auburn chose to kick. Swell. Got the jitters and the ball.

    First drive we managed to kick a 48-yd field goal, 3-0 UGA. Auburn responded with a field goal as well. The drive looked good and it appeared as though they would plunge it into the EZ but they were held short.

    it was a defensive battle for a good while into the second quarter until we started making mistakes, getting a few bad breaks, and due to good play by Auburn. they scored on two fullback runs to make it 17-3. the second was due to a bad read and throw by Cox that was intercepted by Auburn.

    Following the two fullback touchdowns, Caleb King tried to make something happen and fumbled. Cornerback recovered, and C. Todd threw a 5-yard touchdown pass to McCalebb to make it 24-3, Auburn. Tried to drop back and pass/make something happen with less than 20 seconds remaining in the half... But nobody was open and took a sack to end the half... Looked like it wasn't our day.

    Our defense finally started making things happen in the third quarter. We didn't get any turnovers but we were able to hold down Auburn, who were apparently trying to run out the clock in the third quarter with a 24-3 lead.

    We finally put a drive together at the end of the third quarter. Georgia scores on a 10-yard pass play from Joe Cox to Aron White on the first play of the fourth quarter. White freed himself up with a great route and caught the pass all alone amid a slew of confused Auburn defenders.

    Auburn goes down the field to kick a field goal. They didn't have much problem doing so, either. Bad sign.

    Down 27-10 with two timeouts remaining and early in the 4th. Completions of 12 and 13 yards setup a 46-yard touchdown pass over the top to A.J. Green. The Free safety shaded toward the middle right side of the field and Green got a step on the corner, enabling Cox to throw the ball over the top to a wide open, 6'4 guy who had a step. 27-17. At this point I felt we were back in the game despite time not being in our side.

    auburn gets the ball with 3:53 to go. 1 yard run, 2 yard run, and C. Todd throws into triple coverage to Harry Adams. the CB tipped it, and Georgia safety Reshad Jones picked it off, returned it to the 17 yard line. Cox completed passes of 6 yards (then no huddles) and 10 yards before calling a timeout at the 1-yard line, and handing it off to King for the 1-yard score. 27-24, 2:20 in the game, 1 timeout, and Auburn has the ball.

    Auburn ball. After 2nd down is unsuccessful, the Bulldogs use their final timeout in hopes of making the stop on 3rd down. This is the game. Georgia forces another punt as Todd again tries for Adams on 3rd and long, and overthrows his man. Just a horrible throw. He really overpowered it, could have eased it in there probably. One key thing to note is that Auburn lost both their starting QB and all-everything RB in this game. The Auburn punt goes out of bounds around the 10 yard line.

    There is 1:10 remaining in the game, no timeouts for Georgia, and ball at the 9. Pretty simple decision to srpead it out and go no huddle.

    Cox completes passes of 11 yards, 4 yards, and 5 yards. Thirty seconds remain. That's three plays in 40 seconds using the no-huddle. On 3rd and 1 the safety joins the corner in doubling down on slot guy Michael Moore, leaving Green all alone against #6 McFadden deep and over the middle.


    Cox should have thrown it high and over the top since his receiver had a step, but due to excitement throws a low hard one and McFadden can't get to it, allowing Green to score from 71 yards out and give the Bulldogs a 31-27 lead wtih 13 seconds left in the game. Auburn couldn't make it two miracles in the same game so the Bulldogs come away with this one.
  2. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Damn Auburn Blitzing that CB again....I burned him on that too.......shakes head

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