Rams Win in candle stick!

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Rams Continue Win streak!

    Candle Stick Park- after starting a dismal 1-5 the St Louis Rams Vow to get back into contention and it continued sunday verus the 49ers. It would not be easy has the 49ers were game for a NFC West Showdown. San Fran controlled the game from the start it seemed going up 7-0 on the opening drive. St Louis would fire back with a score of there own on the next drive. San Fran was able to move the ball down the feild again although it was a little harder Colin Keap was able to cross the goalline for one of hos 2 running scores on the day. The game got really interesting torward the end of the 1st half rams down 14-7 driving QB Shane Mosley would throw a bonehead pick and of course the 49ers would make him pay. Eventually punching it in and taking a 21-7 lead. Mosley would come right back at the San Fran Defense and throw a TD with a little under a mintinue to play, San Fran would try there luck driving but were Turned away on A Rookie LB Chase Holt INT! Mosley would once again take the field and somehow tie the game up but the drive was stopped short at the 5 and ST Louis wouls settle for a FG 21-17 halftime score. The second half was a different story The Rams would control the game and not look back, so it would seem.. Late in the 4th barly over a minute left in the game San Fran would get a shot to steal the game from the Rams only dont down 6 points 27-21. On a 3rd and 11 Colin Keap would try to force a ball into a WR but Rams LB Tate would snatch it from him and take it to the house to seal the game!! GG ALEX

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    Good game..
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