Ravens/Rams Trade APPROVED

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by weblink21, May 27, 2011.

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  1. weblink21

    weblink21 Walk On

    Oct 9, 2009
    Ravens sends:

    HB Ray Rice 94 Ray Rice 94 $2,000,000 $750,000 4 $11,000,000

    Cap hit: $3,000,000

    St. Louis sends:

    DE Dion Cooper 87 $1,000,000 $500,000 3 $4,500,000

    Cap hit: $1,500,000

    Ravens use 4 of their 10 trade points. If this is wrong, please let me know. I can't get to the rulebook from work, but this is only the2nd I have made so I should have enough. Thanks.

    Ravens Agree
  2. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    Rams agree to the trade. Ravens use 3 points for this one. Rams use 2. Rams will use last of their trade points.
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