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Re-commitment to Excellence: A Madden 13 CCM

Discussion in 'Madden NFL Football' started by I Peench, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010

    Oakland, CA.-Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis, son of the late Al, has announced he has hired Coach Peench to act as both Head Coach and General Manager. During the introductory press conference, Coach Peench emphasized a "re-commitment to excellence" by being both "fiscally responsible" and "building through the draft process". Coach Peench promised an explosive 34 defensive scheme, and a balanced attack on offense.

    Realistically, the Raiders are a 3-4 year project-and nobody is expecting Peench to turn the tides anytime soon. "We are committed to long term success-we aren't going to be spending big to win now," Davis explained. "We know this process might take some time, but we're convinced that Coach Peench can get the job done here. I look forward to working with him on a daily basis, and am excited for what he brings to the table."

    House Rules:

    1. Only one player trade allowed per year (offseason and in season)
    2. May never possess more than 2 1st round picks
    3. No use of any scouting guides
    4. No scouting beyond a letter grade
    5. Only allowed to draft 1 storyline player per draft
    6. No trading of players for salary cap purposes. Players will be cut instead.
    7. No poaching of players off FA during the preseason/season. If a player is there that probably shouldn’t be, I will leave him to be signed by a CPU team.
    8. All games will be simmed
    9. No purchase of the scouting package
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  2. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    2013 Season Preview
    Cap Space: $14.65 Million

    Team Goals:
    1. 5+ Team Wins
    2+ Pro Bowl Players

    Week 1: vs Chargers
    Week 2: @Dolphins
    Week 3: vs Steelers
    Week 4: @Broncos
    Week 5: BYE
    Week 6: @Falcons
    Week 7: vs Jaguars
    Week 8: @Chiefs
    Week 9: vs Buccaneers
    Week 10: @Ravens
    Week 11: vs Saints
    Week 12: @Bengals
    Week 13: vs Browns
    Week 14: vs Broncos
    Week 15: vs Chiefs
    Week 16: @Panthers
    Week 17: @Chargers

    Team Analysis:
    While I have one of the worst rosters going, this team isn’t without some potential stars. Darren McFadden could still blossom into an elite player, but he will have to stay healthy. The The offensive line has some good pieces, and a few more additions could make this unit elite. Quarterback position is of huge concern, but hopefully someone will step up. Matt Flynn, recently acquired from the Seahawks (I made this move before starting the file), will look to take advantage of his opportunity in Oakland.
    Defensively, I look to build around a solid front three of Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, and Lamarr Houston. The secondary has some holes, and I am in desperate need of a pass rusher at OLB. The secondary has a number of holes, but Tyvon Branch is a burgeoning star - one that the Raiders are likely to build around.
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  3. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Preseason Cuts

    Oakland, CA.-Among the notable preseason cuts were veterans DE Andre Carter and CB Shawntae Spencer. While both players seem to have a bit of gas left in the tank, neither fits into Coach Peench's new defensive scheme.
  4. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    First Quarter Review (Season 1)

    Raiders off to a surprisingly hot start with new coach


    Week 1: Raiders 38 Chargers 18
    Oakland QB Matt Flynn had a monster day, completing 21 of 26 passes for 323 yards 3 TDs and 0 INTs. Flynn spread the ball out nicely to DHB (6-53), Denarius Moore (6-57), Brandon Myers (5-63-1). Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson each had long TD catches as well. McFadden failed to assert himself on the ground, however, gaining 63 yards on 23 carries and fumbling once. Defensively, Matt Shaughnessy had 8 tackes and 2 sacks, while Phillip Adams and Coye Francis each had an interception.

    Week 2: Raiders 40 Dolphins 34
    Oakland continued to air the ball out in week 2, as Flynn threw for 330 yards and 3 scores, but also threw 3 interceptions. Jacoby Ford had 2 of the TD receptions, while McFadden had the other. DHB once again led the team in receptions (8-85). The running game was slightly more successful this game, but not where Oakland hopes to be (McFadden 24 carries 85 yards 1 TD). OLB Phillip Wheeler had a hell of a game, collecting 10 tackles and 2 sacks.

    Week 3: Raiders 23 Steelers 17
    Matt Flynn continued to pace the offense, throwing for 288 yards 2 TDs and outshining Ben Roethlisberger (201-1). Flynn maintained his ability to spread the ball around, as DHB (4-59), Goodson (4-81-1), Denarius Moore (4-48) were all heavy contributors. McFadden continues to struggle, as he accumulated just 53 yards on 20 carries, with no touchdowns. The defense played very sound collectively, limiting Pittsburgh to just 333 yards and 17 points. That said, there were no individual performers who stood out.

    Week 4: Broncos 21 Raiders 20
    In an always important divisional game, the Raiders drop a close one on a last second touchdown pass from Peyton Manning. The defense played exceptionally well, limiting manning to just 214 yards and 1 TD, while picking him off twice. OLB Miles Borris had 2 sacks, while Tyvon Branch and Michael Huff each had a pick. Flynn really struggles, completing just 51% of his passes for 114 yards 0 TDs and 1 INT. McFadden, however, did finally have his break out game-amassing 130 yards and a score on just 13 carries.

    Thankfully, the Raiders are injury free thus far.

    Oakland reached an agreement with star safety Tyvon Branch. The deal was for 5/$25 million, with $6 million in guaranteed money. The Raiders also signed HB Mike Goodson to a 4 year deal. Rumors are the Raiders are in talks with P Shane Lechler about a new deal, but nothing has materialized as of yet.

    Draft Storylines
    -Kansas State QB Jeremiah Saunders is creeping up draft boards
    -How far can HB Michael Astro carry San Diego State?
    -Tulsa CB Antuan Jenkins is on a quest to prove he’s elite
    -Marshall HB Deshawn Rios has the tools to make it at the next level
    -Nebraska DT Miguel Gonzalez’s 3 sacks carry ‘Huskers to win
    -Western Michigan’s Brandon Torress redefines speed at the defensive end position
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  5. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Second Quarter Review (Season 1)

    Oakland’s unlikely hot start begins to cool down


    Week 5: BYE

    Week 6: Falcons 30 Raiders 6
    With can absolutely dreadful offensive performance, the Raiders get destroyed by the Falcons in Atlanta. Matt Flynn was seemingly non-existent, mustering just 118 yads. McFadden was completely neutralized as well, gaining just 59 yards on 23 carries. Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White torched the Oakland secondary for a combined 130 yards and 2 scores, much of which can be explained by the Raiders total lack of a pass rush. Meyers led the offense with 60 yards on 4 catches, while Tyvon Branch led the defense with 8 tackles.

