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Ranking the Divisions

Discussion in 'Madden Ballers Association' started by kjm007, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. kjm007

    kjm007 Walk On

    Aug 16, 2015
    hey guys so half way through the season people really seem to love Wyrmreaver power rankings so I figured I can handle ranking the divisions. It will be a simple system list 1-8 if you're 1 you get corrosponding points, for excel purposes, lowest score is best division. Makes sense? You can just rank them, but at least try for some info. THIS IS WHOLE DIVISION, ALL 4 TEAMS.

    1 AFC NORTH - Although only KelchSWagger is currently in the playoffs, he has a bye and the rest of the division is the entire playoff bubble. Even with the lead I still can't be confident that 4 won't end up 1 and vise versa. My prediction is we will see 2 playoff teams from this division get in.

    2 AFC WEST - With the last User season Super Bowl winner. And with the Broncos winning games I firmly believe these 2 teams will end up back in the playoffs. These teams have already played two tight games against each other and 2 out of their 3 combined losses are against each other. <--- bad sentence but idk how to fix it and still try to get my point across. Chiefs are a strong contender and with Chargers AP early they just fell behind.

    3 NFC EAST - With the current leader In the NFC Redskins and (IMO) the best team in the MBA in the Eagles this division is very talented. The Giants are 3-3 but have a -75 point differential, idk how that even happens, but that's the only thing that separates the 2 and 3 spot for me. Cowboys are having a tough go this season

    4 NFC South - With two top tier teams this is where I think this division will also grab two playoff spots. Although overall this division on the bottom has a slight lead over the East, I think the top of the East is too powerful overall and the backends are close to equal. Which gives the East a slight lead but not by much.

    5 NFC North - With Wyrmreaver a top the division I think he'lol be the only playoff team, but the Packers are fighting to get in. I think the Vikings are much better than their record shows and the Lions stink.

    6 AFC South - Even with the bottom being the worst records out of all 8 divisions, there's a real race on top with two teams with only 2 losses. Although unbalanced this gives them the lead over 7 and 8

    7 NFC West - With Jordan on top and probably never moving he's a true powerhouse, but the problem is not a single other team is even .500 . Just not enough balance to scare the other divisions.

    8 AFC EAST - No clear cut powerhouse and not 1 team over 500. Just a tough year in the east. Can the winner here be 8-8?

    Some things I find interesting, I'm really intrigued to see if Wyrm added his rankings up which divisions would lead and lose and would it look like this ranking? That would be easy and something I'd like after this poll is done by the league ;) Commissioners can we please tag everyone here. Thanks
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  2. kjm007

    kjm007 Walk On

    Aug 16, 2015
    Respond with your rankings and after week 8 finishes up I'll call it then
  3. xSavedByGraceo

    xSavedByGraceo Walk On

    Jun 24, 2011
  4. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    Great stuff kjm007

    On one hand if like to just rank the division's but I think I will do as you suggest and just total the four teams in each division from my next power rankings and have that be my division rankings. :)
  5. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler Wilson Walk On

    Feb 5, 2014
    1. AFC North - Absolutely agree with KJM on this one as this is the division that I would not want to face any of the guys in this division, from top to bottom this is the most complete division in all of MBA. The fact that these guys have to play 2 games against each other each year will make it extremely hard for any of them to get a 1 or 2 seed in the future, I fully expect to see at least 2 from this division representing in the playoffs.

    2. NFC East - Call me crazy (or biased) but the Redskins and Eagles are tied with the Bears and Raiders for the best record in the league. While the Giants and Cowboys have both had their struggles this year, the top 2 teams in this division carry the load in the NFC and will for the foreseeable future.

    3. AFC West - IMO this division has one of the best group of users controlling the sticks in the league. Obviously carried by the 2016 Super Bowl Champ Raiders, this division from top to bottom is extremely tough. Arlenn, Ryan, and Rukus can hang with and/or beat anyone in this division or in the league, don't be fooled by records.

