Ravens Year in Review and Looking Ahead

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    The Ravens surprised everyone last year finishing the year 13-3 and crowned as the AFC Champions after defeating Timpegoose and Baron in their respective games

    Offensive Player of the Year - No Doubt Joe Flacco takes this award for the Ravens last year finishing with over 4500 yards, 35 TD's and 18 INT's.

    Defensive Player of Year - Terreell Suggs - Doctors had him planned to be out most of the season but returned less than 5 games into the season

    2013 - Preview

    Huge losses on defense with the retirement of # 52, Williams at CB and Paul Krueger at OLB among others. The Ravens have some huge holes to fill

    2013 Record Prediction - The losses will be too great on defense and at best they will finish 8 - 8
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