    Week 7: Jaguars 41 Raiders 38
    Matt Flynn rebounded from a dismal performance in week 6 with a solid effort against the Jags, completing 15 of 25 passes for 280 yards and 2 scores. The running games of each team were very solid, as MJD thrashed Oakland for 133 yards and 2 scores. Meanwhile, Goodson picked up 104 on just 9 carries, including a touchdown. McFadden racked up 69 yards on just 16 carries, but had a costly fumble. OLB Miles Burris was the star of the game, collecting 10 tackles and getting to the QB 3 times. Jacoby Ford added a kick return for a touchdown, but it was not enough to overcome MJD and the Jags.

    Week 8: Raiders 34 Chiefs 10
    Oakland wins a huge rivalry game, giving the team a much needed emotional boost following a heart breaking loss. The offensive performance was incredible balanced (192 rushing, 193 passing), something Coach Peench has been emphasizing since training camp. Flynn had a mediocre game, completing 60% of his passes for 193 yards 1 TD 1INT, but the running ga me stole the show. Goodson (93-1) and McFadden (92-1) continue to be an effective tandem, but once again McFadden lost a fumble. He will have to sure uphis ball security, or he will find himself losing more carries to Goodson. Miles Burris collected yet another sack, while Tayvon Branch once again had 8 tackles. Negotiations continue for TE Brandon Meyers, who continues to put up as he led the team in receptions and yards Sunday (6-68).

    Week 9: Buccaneers 32 Raiders 17
    Oakland’s defense gets thrashed for 270 yards and 3 scores through the air, but did manage to pick off Jos Freeman 3 times. Raider’s QB Matt Flynn has another mediocre game, throwing for 211 yards 1 TD and 1 INT. Darren McFadden was limited to just 65 yards on 16 carries, while DHB (8-111) paced the passing attack. Once again the Raiders defense failed to assert their pass rush, but Coye Francis (2 INT) and Michael Huff (5 tckl, 1 INT) were bright spots.

    Thankfully, the Raiders are injury free thus far.

    SS Mike Mitchell 4/8.4
    P Shane Lechler 1/3.1
    Still negotiating: TE Brandon Meyers (75)

    Draft Storylines
    -He’s a great blocker and a tough runner, but Marshall HB deshawn Rios continues to have issues breaking runs for big gains
    -A versatile and lethal weapon, many are calling San Diego State HB Michael Astro a future pro bowl back
    -A smaller defensive lineman, Western Michigan DE Brandon Trones is smart, quick and has one of the fastest first steps ever
  6. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Halfway Point Analysis (Season 1)

    Division Standings:
    Raiders 4-4
    Chargers 4-4
    Broncos 4-4
    Chiefs 2-6

    Team assessment:
    Overall, I’m very pleased with the performance of my team thus far. I knew transitioning into a new defensive system would be difficult, particularly because I don’t quite have the personnel to run it yet. Matt Flynn has been a huge surprise for me, and he has me thinking QB might not be a need come draft day. McFadden, on the other hand, has been a real liability for the offense - fumbling 4 times on just 150 carries. Goodson has been impressive, and I will consider giving him more to touches. I don’t have any huge pass catching threats, but I do have a number of solid guys. I’ve been most surprised by Brandon Meyers, who really has asserted himself as a reliable TE. As a whole, the offensive line has been superb, only surrendering 6 sacks (no OL has surrendered more than 1).

    Defensively, ROLB Miles Burris has been a beast. He leads my team in tackles (49) and sacks (8). CB Coye Francis has been another surprise, picking off 4 balls in the first 8 games. The sack, interception, and pass defense numbers are impressive, but the run defense must improve if I hope to make the playoffs.c

    My special teams play has been great- Lechler and Janikowski are two of the best in the business. Mike Goodson and Jacoby Ford each have a return for a touchdown, which gives me a much needed dynamic.

    Pro Bowl Update: CB Coye Francies and LT Jared Veldheer are projected to make the Pro Bowl Roster, as of week 9.

    Draft Needs: OG, RT, NT, OLB, CB, FS

    Despite the offensive line’s solid play, I still will want to infuse this unit with some young talent. Both guard positions and RT could use a upgrade. Defensively, I need a true nose tackle, a ROLB to compliment Burris, and a Free Safety. I also may need a TE if Myers does not resign, and I could use some quality depth at CB.

    Around the League: The 49ers (8-0) and Bears (7-1) are the class of the NFC, while the Colts (6-2), Texans (5-3), and Ravens (5-3) are in great position in the AFC. Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer have had the most impressive seasons at QB, while Doug Martin has amassed 860 yards and 8 scores at the midway point. Jordy Nelson has had by far the most impressive season for a wide receiver (66-919-11), and Kamerion Wimbley leads the league in sacks (12).
  7. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Third Quarter Review (Season 1)

    Raiders’ woes continue, drop to 5-7


    Week 10: Ravens 27 Raiders 20
    Joe Flacco torched the Oakland defense for 371 yards and 3 scores en route to a win. Matt Flynn was shaky, throwing for 246 yards 1TD and 2 INTs. Darren McFadden had a monster day, gashing the Baltimore defense for 131 yards and a score. Ray Rice, on the other hand, was limited all day by the Raider defense. Brandon Myers, DHB, and Jacoby Ford (1 TD) all had five catches. Meanwhile, Anquan Boldin had an impressive 9 catches for 121 yards and a score. Neither team had any sacks.

    Week 11: Saints 27 Raiders 24
    Both defenses were impressive in this one, but Darren Sproles (101 yards 1 TD) was the difference. McFadden and the passing attack were pretty limited, while Oakland’s defense picked Drew Brees off 3 times (Chekwa, Wheeler, Huff).

