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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big-Bear-W, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Big-Bear-W

    Big-Bear-W Walk On

    Jan 19, 2010

    Okay Guys, read this. I would like everyone to acknowledge the rules. I am not trying to be a heavy, I am trying to keep this fun for everyone.

    A. Above all else, fair game play and respect is vital to this dynasty. This is the number one rule in our dynasty. We will not tolerate any disrespectful play or attempts by any owners to circumvent the rules. If you do not agree with our rules and cannot adjust your game play style to fit within the rules, simply find another dynasty. Fair game play and respect are essential. I will be very strict in this aspect because it defines our essence as a dynasty.

    B. DISRESPECTFUL TALK IS NOT PERMITTED. I understand that in the heat of battle things can be said and words can be exchanged. However, DO NOT make this a recurring theme. If you are constantly being disrespectful to others then you will be removed from the dynasty, no questions asked. A coach of this personality type really has no place in our dynasty.

    C. ARGUMENTS AND DISPUTES will be handled in a PRIVATE manner between the two coaches and, if necessary, myself. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT publicly disrespect your opponent on the message boards. If you do, YOU WILL BE REMOVED.

    D. PLAY WITHIN THE SPIRIT of the game. Running the same play 15 times again and again, while stoppable for most good coaches, IS NOT what we are looking for. You MUST open up your playbook. Use different plays. This will make the game, in the long run, more enjoyable for you and ESPECIALLY for your opponent. Going for it on 4th and 37 in the first quarter is not realistic football. Five onside kicks a game is not realistic football. I think you get the point. If you are going to be a coach in this dynasty it is important to remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Be imaginative. No one is saying you can't do your "money play"...just mix it up with the other 200 plays in your book. Do not abuse "money plays" that take advantage of an AI flaw in the game."


    - I have seen scores that are very high against the CPU, we are going for sim. scoring with no time left to go up by 30 points instead of 23 pts is not acceptable.

    - Playing your starters in a blowout, presumably to pad their stats, is not acceptable.

    - We need stories and we need highlights... This is not a request, it was what we all agreed to.

    I think we have turned a real corner because we have guys that are committed to advancing, but I don't want that pace to mean that we sacrifice the whole point of Training Day... to show the chops in the soft skills, like comraderie, humour, insight, and good natured trash talk.

    Let's do this...

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