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    Jul 22, 2009

    :1stars:T Kevin Martin 6'6 280​
    Kevin has c- passing and run blocking his strength in both category's is legit, but he needs work on his footwork.​
    Impact: most likely a redshirt barring any upperclassmen injuries.​

    :2stars:G Paul Robinson 6'5 298​
    Paul is rated C for pass and run blocking. But his footwork and strength are lackluster at best.(rated D across the board)​
    Impact: Should redshirt and see playing time his junior or senior years​
    :2stars:Robert Day 5'10 171​
    Robert doesnt have to many impressive stats. He does have B speed but his acceleration is a c- and all of his catching are Ds. If you can get him the ball he is less likely to fumble with a B+ rating there.​
    Impact: Career Backup. This guy should never see a starting position. If san jose can recruit better talent next year that should be an absolute fact!


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