    Week 12: Bengals 23 Raiders 20
    Oakland drops their third in a row, all by a combined 13 points. Both QBs were again pedestrian, as Flynn threw for 155-1-1 and Dalton 263-1-2. Additionally, neither team really established the run. Defensively, Phillip Adams and Michael Huff had interceptions – while the Raiders failed to register a sack (Bengals had 2)

    Week 13: Raiders 33 Browns 20
    The Raiders finally get back on track with a win, albeit against lowly Cleveland. Matt Flynn was efficient, but that’s about it (161-2-0). David Garrard threw three interceptions for Cleveland. Again, McFadden and Goodson failed to produce in the running game, as Trent Richardson put up 74 yards and a score against Oakland. Brandon Myers and Denarius Moore each had six catches for the Raiders, while Keenan Clayton (2) and Dave Tollefson (1) combined for three sacks on Garrard. Rolando McClain (8 tackles 1 FF), Phillip Adams, and Omar Gaither had the interceptions for Oakland. Jacoby Ford added another TD on a punt return.

    SS Mike Mitchell – Knee Cartilage Tear (3 weeks)
    LE Lamaar Houston – Shoulder Team (4 weeks)
    LT Jared Veldheer – Broken Ribs (4 weeks)
    DT Tommy Kelly – Ruptured Disk (7 weeks)

    TE Brandon Meyers resigns for a 2 year deal worth $7.2 million. Negotiations went back and forth for seemingly forever, but he’s an important piece to this offense, and we’re thrilled to have him back.

    Draft Storylines
    -An outstanding shutdown corner all season, Tulsa CB Antwuan Jenkins is considered the most underrated corner in the draft
    -The Kansas State passing yards record and TD record both belong to QB Jeremiah Saunders, who is an incredibly accurate passer
  8. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Fourth Quarter Review (Season 1)

    Raiders’ limp to the finish line, finish 6-10


    Week 14: Broncos 49 Raiders 35
    Peyton Manning was solid (216-2-0), but it was Willis McGahee’s 183 rushing yards and 3 scores that really hurt Oakland. Flynn (278-1-1) had a decent day, as did McFadden (114-1), but it wasn’t nearly enough. Denarius Moore had a stellar day, catching 9 balls for 102 yards, while Brandon Myers had 5 catches for 102 yards and a score.

    Week 15: Chiefs 38 Raiders 20
    A strong running game by McFadden (95) and Goodson (42) paced the offence, but there was no stopping Donovan McNabb, the Chiefs QB, who threw for 301-4-2. Flynn had a miserable day, gaining only 100 yards through the air with 1 TD and 1 INT. Brandon Myers led the offense in catches (6-48), and continues to validate his recent contract extension. Rolando McClain (8 tackles) and Michael Huff had the interceptions for the Raiders, who failed to get a sack. Mike Goodson had a KR for a TD.

    Week 16: Raiders 34 Panthers 30
    Darren McFadden and the Raiders showed they still have a bit of fight left in them, downing the Panthers by four points. DMac had 136 yards on the ground and one score, while Flynn had another weak performance 110-0-0. Cam Newton (248-1-0) was impressive for Carolina, as was their RB tandem which combined for over 150 yards and 2 scores. Rolando McClain added 8 tackles, as there were no interceptions or sacks for the Raiders.

    Week 17: Chargers 31 Raiders 17
    Flynn and Rivers each had ~220 yards 2 TDs and 1 INT, but Chargers RB Ronnie Brown (114-1) proved the difference. While the Oakland running game was almost entirely shut down, Jacoby Ford did manage 121 yards and a score through the air. Miles Burris had 9 tackles for Oakland, while Tyvon Branch added the lone interception.

    DT Tommy Kelly – Ruptured Disk


    Draft Storylines
    -It’s a senior year to remember for Nebraska DT Miguel Gonzalez, as he led the team in sacks and pass rushes. Simply put, he just never gives up on a play
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  9. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Playoffs (Season 1)

    Final AFC West Standings
    Chargers-Y 10-6
    Broncos-X 8-8
    Chiefs 7-9
    Raiders 6-10

    Broncos 44 Chargers 27
    Panthers 27 Giants 22
    Patriots 32 Steelers 25
    Vikings 29 Bears 13

    Colts 24 Broncos 23
    Panthers 15 49ers 10
    Patriots 27 Bills 23
    Falcons 30 Vikings 16

    Patriots 37 Colts 31
    Falcons 27 Panthers 24

    Super Bowl
    Falcons 38 Patriots 32
  10. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Year In Review (Season 1)

    Final Record: 6-10, 4th AFC West

    Pro Bowlers: LT Jared Veldheer, CB Michael Huff

    Team Goals:
    Win at least 5 games-Accomplished
    Have at least 2 pro bowlers-Accomplished

    Team Statistics:

    Matt Flynn: 81.4 rating, 57% completion, 3324 yards, 20 TDs, 13 INTs

    Darren McFadden: 293 carries, 1294 yards, 4.4 avg, 6 TDs, 4 fum
    Mike Goodson: 140 carries, 603 yards, 4.3 avg, 6 TDs, 0 fum

    Darius Heyward-Bey: 78 receptions, 894 yards, 2 TDs
    Denarius Moore: 59 receptions, 675 yards, 3 TDs
    Brandon Myers: 54 receptions, 544 yards, 2 TDs
    Jacoby Ford: 37 receptions, 681 yards, 7 TDs
    Darren McFadden: 22 receptions, 161 yards, 2 TDs
    Mike Goodson: 11 receptions, 193 yards, 3 TDs

    Jared Veldheer: 12 pcakes, 2 sacks
    Cooper Carlisle: 15 pcakes, 1 sack
    Stefan Wisniewski: 9 pcakes, 0 sacks
    Mark Brisiel: 8 pcakes, 1 sack
    RT position combined (Khalif Barnes and Zach Hurd): 9 pancakes, 7 sacks

    Rolando McClain: 104 tackles, 2 INT, 3 FF, 1 blocked kick
    Omar Gaither: 90 tackles, 1 sack, 2 INT
    Miles Burris: 83 tackles, 8 sacks
    Tyvon Branch: 79 tackles, 2 INT, 1 FF
    Michael Huff: 75 tackles, 5 INT,

    Sebastian Janikowski: 34-44, 57 long, 100% PAT

    Shane Lechler: 47.4 avg, 13 inside 20

    Kick Return
    Mike Goodson: 24 KR, 830 yards, 34.6 avg, 3 TDS
    Jacoby Ford: 30 KR, 856 yards, 28.5 avg, 1 TD