    4. NFC North - If not for the Lions being uncontrolled this could possibly be the best division in football as it was in 2015. However, the Lions are handing out 8 free wins to the division so it skews the numbers a little bit. I have gotten to play Wyrm and Sean and you don't want anything to do with either one of these guys. The Packers look much improved and IMO 1-3, this is as tough as they come.

    5. NFC West - With Jordan and Cole battling for dubs out on the West Coast, they are keeping this division afloat. The Rams have a user this year who has had some tough luck in sim games and has some rebuilding work to do out in STL. The 49ers are an absolute wreck and will be a serious project for whoever takes over that team.

    6. NFC South - Carolina and Tampa both carry 6-1 records into Week 9 and both are extremely underrated and not talked about much within MBA. The Panthers are 2-0 in OT games which is huge in a "coin-flip" type situation, they have a huge match-up with the Redskins which can tilt some swagger towards this division. Tampa under help of a new user has really brought new life to the division. The Falcons and Saints have struggled to put points on the board, and keep their opponents off the scoreboard.

    7. AFC South - In a 2 horse race, the Texans and the Jaguars will be battling for home-field advantage in the playoffs all the way until Week 17. The Jags pulled off a big upset against the Bengals last week, and the Texans suffered a tough suspension of former DPOY Brian Cushing. The Colts and Titans….well they are a combined 2-13.

    8. AFC East - The closest thing we have to the 2015-16 NFC East race where the possible division winner can get in with a 7-9 or 8-8 record, they don't have a clear-cut winner but this division race will be just as exciting as any of the rest of them.
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  6. ttati1213

    ttati1213 Walk On

    Nov 18, 2015
    #1 AFC North: i don't think anyone can make an argument that any other division should be ranked here as everyone in the division plays competitively and all teams have a .500 or better record as of now
    (CLE #9, PIT #11, BAL #12, CIN #17 Avg: 12.25)

    #2 NFC East:
    this was a toss up between the NFC East and the AFC West but the East gets the edge with having two teams in the top 5
    (WAS #3, PHI #5, NYG #19, DAL #27 Avg: 13.5)

    #3 AFC West
    : as Tyler Wilson said the records might not be there for the bottom half but anytime you play a team in the AFC West you need to come prepared
    (OAK #1, DEN #6, KC #21, SD #30 Avg: 14.5)

    #4 NFC South:
    two teams in the current top 10 overall standings and two users that in their first season have proven to be very comfortable in MBA
    (TB #4, CAR #7, NO #23, ATL #26 Avg: 15)

    #5 NFC North:
    this division is only this low due to it only being a 3 user division the 3 users can give everyone a run for their money but it does look like Wyrmreaver after pulling off a trade for Odell Beckham Jr (which is still bullshit) is running with the NFC North crown
    (CHI #2, GB #14, MIN #18, DET #32 Avg: 16.5)

    #6 NFC West:
    this is a division that has fallen on rough times with Cole Copeland having several issues off the playing field. last year the 49ers had the #1 pick and it looks like they're competing for another one
    (ARZ #10, SEA #16, STL #22, SF #31 Avg: 19.75)

    #7 AFC South:
    the division leading Jaguars are 5-2 (3-0 against the AFC South) 2nd place Houston is 5-4 (3-2 against the AFC South) unless one of these two teams starts beating teams consistently outside of the South then it'll all come down to Head to Head matchups.
    (JAX #8, HOU #15, IND #28, TEN #29 Avg: 20)

    #8 AFC East:
    the only division with 3 of it's teams ranked 20 or lower no team is running away with the crown currently the Dolphins are in 1st place at 4-3 but they have a losing record against the division which leaves the door open to the Bills, (who've suffered a couple sim losses but has shown the talent to win after skinning the Jaguars) Patriots (who are 2-0 in the division) and Jets (who has only lost one game by more than 7 points & could be back in the running if they win against MIA this week)
    (MIA #13, BUF #20, NE #24, NYJ #25 Avg: 20.5)

    *Rankings are from Daddy Leagues after week 8
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