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Raiders: The Plan has worked thus far...

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Triple111's, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Triple111's

    Triple111's Walk On

    Jan 26, 2015
    Entering the 2019 season the Raiders planned to make huge overhauls on defense.

    Coach Thompson planned to take over the defensive side of the ball with that decided to part ways with long time defensive coordinator Coach NoTeepee Forur' Bungholè and his 4/3 scheme.

    Moving to an attacking 3/4 scheme our main priority with already having a stud young SS Calvin Pryor(96),A developing star at corner Reade Frank's(89) and the Captain of our defense Khalil Mack (94), the Raiders had many pieces to fill.

    Our first off season move shifting Khalil Mack to MLB, the shift moved his overall rating to (92). During the 2019 season, Mack was 3rd in the league in tackles 147 and aquire 50,000 + XP.

    Next was to aquire an Inteligent FS, with coverage skills. With long Negotiaions with CHUNKNESS the Raiders aquire (99) overall D. Mcourty. With his age of 32 in question of decline, Surprisingly the 2019 saw no decline in key attributes. +(93) speed, acceleration, man/zone coverage and staying (99) overall.

    With moving Khalil to MLB his shoes needed to be filled. With the equivalent of 4 day negotiations and 3 bottles of Advil later, The Raiders splash in FA and trade away their 2020 1st,3rd and 7th picks to Mugga . For Star OLB, Tobi Asante, (88) and a 2019 4th and 7th.

    Through our 3rd and final trade the Raiders looked to sure up another quality OLB from cry_havoc J.Williams with fast Development (86) for a 2020 2nd and 4th.

    To sure up the Defensive side of the ball the Raiders sign Bryan Orakpo (99) overall, DT A. Ta'my (88) blockshed and Lamont Miles (92) speed.

    Not forgetting about offense. Holding on too the ball was a big concern from 2018. Raiders sign 31 year old Vet Anonio Brown to a 3 year deal. Where his speed fell to 84 his catching, release and route running remained 90 +. Aquiring TE Shayn Agurs, (81) was the final FA signing. Which proved to be big in 2019 having 74 catches.

    Draft 2018 The Raiders moved back from 11 to 32 in the Mcourty deal with CHUNKNESS . With the 32nd pick Raiders had 5 QB's on their Draft board.

    As 3 QB's were drafted in the first 4 picks the Raiders war room got shakey. With a run on CB and OLB the 24 pick came 8 picks away. MoonBBad with a supreme move traded up to grab final West Coast QB, Fulton and the Raiders seemed to be doomed.

    With Very limited picks in 2019 the Raiders acquired starter MLB, Yount (74) overall with fast development and WR Chisom. With a shocking move CHUNKNESS cuts 11 RE, Ryan and Raiders snatched him up with a 1 year deal in FA ( 6 degrees of seperation)

    Moving in to the 2019 season the Raiders started with 10.9 million. Going 6-1 the Raiders were flying high, but 1 problem our Funds hit a negative 2.4 million. And unable to sign acquired OLB Tobi A. and J. Williams.

    In panic mode the Raiders reduce all prices to hopefully earn money to be able to make in season offers.

    To no avail Raiders end the season in the negatives and unable to make offers.

    To our Suprise weeks leading up to the SB with the siging of Mcourty and Orakpo.. Jersey sales sky rocketed ending the season with 10.6 million and ready for FA.

    With 54 million in cap space and 10.6 in funds there was no need for funds assistance.

    @ 11pm March 25th FA opened. With a plan already in play the Raiders Franchise Tag Tobi A. " we kept out guy"

    Shockingly the Raiders were able to resign J. WILLIAMS, Sio Moore, RE, Ryan thanks CHUNKNESS and 5 other soon to be FA. Leaving still 30 Million in Cap Space for the upcoming offseason.

    With gains there are loses. The Raiders would like to thank Nick Fairley for 3 hard years anchoring or line along with a slew of others we decided to end Negotiaions with.

    As our work is not done the Raiders look to land the final pieces in the 2019 offseason and draft to compete with the AFC West..

    lboogie thafuture3886 Casino dablakpope

    We feel as though we will contend with you and all others in the AFC!!

    Until 2020!!!

    Da RaiDAZ!!
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  2. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Exciting stuff, Q! Youve put together one hell of a squad this far. Can't wait to see your finishing touches on this team.

    If I had to choose a weakness though, it would have to be Coach Bungholè....I hear he's a real ass! ;)
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