    Punt Return
    Jacoby Ford: 39 PR, 510 yards, 13.1 avg, 1 TD

    Around the League:
    NFL MVP: Colin Kaepernick, QB, 49ers
    Coach of the Year: Chuck Pagano, Colts
    AFC OPOTY: Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos
    AFC DPOTY: Dwight Freeney, OLB, Colts
    AFC OROTY: Andrew Luck, QB, Colts
    AFC DROTY: Zach Brown, LB, Titans
    NFC OPOTY: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers
    NFC DPOTY: Aldon Smith, OLB, 49ers
    NFC OROTY: Robert Griffin III, QB, Redskins
    NFC DROTY: Luke Kuechly, OLB, Panthers
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  11. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Resignings (Season 1)

    MLB Omar Gaither: Contract accepted, 2/$2.2 million
    WR Rod Streeter: Contract accepted, 1/$800k
    CB Phillip Adams: Contract accepted, 1/$850k

    Let Go/Rejected
    OLB Phillip Wheeler: Not resigned
    RT Khalif Barnes: Not resigned
    WR Derek Hagan, Not resigned
    CB Coye Francis: Contract rejected
    DE Matt Shaughnessy: Not resigned
    QB Matt Leinert: Not resigned
    DT Desmond Bryant: Not resigned
    FS Matt Giordano: Not resigned
    RT Zach Hurd: Contract rejected
    CB Brandion Ross: Not resigned
    OLB Kevin Burnett: Not resigned
    FS Brandon Underwood: Not resigned
    RG Lucas Nix: Not resigned
    FB Jamize Olawale: Not resigned

    Analysis: I let go of a lot of players as I continue to transition into different schemes Losing Coye Francis hurts, as he had a big year for me (4 INTs), and I was counting on him to be my #2 corner. With Streeter and Adams, I get two solid, young players back. Gaither is a stop-gap until I find a solution at my second MLB position. FS and CB now become huge areas of need as the draft approaches.
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  12. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Great stuff I Peench - I like the full sim idea and I will be following this.
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  13. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Post-Season Positional Analysis (Season 1)

    QB: Matt Flynn (77) had a solid season for me, and Terrelle Pryor (73) is a serviceable backup. I can’t see myself going after a QB in FA, though if the right guy falls to me in the draft, I will certainly consider it.
    Scouting Priority: 6. I will definitely scout some QBs, but it’s not my main concern.

    HB: Darren McFadden (84) is explosive, but his ball security is definitely a concern. Mike Goodson (82) is a great #2 back, and may see his role expand in the future. I can’t see myself targeting a HB in FA, and I won’t dedicate much xp to it scouting-wise. I believe it’s worth checking out HB Michael Astro, the storyline player.
    Scouting Priority: 1. Outside of Astro, I probably won’t scout anyone.

    WR: Darius Heyward-Bey (85), Denarius Moore (83), Jacoby Ford (82), and Rod Streater (75) make for a quality group. I will likely look to free agency for a fifth WR, but will wait until after the draft to do so.
    Scouting Priority: 0. I will not scout this position at all.

    TE: Brandon Myers (75), David Ausberry (65), and Richard Gordon (63). I was thrilled to get Myers back after a tough negotiation that went back and forth five times – he’s way better than his overall indicates. With 95 CIT and 90 CTH, he won’t burn you up the seam, but he’s steady as a rock. Ausberry is extremely athletic, and I’d like to develop him a bit. I could use another TE, as I’m concerned I may be in trouble when it comes to resign Myers in 2 years. I will look around FA a bit, but definitely won’t bite unless I see the right player there.
    Scouting Priority: 3. I’ll scout some of the bigger bodies.

    OT: My left tackle situation is fantastic, as Jared Vaeldheer is a 91 and his backup is a 71. Right tackle, however, is a huge concern. As of right now, I have no RT on my roster. I will look in FA and see if there are any players worthwhile. I am trying to be fiscally conservative with this organization, so I won’t spend too much. Perhaps find a stop gap until I have a draftee ready to roll.
    Scouting Priority: 10. I will scout every RT.

    OG: My starting guards Cooper Carlisle and Mike Briesel are both 75s, but Carlisle is almost 36 years old. He is in need of a replacement, and Briesel could use an upgrade. With no depth behind them, I will try to find someone cheap in FA.
    Scouting Priority: 8. I’ll definitely check out a fair number of guards.

    C: I am set at C with Stefan Wisniewski (81). He is young and produced this season, so I see no reason to scout anyone else or sign any FAs.
    Scouting Priority: 0

    DE: Lamaar Houston (85), Tommy Kelly (82) and Richard Seymour (91) are all DEs in my attacking 34 scheme. I will look to find a cheap, 34 DE in FA. Other than that, I’m pretty comfortable with this position.
    Scouting Priority: 3, only because Kelly and Seymour are 32+

    NT: I can rotate one of said players in at NT, but I really need a nose tackle. I don’t have a true nose on this team, so I will look for a decent one in the draft.
    Scouting priority: 7. I will target some big boys for sure.

    OLB: Rookie Miles Burris (71) was sensational in his first year, so I feel pretty good about my ROLB situation. Though he got to the QB 8 times, Burris isn’t a prototypical 34 rusher; rather, he’s a good athlete in space. I most definitely need a 34 edge rusher. I doubt I’ll find one in FA, so this will be a top priority as far as the draft is concerned.
    Scouting Priority: 9. Will most certainly draft a 34 edge rusher.

    MLB: Rolando McClain (84) and Omar Gaither (77) are serviceable, but I have next to no depth here. I will look to find depth in the draft and in free agency.
    Scouting Priority: 5. Will check out some MLBs, but won’t use all that much XP on the position.

    CB: Michael Huff (83) is a solid starter, and I believe Phillip Adams (74) and Chimdi Chekwa (73) could excel in the nickel, but I really need a #2 corner. This is a huge area of need I’ll look to address in FA. If not, I will draft someone.
    Scouting Priority: TBA. Will look to Free agency

    FS: I have no free safeties on my roster, so this is a big need. I aim to get one in FA.
    Scouting Priority: TBA. Will look to FA first.

    SS: Tyvon Branch (86) and Mike Mitchell (79) are both serviceable. Branch could be moved to FS if things don’t pan out at that position). In which case, I’ll find some depth after the draft in FA.
    Scouting Priority: 0. I will not scout this position.

