Rebuild or Reload- 2014 Penn State Season Preview

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    The Nittany Lions have defined the word dynasty the past 4 seasons with a record of 52-2, 2 BCS Titles in 3 appearances, and 3 Big Ten titles. Can Penn State continue their dominance? Penn State returns 7 starters on defense, 6 on offense, and both their kicker and punter. Here's a small peak at this years edition:

    3-4 Defense
    DL- returns both DE's who combined for 22 sacks last year
    LB- return all 4 LB's including LB of the Year from '13 rsSO Steve Key
    DB- this will be the question mark of the defense as they start 3 freshmen, but what they lack in experiance they make up with speed: 99, 98, 97, 95

    QB- both QB's return from the 2 back system. Jones throwing and Bolden running.
    RB- with the suprised early departure of both RB's this creates a huge hole. Expect a run by commity aided with QB Bolden
    FB- used mostly as a blocker but returning starter that may be one of the higher rated FB's in the league
    WR- return their 2 most productive WR's
    TE- thinnest postion, but mostly used as an extra blocker
    OL- returns 4 starters, good but not great in terms of ratings

    Synopsis- If Penn State would have returned at least 1 of their top 2 RB's I would be more inclined to say a repeat is possible. But with a depleted backfield, inexperianced secondary, a tougher OOC schedule, and a target on thier back 10-2 would be realistic. After their week 2 game against USC we will have a better idea....
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    Nice writeup Hokie. I was planning on doing something similar when I get off work tonight.
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    good post hokie, I just posted one as well

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