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Ravens Hire new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Ehmo Van, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Ehmo Van

    Ehmo Van Walk On

    Oct 14, 2012
    After a subpar season in Baltimore, the ownership has decided to give their head coach another season to prove his worth. However, the low production on offense, has raised questions about making changes at the offensive and defensive coordination position if Baltimore is to contend for playoffs next season. After all, Ravens have not been spectacular in either aspect.

    Offensive Coordinator:
    Averaging only 20 points per game has place Ravens # 18th in the NFL. The biggest concern has been the run game, as Rice and co. have averaged only 79 rushing yards a game, which puts them at 27th overall in the NFL. When looking at the total amount of yards on offense things do not look much better. Currently the Ravens sit at 22nd in the NFL with 274 yards total per game. In order to improve their run game, introduce more zone run concepts as well as more diverse unpredictable ground and air attack in hopes to bring the team back to the playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens have hired a Colorado States OC - Dave Baldwin, to serve as their new offensive coordinator.


    Defensive Coordinator:
    As defense has been the staple of the Baltimore Ravens franchise, the somewhat decent numbers from last season are not satisfactory. The Ravens have done well in the points scored category as they have allowed 20.1 points per game on average, which is 11-th in the NFL. With that in mind, they have not been that great with respect to yards allowed as they stand in the bottom half of the table. As a result the Ravens have decided to appoint D.J. Eliot from University of Kentucky as their next DC. The goal is to improve the overall defense and mainly to decrease the points as well as yards allowed on the ground.

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