    K: Sebastian Janikowski (96). He’s the man, but he’s 35. I will scout this position, only because it’s cheap to do so.
    Scouting Priority: 6

    P: Shane Lechler (83). Same situation as kicker.
    Scoting Priority: 6
  14. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Thanks man! If you have any suggestions, please let me know! ...This is what happens when I'm supposed to "work from home" :D
  15. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    Subscribed. This is basically the same thing I do with my madden time right now. Running one with the Colts right now.
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  16. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Free Agency

    Big name FAs
    Brandon Albert, LT (95)-Signed with Atlanta
    Greg Jennings, WR (89)-Signed with Cincinnati
    Will Beatty, LT (88)-Signed with Indinapolis
    Kurt Warner, QB (85)-Signed with Cleveland

    Players Pursued
    MLB Jame Laurinaitis (86/base 43)-Probably a bit too rich for my blood, but going to submit an offer anyways. The thought of him and McClain at MLB is too tempting.
    DT Shaun Rogers (86/attacking 43)-While not technically a scheme fit according to Madden, Rogers is 340 lbs +, and would fit nicely at 0 technique.
    FS Glover Guinn Jr (78/34 attacking)-Perfect scheme fit, and a young player I’d love to have.
    CB Sam Shields (80/34 attacking)-Young player, scheme fit, and could hop in and immediately be my #2 corner.
    MLB Keyaron Fox (77/34 attacking)-Veteran will give me much needed depth at this position.
    DE Jarius Wynn (76/34 base)-Will provide me with depth.
    RT Austin Howard (74/power run)-Desperately need a RT. Though there are none worth the money in this FA class, I have to protect myself in case I can’t draft one. Currently have no RTs on my roster.

    Players signed
    MLB Keyaron Fox
    DE Jarius Wynn
    RT Austin Howard
    FS Glover Quinn Jr

    Analysis: I really wanted Sam Shields, but I didn’t want to overspend. I got some solid players, and all at good prices. This haul eliminates the need to scout FS and DE, and gives me some flexibility at RT. I will still scout MLBs based on speed, as getting more athletic at linebacker is a priority.
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  17. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Season 1 Draft - Live Commentary

    I have the fifth overall pick, and I’m looking at two potential franchise QBs. While I thought Flynn was solid, I can’t pass up the opportunity to get a franchise QB – who knows if I’ll ever have a pick this high. I won’t reach, however. I also have a great TE prospect I’m looking at, a MLB, a few OLBs, some CBs, two tackles, and a number of guards. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!

    -Cleveland taking a SS first, which gives me hope that one of these two QBs fall. One looks like a pocket passer, the other, a storyline player, seems destined to have fast or superstar development based off of how positive his stories were.

    -Jacksonville going with the storyline DT with the #2 overall pick. Good news for me.

    -Rams trade up from 6 and grab a LT. Taking one more look at my two QBs and seeing if there’s one I definitely prefer over the other (Jeremiah Saunders vs Rockford Odom). If so, I may trade up.

    -Decided to stay put. I think I like Odom more (even though he’s got A speed and I like pocket passers), but I feel like I can’t go wrong. Definitely going QB with this pick. Bye bye Flynn.

    -Jets take Michael Astro, who sounds like a stud at HB.

    Round 1(5):
    The candidates: QB Rockford Odom (proj 1-16) and QB Jeremiah Saunders (proj 1-15).
    Jeremiah Saunders: A THP, B SAC, B MAC, C DAP, D RUN, F PAC, B AWR, D SPD, A INJ
    Rockford Odom: A THP, B SAC, B MAC, C DAP, B RUN, B PAC, B AWR, A SPD

    Based on how these things go, I can almost guarantee Saunders is SS or Fast potential – which is really tempting. I don’t like speedy QBs, but Odom seems just as capable as a pocket passer, with better PAC. A bit of oversight on my part, but I forgot to check the injury rating on Odom. Odom is a tad bit bigger, but it’s essentially a push as far as size is concerned.

    The Pick: Rockford Odom, QB, Iowa. #7 6’3 229 lbs.

    -Right after making that pick, I turn my attention to two Gs, 1 T, and 1 CB, all of whom have 1st or 2nd round projections. I like them all, and am hoping one will fall to me in the 2nd round.

    -Miami took Saunders at #8. They are already comparing him to Tom Brady…really hoping I didn’t make a mistake.

    -At pick 20 and all 4 of my guys are still there.

    -Cowboys take my CB, Iran Lee, at 23

    -3 of my 4 targets are available at 37. On the clock!

    Round 2 (5):
    The candidates:
    RT Na’Quan Tartabull, RG Kendall Henderson, RG Parker Steele
    LG NaQuan Tartabull: C PBK, B RBK, B IBL, B STR, B AWR, A INJ
    LG Parker Steele: B RBK, B PBK, B IBL, B STR, C AWR,
    LG Kendall Henderson: C RBK, C PBK, B IBL, A STR, C ACC, C AWR

    It’s really a push for me. However, there seem to be more Gs I like later, and RT is the biggest immediate need.

    The Pick: RT Na’Quan Tartabull, NC State. 6’5/328


    -While I doubt any of those guards stick around, I’ll have to keep my eye on ‘em. Other targets include a LG, a TE, and a MLB.

    -Parker Steele goes 6 picks later to Seattle.

    -Henderson goes a few picks after Steele to Detroit. Now focusing my attention on TE Jonathon Basil (A speed), LG Tucker Froland, LG Brandon hill, MLB Marquise Duncan, and OLB Keenan Shelton.

    -At my pick all are available. This will be a difficult decision, and wish I had an offer to trade down.

    Round 3 (5):
    The candidates:
    TE Jonathon Basil: A SPD, B ACC, B CTC, B SPC, B JMP, B RLS, D RBK
    LG Tucker Froland: B RBK, C PBK, B IBL, A STR, B AWR
    Duncan and Hill look great, but are 5th round projections (Basil and Froland are 4th). Shelton is a 5th as well, but pass rusher is such a huge need I don’t think I can wait. A tough call for me, as it’s pretty damn hard to turn down a beast like that at TE, even though I’m happy with Myers. Shelton looks solid, but he doesn’t scream elite.

    A very tough call for me, but I’m hoping to get a G later and I don’t see Basil and Shelton as having the same value. BPA!

