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Rams have begun the rebuilding process

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Sauk, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Sauk

    Sauk Guest

    Rams have begun the rebuilding process

    The St. Louis Rams have a new coach this week and a new attitude to go with it. That attitude is, let the rebuilding process begin.

    With super star running back Steven Jackson going out for the season with a torn pec, the Rams will have to rely on Joseph Addai to carry the load.

    The Rams front office has already begun to build the foundation with 2 recent trades. The issue right now with this team is they have a few studs, but the rest are duds. We need to balance that out to create a solid team.

    In the recent trades the Rams are sending DT Adam Carriker, CB Ronald Bartell to the Browns for WR Marques Colston and QB Brady Quinn. The Rams lose two solid defensive players, but we get back our quarterback of the future since Bulger is over 33 years old and a great young receiver in Marques.

    The 2nd trade in as many days has sent super star FS OJ Atogwe and WR Laurant Robinson to the Vikings for a very young and talented WR in Sydney Rice, CB Cedric Griffin and FS Madiue Williams.

    The key here for the Rams going forward is to get a better base of solid players. We feel that these two trades have begun that process.
  2. weblink21

    weblink21 Walk On

    Oct 9, 2009
    Good trades. Really like the Marques Colston and Brady Quinn trade for you. I am sure it was hard to give up Carriker, but you got GREAT value back IMO. Nice young players back from the Vikings as well. Good job. I know it is hard to make moves with a team like the Rams. I had the Bucs for the first 3 weeks.
  3. cadepetty247

    cadepetty247 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2009
    good job rams....love the quinn trade
  4. Sauk

    Sauk Guest

    Thanks guys..Just played a game with the team against the Vikings. Just don't have the guys lol Hopefully this will help

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