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Recruiting & Game Summaries 2009

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by JHeb, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. JHeb

    JHeb Sooner Magic

    Jul 7, 2009
    Recruiting & Game Summaries 2009

    All users need to start a post as I have here and follow it's set-up...Be sure and do this up above inside the "Game Summaries" section. I've posted this there as well.

    1) Name your thread as I have, be sure to insert your school's name in front of the "Recruiting & Game Summaries 2009" part. It should look like this:

    "Southern Miss: Recruiting & Game Summaries 2009"

    2) Post #1 will be for recruiting only and all updates will be kept in Post #1...Just edit it as you go so the info. is always at the top. Example:

    Stars--Name--Position (Specifics)--Ht--Wt--Pos. Rank--Overall Rank:
    5*--Kenny Superstar--QB (Pocket Passer)--CA--6'5"--228--QB1--OVR1
    5*--Joe Megastar--FS (Coverage)--GA--6'2"--203--FS1--OVR2
    4*--Lance Skills--HB (Speed)--TX--5'9"--210--RB15--OVR45

    ...and on and on and on. This should cover all of the guys on your board. As they commit to you or to some other school, update their status. Example:

    5*--Kenny Superstar--QB (Pocket Passer)--CA--6'5"--228--QB1--OVR1--UCLA (Hard)

    It'll take some time to put them all into a post the first time around but after that all you'll have to do is update their status like I did above with the added "UCLA (Hard)" to show he is committed to the Bruins.

    Once you get committments you'll need to do a quick write-up on that player. It doesn't have to be a real long thing, just something like this example:

    "Megastar Commits to Golden Eagles--In a surpising turn of events, Joe Megastar, the number one ranked free safety from Barton, GA committed to the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss over the suspected favorites, the Georgia Bulldogs. Megastar made his choice at his high school gym in front of his classmates. His choice was not the popular one many in his class expected. When asked about why he chose Southern Miss over the Bulldogs and other tops schools like Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and USC, Megastar said he loved how Coach JHeb coaches an aggressive defense and he saw a chance to start as a freshman. Megastar noted he's always liked to play aggresively and loves to be a ball hawk as well as trying to knock the helmets off receivers coming into his territory."

    You can always get more specific to your team and have the write-up being from the coach's point of view or from a recruiting experts point of view.

    As for your game reviews, start with a new post and and just keep adding a new post for each game review. The reviews are basically up to you guys but be sure to have some fun with them. We're not advancing at a fast pace so we should have time to take a few pics of the game, capture some video from the game, etc. and post it here in your summary section for all of us to see. Plus, we have to remember we're part of a bigger community here and some of our info. on recruits and games will be pulled to put on the OFFL site and other write-ups.

    Remember, this isn't the kind of dynasty where you just show up, play your games, do recruiting then take off only to come back for your next game. We expect contributions to the forums and site. Have fun with it. Do your part. It's gonna be a BLAST!!
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