    The Pick: TE Jonathon Basil, Air Force. 6'4/253

    -Already thinking if one of my two Gs (Hill or Froland) gets picked, I will try to move up.

    -Froland goes right before my 4th round pick, but I hang on and Hill falls. Shelton is still available.

    Round 4 (5):
    The candidates:
    LG Brandon Hill: B RBK, B PBK, B IBL, A STR, B AWR, A INJ

    Hill just looks like a better player on paper. I need the pass rusher, but as a rebuilding franchise, you have to take BPA. Hill = STUD.

    The pick: LG Braond Hill, Penn State. 6'5/302

    -MLB Marquise Duncan and LOLB Keenan Selton are the last two guys I feel confident about. There’s a corner I like as well, but he’s projected in the 7th-so I’ll wait that out. As soon as one of them goes, I will make a move up. I’m hoping Duncan is my guy.

    -Shelton goes at 18 in the 4th to the Bucs. Will try to move up for Duncan.

    -Successfully trade up for the 19th pick in the 4th to snag Duncan. Moved my 5th and 7th…couldn’t be more pumped. Will try to get my corner with the 6th round pick I still have.

    Round 4 (19):
    The pick: MLB Marquise Duncan, Wake Forest. 6'3/244
    Scheme fit (34 att) and straight up stud.

    Pick 6 (5):
    The Pick: CB Ayron Cole, Charleston S. 6'0/195

    He’s a scheme fit that looks like he’s solid. In the 6th round at a need position, I am pleased.

    Overall Initial Impression: One of my glaring needs, a pass rusher, was not addressed at all. I just had difficulty finding somebody that was a scheme fit and of value. There was a great G class, and I was able to cash in by waiting it out and timing it perfectly. I got a stud MLB to compliment McClain, a new weapon in an A speed TE, and what looks to be a future starter at RT. Add to that an awesome franchise QB, and I think I hit this draft out of the park. Too much so.

    Initial Draft Grade (Not Knowing Overalls): A-

    Riskiest Move: QB Rockford Odom, only because I fear Saunders will have faster development and because he's a dual threat guy

    Sure Bet Pick: MLB Marquise Duncan. This guy just screams stud to me.

    Guys to Keep an Eye On: Some notable players I passed on were obviously QB Jeremiah Saunders (Miami) and LOLB Keenan Shelton (Tampa Bay). I will have to monitor those guys, and hope I made the right choice.

    Unfulfilled Needs: Pass rushing OLB. I needed a #2 corner as well, and I'm not sure Cole is able to step in and provide that right away.
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  18. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Draft Recap (Season 1)

    Rockford Odom, Iowa. 6’3/228.
    Scheme: West Coast
    Rating: 81 overall
    Reaction: With 93 throw power, 81 SAC, and 84 MAC, 84 RUN, 85 PAC, 83 AWR Odom shows immense amount of promise. However, he has 69 DAC, w.ich could be potentially dibiliatting. He does, however, have 95 speed and 90 acc (Baron would have a boner). Overall, this pick was well worth it. I wrapped up a franchise QB who I can mold into a premier QB. Was it worth it to pass on Saunders though? We’ll find out.

    RT Na’Quan Tartabull, NC State. 6’5/328.
    Scheme: Balanced
    Rating: 76 overall
    Reaction: Tartabull is solid, but not quite what I was hoping for. He has good size, 81 RBK, 83 IBL, 71 ACC, and 85 AWR, but his strength (80) and pass blocking skills (70) are huge question marks. I really need to pump XP into his pass blocking, or he’ll get annihilated out there.

    TE Jonathon Basil, Air Force. 6’4/253.
    Scheme: Spread
    Rating: 68 overall
    Reaction: Well, this was a boom or bust pick. I saw A speed and couldn’t turn him down. While at first glance this looks like a bust, it turns out he has some really interesting ratings that could make him a great pick: 90 SPD, 88 ACC, 78 STR, 83 AWR, 83 CTH, and 89 CIT. Where he falls short is awareness (35), and route running (63). Still, this is an interesting pick and we’ll have to wait and see if he can produce.

    LG Brandon Hill, Penn State. 6’5/302.
    Scheme: Balanced
    Rating: 81 overall
    Reaction: A home run pick, Hill has all the attributes you look for in an elite interior lineman. He should move in and replace the aging Cooper Carlisle right away. With 86 RBK, 84 PBK, 81 IBL, 91 STR, and 80 AWR, there’s no telling how good he’s going to be. Oh, and he fits my scheme, too.

    MLB Marquise Duncan, Wake Forest. 6’3/244/
    Scheme: Attacking 3-4
    Rating: 80 overall
    Reaction: Another home run pick and scheme fit. Duncan has great speed (85) and acceleration (86) on top of these attributes: 84 STR, 82 AGI, 85 BSH, 86 PUR, 85 PRC, 64 MCV, 69 ZCV. He does need to work on his fitness, however (80 STA).

    CB Ayron Cole, Charleston S. 6’0/195.
    Scheme: Attacking 3-4
    Rating: 67 overall
    Reaction: Not at all what I was hoping for, and this leaves me thin at corner with no real #2. Cole only has 69 MCV and 74 ZCV, but his PRC is an 80. He does have the athleticism (95 SPD, 89 ACC) to one day progress into the starting nickel – but much of that depends on how he develops.

    Grade: B+. I missed filling two big needs: a #2 CB and an edge rusher. Other than that, I think my draft went phenomenally well.

    Upon Further Review: Three guys I was considering taking were QB Jeremiah Saunders, CB Iran Lee, and OLB Keenan Shelton. Let’s see how they panned out.

    QB Jeremiah Saunders (Dolphins): 76 overall. The only attribute he is higher in is DAC (71 compared to 69). Think I made the right call here.

    CB Iran Lee (Cowboys): 84 overall. Well, fuck. Probably the best rookie corner I’ve seen in Madden. He has it all: size, speed, prec, awr, man and zone coverage ability. He went 20th overall, so I fail to see how I could’ve taken him. Still, it sucks knowing you passed on someone so good.

    OLB Keenan Shelton (Bucs): 67 overall. I thought he’d have been substantially better, big surprise. Oh well, looks like I made a good call passing on him.
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  19. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Season 2

    5 Burning Questions Heading into Preseason

    Fans are anxious to see Rockford Odom, the #5 overall pick, in action

    1. Is Rockford Odom the answer? We likely won’t know the answer to this question for a few years, but it’s still the obvious one heading into training camp. Missing on a top 5 QB in the draft will set a franchise back years.
    2. Can this team survive without a #2 corner? Right now, the #2 corner on the depth chart is Phillip Adams, a 74 overall. It’s a huge area of concern, and might just cost this team a chance at a winning record.
    3. Will Darren McFadden improve his ball security? Ball security for the former #1 pick is a huge concern, especially for Coach Peench who emphasizes it a whole lot. The former Razorback is in a contract year, so it remains to be seen if he is in Coach Peench’s future plans-this will be a defining year for him.
    4. Where will the pass rush come from? There are no pure pass rushers on this team. Miles Burris did a solid job getting to the quarterback last season, but that’s mostly because of his athleticism. Oakland has no threat opposite him, which could be a big problem. In every loss last season, Oakland had no sacks.
    5. Can rookie RT Na’Quan Tartabul hold up? We all know RT is an immensely important position in Madden, particularly because all of the pass rush generally comes from the LE. His ability to step up to the plate, despite a 70 pass block rating, will very much determine the success of this offense.
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  20. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Season 2

    Season Preview

    What will Coach Peench have in store for us in his second season?

    ***HOUSE RULE UPDATE***-Given my success on the last draft, I will abstain from buying the scouting package

    Cap Space: $33.04 Million

    Team Goals:
    1. 8+ Team Wins
    2. 1800 rushing yards

    Preseason Free Agent Signings:
    LOLB Quintin Groves (76): We bring Groves back to Oakland inhopes that he can provide a bit of a passrush at OLB.
    CB Joe Bautista (73): There were a number of really good UDFA’s at CB. Though Batista wasn’t one of the best, he is a solid overall player who fits my scheme.
    WR Demetre Woods (70): Another UDFA who has great speed, size, and kick return ability. Will compete to be the starting kick returner.

    Week 1: vs Broncos
    Week 2: vs Patriots
    Week 3: @ Chiefs
    Week 4: @ Jaguars
    Week 5: @Broncos
    Week 6: @Jets
    Week 7: vs Dolphins
    Week 8: @Bils
    Week 9: BYE
    Week 10: @Vikings
    Week 11: vs Bears
    Week 12: @Chargers
    Week 13: vs Packers
    Week 14: vs Chiefs
    Week 15: vs Chargers
    Week 16: @Lions
    Week 17: vs Browns

    Team Analysis:
    My roster is really starting to come together nicely, though there still are a few glaring holes at OLB, CB, and RG. A lot of my success will depend on the rookie Odom, and the play of this patchwork secondary. McFadden needs to step in a big way, and hold on to the damn ball. If he doesn’t, I won’t resign him – simple as that. I’m also very concerned about my lack of a big pass rusher, a need I failed to address this offseason. My hope is to win 8 games, but I’m thinking realistically this is a 7 win team.

    Projected Starters

    QB: Rockford Odom (81)
    HB: Darren McFadden (85)
    FB: Marcel Reese (96)
    WR: Darius Heyward-Bey (85)
    WR: Denarius Moore (84)
    TE: Brandon Myers (75)
    LT: Jared Veldheer (91)
    LG: Bradon Hill (81)
    C: Stefan Wisniweski (1)
    RG: Mike Briesel (75)
    RT: Na’Quan Tartabull (76)
    LE: Lamarr Houston (87)
    NT: Richard Seymour (91)
    RE: Tommy Kelly (84)
    LOLB: Quintin Groves (76)
    MLB: Marquise Duncan (81)
    MLB: Rolando McClain (86)
    ROLB: Miles Burris (77)
    CB: Micahel Huff (84)
    CB: Phillip Adams (74)
    FS: Glover Quinn Jr (78)
    SS: Tyvon Branch (87)
    K: Sebastian Janikowski (96)
    P: Shane Lechler (83)
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  21. Danthraxxx

    Danthraxxx Walk On

    Mar 17, 2011
    Is it just season one games you are simming or the whole shebang ?
  22. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Season 2

    First Quarter Review
    Hot Start for the Black and Silver


    Week 1: Broncos 37 Raiders 23
    The past vs the future in the first Monday night game of the season, as touted rookie signal caller Rockford Odom went face to face with the legend of Peyton Manning. Odom did not crumble under the spotlight, as he threw for 260-2-1, with an outstanding QB % of 72 and rating of 108.4. Manning did well himself, going 265-2-0, but had a lower overall rating of 98.6. The running game was the real difference, as McFadden and Goodson were limited to 68 yards combined, while Moreno (3-111-1) and McGahee (18-44-0) were far more successful. Oakland OLB Miles Burris stayed hot after a fine rookie season, as he collected 9 tackles, 2 TFL, and 1 sack on Monday night. Coach Peench has yet to beat Denver since assuming the head coaching position in Oakland – it will be interesting to see how this burgeoning rivalry unfolds.

    Week 2: Raiders 26 Patriots 20
    In his first two pro starts, Rockford Odom was asked to go toe to toe with two legends: Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. While the former got the best of him, the latter did not. Despite a great game from Brady (267-2-0), Odom (238-2-1) came out on top. Once again, the Oakland running game was completely neutralized, while Stevan Ridely ran for 71 yards for the Pats. DHB led the team with 7 receptions for 79 yards and a score, while rookie MLB Marquise Duncan led the defense with 8 tackles.

    Week 3: Raiders 38 Chiefs 23
    The promising start of Rockford Odom’s career continued, as he led Oakland to their second victory of this young season throwing for 243 yards 2 TDs and 1 INT. Goodson and McFadden combined for 158 yards on the ground and one score, but Goodson did lose a fumble. DHB continues to impress, catching 4 balls for 112 yards and 2 scores. Rookie MLB Marquise Duncan continues to flash signs of promise, leading the team in tackles (13) and intercepting a pass. UDFA Demetre Woods returned a kickoff for a touchdown as well, continuing to make Coach Peench look like a wily talent evaluator.

    Week 4: Raiders 45 Jaguars 42
    In what was an extremely balanced offensive showing for the Raiders (270 pass 270 rush), they come away with a shootout win in Jacksonville. Though Odom had one of his poorer performances (270-1-2), Mike Goodson exploded for 142 yards and 2 scores (McFadden with 18-68-0). DHB, who has stepped up to the plate as a #1 WR, caught 9 balls for 170 yards and a score. Defensively, MLBs Rolando McClain and Marquise Duncan combined for 17 tackles. The defense, however, did surrender 140 yards on the ground to MJD.

    No serious injuries thus far

    Lots of marquee players to resign this season, glad to wrap up three of the most important ones.
    LT Jared Veldheer 5/$25
    WR Darius Heyward-Bey 4/$14 million
    DE Lamarr Houston 4/$16.8

    Draft Storylines
    -Can North Carolina QB Jason Merian turn your team around?
    -Kansas MLB Hunter Majors could be the best in the country
    -Andre Reyez has turned a weak Penn State o-line into a strength
    -Florida HB Andrew Chandler is a transcendent talent
    -FSU OL Jayme Arnold has only given up 3 sacks in his college career
    -Nebraska OL Kevin Quill anchors the best offensive line in the country
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  23. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Simming everything
  24. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Season 2

    Second Quarter Review
    Raiders Continue to Surprise Many

    Week 5: Raiders 27 Broncos 19
    Coach Peench finally gets a win over Denver, thanks in large part to a solid defensive effort and good special teams play. The star of this one was 2nd year OLB Miles Burris, who collected 14 tackles and 3 sacks. Jacoby Ford gave the team a huge boost with a big punt return for a score. Meanwhile, Rockford Odom had a quiet, but very efficient game (167-1-0 QBR 116.0), while Manning threw for 222 yards 1 TD and 1 INT. McFadden dashed for 77 yards on 14 carries, and Brandon Myers caught Odom’s only touchdown pass.

    Week 6:Raiders 43 Jets 16
    Oakland extends their winning streak to 4 games with a dismantling of the Jets. Odom had another efficient performance, throwing for 202 yards 2 scores and 0 INTs for a QBR of 118.3. Tim Tebow, now the Jets starter, aired it out for 287 yards and a score. McFadden and Goodson combined for 140+ yards and 2 scores, while Brandon Myers caught both touchdown passes. Lamarr Houston added the lone sack for Oakland, while UDFA Demetre Woods returned his second kickoff for a TD on the season.

    Week 7: Dolphins 42 Raiders 28
    All good things must come to an end, right? So too has the 4 game winning streak of the Oakland Raiders, as they get blown out by the Phins. Tannehill threw for 4 TDs 0 INTs for 204 yards, while Rockford Odom struggled (325-2-3). Reggie Bush went off, dashing for 136 yards and a score, while Oakland’s rb tandem got 100 yards on 30 carries. Brandon Myers had another impressive game for Oakland, snagging 7 balls for 94 yards and a score. Defensively, Oakland recorded 0 sacks – a reoccurring theme in their losses.

    Week 8: Bills 37 Raiders 27
    Matt Schaub, now a Bill, throws all over da Raaaiduhs for 300 yards 3 TDs and 0 INT. Odom has a solid performance (249-2-1), but nothing spectacular. McFadden (16-66) and Goodson (8-43) had solid games, but failed to get into the endzone. Defensively, Lamarr Houston collecting 9 tackles and Oakland’s only sack.

    No serious injuries, a few 1-2 weekers

    Oakland decides to give Darren McFadden a surprisingly cheap 2 year deal, as his ball security issues seem a thing of the past (no fumbles at the midway point of the season). They also lock down key contributors on special teams.
    P Shane Lechler 1/$1.4 million
    K Sebastian Janikowski 5/$25 million
    HB Darren McFadden 2/$7.2 million

    Draft Storylines
    -Considered the top blocker in the conference, Nebraska OL Kevin Quill is also being called the most consistent player in college football
    -South Carolina C Adam Shetson is considered the best blocker in the SEC, and he’s got one of the best bursts coming off the line
    -WR Jermiah Silver led Texas in receiving yards and catches en route to becoming an All-American. He is expected to make an instant impact in the NFL.
    -It’s been an amazing season thus far for Florida HB Andrew Chandler, who is the top candidate for the Heisman Trophy.
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  25. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Season 2

    Third Quarter Review
    Strong as a Rock


    Week 9: Bye

    Week 10: Vikings 26 Raiders 15
    The 5-3 Raiders headed to Minnesota fresh of a bye and hoping to continue to impress, but they instead lost a hard fought contest.Rockford Odom had a solid performance (237-0-0), but failed to find the endzone. While Oakland’s running game was stifled, AP went off for 140 and a score. Vince Young, now the Vikes QB, threw for 150 and a score as well. Miles Burris had 6 tackles and a sack in the loss.

    Week 11: Raiders 16 Bears 9
    Oakland got back on track with a gritty, defensive win Sunday. The boys in black had 140 yards on the ground and just 123 yards through the air, as Odom was kept in check. Jay Cutler had a miserable game, throwing for just 78 yards and a pick, while McFadden (77) and Goodson (61 and 1 TD) delivered a solid running game. Miles Burris had another fantastic game (7 tak 2 sacks), as did FA Quintin Groves (8 tak, 1 sack). When the Raiders get pressure, they almost always win.

    Week 12: Raiders 24 Chargers 13
    Another balanced performance(173 pass, 140 rush) and strong defensive effort seals the win for Oakland, as Odom throws 2 TD passes but overcomes 3 interceptions. Darren McFadden proved the difference maker, as he galloped for 110 yards and a score, and still has yet to fumble the football this season. Quintin Groves collected another sack, while Tyvon Branch added an interception – something the Raiders haven’t done much of this season. Oakland now improves to 7-4, tied for the lead in the AFC west, and poised to make a playoff push down the stretch.

    Continue to be fortunate in this department. Just some minor injuries.

    Raiders are said to be “appalled’ at the asking price of FB Marcel Reese. Negotiations are at a stand-still.

    Draft Storylines
    -With over 100 tackles and seven interceptions for Iowa State, LB Simon Jones ahas some calling him a future pro bowler
    -Miami TE Alexander Hugo is a big, strong and smart tight end who is second the team in receiving. Oh yeah, and he also doubles as a great blocker.
    -Some pro scouts think of South Carolina center Adam Shetson as a very capable offensive lineman, but many worry he has hit his peak.

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